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OK, cats and kittens.  I'm having issues with LJ and email.  I'm signed up to receive email notifications but apparently, I'm not getting ANY of them.  Help?

UPDATE and FYI for anyone else affected:

Some Internet Service Providers block email from LiveJournal as "spam". If you are not receiving your comment notifications or other email from LiveJournal, please see Why can't I receive email from LiveJournal? for further information, and then contact your email provider. Mail to Hotmail, Windows Live/MSN, Cox, Juno, and Netzero is currently blocked; LiveJournal engineers are working to contact those providers and resolve the block.

Cute.  Real nice.  Blankers.
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Sweet beloved merciful internet.  *happy sigh*

Well, this is me, back in action on my lovely lappy.  I just completed a reformat/reinstall/reset of my laptop back to its original settings.  The good news is that I now have 87% free HD space again! The bad news? I now get to reinstall iTunes, Firefox, AIM, MS Office...*sigh*.  Ridiculous. Oh well.  At least I'm back in action. 

I really understand what William Gibson meant in Neuromancer, which was SO far ahead of its time.  He predicted the addictive effects of the World Wide Web years before it became a reality.  His main character was an uberleet haxxor who suffered depression from net withdrawal after having all his neurons fried.  That's how I've felt this past week.  

*happy sigh*  Back.
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 Whew.  I seem to be a posting whiz today!  I suppose I'm bouncing between extreme procrastination (as evidenced by the fun I'm having on here) and extreme productivity.  Right now, I'm back to the left. 

My office is a ghost town right now, which I don't mind; I prefer the quiet. It's allowed me to get some things off my list (GOD, I love compulsively making lists, don't you?) before things get crazy next week.  It's also allowed me to do crazy things like signing up for the Sylar Ficathon Challenge (which I'm about to pimp out here ).  Honestly, its a scary thought (I've never done a fic challenge before) but its a fun one too, as I've been puttering around with Heroes drabbles on and off this past week or two.  We'll see about the challenge I'm given; I basically told them no Mylar and no death!fic.  Anything else (except for Sylar/Claire *shudders*) I think I'll be able to swing.  

I've gotten to a place in my life where it seems like I'm slowly getting stuff scratched off my to-do list.  Little petty things that I've been meaning to do and are finally getting done.  It feels...refreshing. And a bit tiring. 

Compy news: I ran some diagnostics and found that my compy was crashing because it only had ~185 Megs of memory available when I have almost a Gig in the lappy! WTF!  So, I kept fooling with things, trying to remove stuff where I could until I ogt it to 295.  Better, but not fabulous.  So, I had decided that I would take Lappy to the Geek Squad this weekend so that they could run diagnostics on my memory chips.  Of course, I ran another diagnostic last night and lo and behold, Lappy must have suspected a doctor's visit because all of a sudden, for no discernable reason, I'm up to 400M free rather than 290 from the night before! Again, gentle reader, I say: WTF!  We'll see what tonight's diagnostic says but either way, weird. 

And dammit, I now have "Tainted Love" permanently stuck in my head.  BLAST!!
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So desperately...terribly...screwed up.


Ahem. Right-o. Enjoy! *wicked grin* This video is crack like my icon. Sweet sweet crack.


Oct. 8th, 2007 10:13 pm
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(Excuse me, ladies and germs but a Heroes-centric Capslock Moment is fast approaching.  I do apologize for any convenience.)


Expect vast postage on [profile] heroes_pointcp tomorrow.  It wont happen tonight because I'm not feeling well but I may have all my thoughts organized tonight so that I may type like the wind tomorrow under the pretense of actually doing work.

Sweet Lord.
phoenixastraea: (Default) my dear friend Casey, one of my best buds for going on 12 + years.  Have the best day possible, my dear!!  *hugs from afar*

In other news, House last night was awesome.  It needed more Wilson but otherwise, it was very fun.  26 is definitely my favorite, followed by plastic surgeon guy and chick #13.  I'd like the new team to be made up of 6/9 (heh heh, 69.  Kumar would approve), #13, and plastic surgeon guy (#36?) with 26 as an alternate or admin assistant. That being said, CHASE FTFW!!! Wow so great.

