Nov. 25th, 2007

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First of all, I hope all of my US friends had a delightful Thanksgiving; I'm very thankful for each and every one of you reading this right now and hope that you had wonderful times with your friends and family.  For all of my overseas friends, I just hope that you had a fantastic day! =^)

I've been so terribly busy of late.  Lots of good social times with friends and family.  I'm glad that I have today just to relax and get my room in order, since, to quote Egon, "it looks like a demilitarized zone".   I apologize if I've been bad at commenting recently; I hope to catch up on comments soon.

Next, I wanted to wish  [profile] acebaretta the best birthday possible!  I hope you had a fantastic day yesterday.  Love you lots, buddy.

[personal profile] jadeblood: I saw this and thought that you might die of squee:

[personal profile] penumbren? I hate you for introducing me to this sexy store. ;^D

I also entered myself into a Sylar fic challenge.  I got the prompt back, and I'm not terribly sure what to do with it of late.  I need to sit down and make some notes.  I think I have a bit of time, but at the same time, its my first deadlined challenge that was longer than an haiku challenge and its somewhat intimidating! =^X 

Also, does anyone have any good screenshots or pics of Jericho's return? I've been trying to save the ones off of but for some reason, its not working for me.

More later, me lovelies.  *hugs the flist*


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