In other news, I'm experiencing the bad combination of a shitload of work and little motivation.  Guh.  Will do my best on catching up on work, Heroes P/CP debates, and my LJ comments today. Whew.
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Do you ever have those days when you really want to post about something but really don't have a whole lot to report?

Yeah, today is one of those days.   My iPod started working and after several days of puttering with it, it ACTUALLY synched up to iTunes!! Trust me, this is a first.  I figured that I should go ahead and restore it.  There was also a software update for iPod so I was hoping that this might fix Poddy's problem.  Unfortunately, the update/restore never completed.  It froze up and when I tried to resync, got the same problems.  DRAT!!

Well, its progress anyway.

In other news, some ideas are buzzing about in my  head about a Sylar redemption fic.  I may post notes about it on here later.

Last night I played poker until late in the evening and had some good hands.  My best hand was a full house; three Kings and 2 nines! Hotness.

Ummm, I'm sure I'll have something more significant to say later but for now, hugs and kisses!
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OK, my lovely flist, you want weird?

I was driving home from the end of a very long week at work flicking through the radio stations when I found one of my favorite songs: Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith.  It really doesn't matter how long ago this song came out; it still rocks the house until you drop.

Anyhoo, I was jamming along, singing obnoxiously in the car when I suddenly had a "Huhbuhwhat?" moment.  One of the lyrics had inexplicably been changed (see: censored).  The original lyric went: "She had to take him down easy/and put a bullet in his braaaaaiiiiiin".  What I heard on the radio was "She had to take him down easy/And leave him in the pouring raaaaiiiiiin". 

WTF?!  Has this censored/altered version been around and I just haven't noticed?! And does anyone else find this point rather moot? I mean, the damn song is called "Janie's got a Gun".  Logic therefore dictates that, at some point in the song, THE GUN IS GOING TO BE USED!!!11.  To further add to my confusion, they can leave in the lyric that says, "He jacked a little bitty baby/The man has got to be insane!" (emphasis mine), which implies long term aggravated sexual abuse/assault, but they remove/censor the part where the child in question, now a young adult takes out her revenge?!  Now, I KNOW I have heard the original version on other rock stations; why did this one have beef with it?

Whisky Tango Foxtrot, people. 

And speaking of logic, we now return you to your regularly scheduled fangirl program.

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I cannot handle the awesomeness of this clip.  I really can't.  The similarities are SO. DAMN. EERIE.
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Oh my God.  I still have chills.  All over.  This may possibly be the best movie of 2008.  This is saying something coming from me and considering that The Dark Knight will also be out in 2008.

Oh my God.
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  1. Whether you like hip-hop or not, Timbaland can REALLY cut some sick-ass tracks.  For proof, check out "Give it to Me", "The Way I Are", and "Time".  Trust me, you won't be able to stop your head from bobbing.
  2. Nothing makes you feel more alive than a 4.7 mile hike with 9 of your closest amigos. <33333
  3. Apple owns my soul.  iTunes/digital music is slowly filling up a hard drive that I never thought I'd be able to fill.
  4. I'm very worried right now about wrestling as a whole.  Vets are quitting, workers that were once considered the most solid in the business (workrate and otherwise) are going BATSHITLOCO, and 2007 has been one of THE worst years for wrestling deaths.  God help us all.
  5. I'm so happy about my favorite TV shows coming out on DVD.  Specifically, TMNT: the new series, Heroes, and House. 
  6. I may not buy House: Season 3.  DVDs are all about the replay value and it was really really hard for me to get through last season.  They nearly ruined the most powerful relationship in the series with their need for angst and edginess and put all of us fans through the ringer.  I don't think I ever want to see House hit Wilson again, so...perhaps I'll stick my head in the sand like a good lil ostrich and House will miraculously jump from Season 2 to Season 4.
  7. I heart Hiro and Ando so much I can't stand it.
  8. Nathan Petrelli may be a jerk, but he's still pretty hot in his own way.
  9. Its hard sometimes to continue pushing on with a series after you start getting so emotionally invested in the characters.  You just want to put them in a pretty glass bottle where they can never get hurt!
  10. Cosplayers are HAWT!
  11. Fangirling is fun.  I love all of my capslockin', fearlessly squeein' fangirls out there.  *loves you all*
  12. Being cerebral is also fun.  Like conversations about the location of the consciousness in the brain and the mapping of the soul to certain lobes.  Awesome.
  13. Leo rules all.  Nuff said.  For evidence, see "The Shredder Strikes Back, Part 1" and "Return to New York, Part 3" on Youtube.
  14. This video owns my soul. Watch it.  Now.
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First of all, some sad news.

RIP, Luciano.  The heavenly choir is now a thousand times sweeter.  

Luckily the wacky Gchat hijinx of Ben and I never fail to deliver: 

i'm debating which is winning, my lethargic inability to walk to the kitchen, or my need to wake up.
me: lol probably the lethargy
Ben: evil lethargy! sounds like a bond villian to me.  I am Lord Lethargy!
me: Put him up against Dr. No and NOTHING gets accomplished!
Ben: lol  2 points


I had a damn hard time getting to sleep last night.  Perhaps I can blame it on the O'Neill I was reading.   As magnificent as it is, Long Day's Journey into Night isn't exactly made of lullabyes and comfort.  It made me miss college; Fall at UVA was always one of the best and most beautiful times of my life.  It made me miss my Puff, who always kept me company on my lap while I was reading plays or novels or poetry.  It made me miss a lot of things.

Well, I'm sure the headache I had most of yesterday didn't help either.  My eyes are getting worse and its probably from peering at the screen all day with shoddy lenses.  Blargh. 

Maybe I'll sketch some tonight with some tea.  Have some fun getting messy with charcoal. Hmmm. 

RennFest is coming up very soon! I can't wait to squeeze myself back into my Renfest outfit! WOOHOO! Maybe I'll attend Pirate singalong night!  Or Celtic music night...OH awesomeness.   

I wish I could scoop up my flist and drag them along to Renfest!! =^)

Update: These look like the absolute shit.  Holy crap, I could be like Geordi...but instead I could be watching House or Heroes!!
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Well, I just came back from an awesome weekend with some of my favorite folks!  Thursday night with Casey, John, and a Blue Goose, Friday buying/watching tons of Heroes with Casey, Saturday night celebrating Benny boys birthday, Sunday night with Sefton watching Advent Children and playing X-Men Legends II and SW: Battlefront II, and Monday night with Katdawg and Jennnn roasting brats, LOLing at Facebook, and watching Heroes.  Awesome.  A busy weekend, but one filled with much needed connection, silliness, and good times.

Some brief shoutouts:

Katdawg? Save the Chef Garcia Chips; Save the World! It's your destiny! Don't make me jump off of a high school swingset to prove it to you.  For sheazy.

Seftydawg? I swear the next time you're Yoda and I'm Vader, I'm kicking your ass, Galactic Civil War style!, dawg? I'm waiting for you to start doing flips over your neighbors fences like in Hot Fuzz!

Lots of cuts for my lovely watchers out there!

[personal profile] arctic_silence, plzcontinues2BpostingrandomFFsexinessonmyentriezkthanxILU!!! *tackles you*

More later, methinks. 

UPDATE:  Two bits of weirdness.  

1) This link is fantastic.  "The Five Most Hilarious Movie Sex Acts" Nuff said.  #1 is so damn true, though.

2) I just saw an ad on the LJ home page that read: "Get your Mobile Goat on!"   Ewz.  It sounds like LJ is promoting bestiality and/or bestial voyeurism. Gross.
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Just started watching Heroes yesterday thanks to an impulse purchase at Best Buy.  


How on EARTH did you all last between weeks?!

*runs back to DVD player to continue and finish the season*

Hiro and Andro are my heroes.  All the Star Trek references make me melt inside.  Nimoy HAS to make a cameo on here somewhere.  He just has to.
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...stop right now and go here.  Trust me on this.  No matter what kind of day you're having, this will improve it exponentially. 

Just do it. 


Are you doing it?  What are you still doing reading this?! Go! Clicky!!!

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Well, I haven't had too much to post about of late,  since work has been crazy boring.  I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing, considering it allows me to engage in a improv'd Text-based Adventure via Gchat with my buddy Ben. 


Ben: find a way to defend yourself.
me: Hit souls with oars.
Ben: no effect.
Me: Ask lesbian for help.
 Ben:lesbian has found a new life partner, francesca de rimini.
no help to be given.
me: Oh give me a friggen break.
Look around.
Ben: you have nothing in the boat but your oars and your inventory (so: jewel. holy water. mirror. rubber chicken. rapier.).
me: Use rubber chicken.
Ben: ok.
little did you know that charon inspired fear with his terrible sense of humor.  Confusing you, wearing your holocaust cloak, for charon, the souls take the chicken and flee
me: laughs
Ben: do you wish to proceed across the styx or head back to the shore you departed?
me: Proceed across.

So, yes, that's my day so far.  =^) So far I've defeated Cerberus, and am now face to face with Satan.  Good times. 


Hmmm, I hope to do a picspam posting soon of me, my new katana, my Sephy drawings, and anything else of note.  Any pictures of me or my life that you all want to see (keep it PG-13 rated please, peoples! ;^))?  Request away and I'll try to oblige!

I'm also starting to think about what to do for Halloween.  It'll be geeky, to be sure.  I thought this morning about going as a Slytherin student (hell, the dark hair and the pale skin practically sorts me there anyway! ;^).  There's always something from anime, Marvel, DC, or other geekdom.  Suggestions, oh my sexy cosplayer friends?
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Bask in the glory....of hilarious webcomic/action figure antics:


Storm and Steve Shadow.

Tifa's a bit naive...

For the Shire!!! 

"Awww yeah, that's some good evil right there." (My personal favorite)

And last, but certainly not least...


I'm sure I'll have something of greater substance to post later, but until then, this shit is ba-na-nas!!
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So, as the previous entry mentioned, I've been appalled, amazed, and baffled by the recent strain of wank that's hit the House fandom.  Of course, this bit of wank led to the reading of records of other epic wanks (like the julia_bohemian fiasco) and so on and so forth until one has sore sides from laughing and a sore neck and eyeballs from shaking your head and rolling your eyes at the idiocy and hijinx of some people.  On the plus side, in the midst of all the asshattery, much good can be found.  Crap like this usually finds a way to unite the members of the fandom, knitting them together a little tighter as they rush to defend each other and the fandom from wankers.  Fascinating and scintillating arguments, counter-arguments, flames, and beatdowns are part and parcel of the wank and well, what can I say: I love watching some ignorant, indignant, supercilious moron get verbally eviscerated by a stunning combination of logic, common sense, and potent evidence.  

And then, there's the forgiveness.  Whether you think that it's right or not to offer forgiveness or grace to a plagiarist , someone who by all appearances, seems to be a compulsive liar/attention whore/etc., I have to admit that I am both amazed and impressed by those invididuals who can and do so.  Now, if it were my work that had been stolen and reposted in such a blatent fashion, would I be able to forgive that person and hope that they could get their act together? I don't know.  I'd like to think that I would, but I don't know.  I know how absurdly angry I would be about it; with this in mind, would I be able to tell this person that she should stay in the LJ community after such a horrible violation of trust? Should she even stay? Should the mods kick her out?

I suppose I wonder what the best solution would be. This girl took 17 fics and a very well-known webcomic and reposted it on her Myspace as her own.  She then befriends said authors from whom she stole...but doesn't remove their art from her blog even after she has come to know them as "friends".  I cannot comprehend this.  It is inexcusable; she knew what she was doing was wrong, no matter how many times she evokes her unstable and depressed state.  You can't use these as excuses.  I'm sorry, but you just can't.  As [profile] savemoonyput it best in her LJ, we're all depressed, we're all on meds, we're all a bit loopy.  You don't see any of us committing a literary crime of this magnitude (so bad that it makes fandom_wank).   What's worse, she didn't take the fics down from the blog once she finally had an "in" with the community and had gained their respect as "an ace RPer".  Why on earth didn't she fix what she had done before the wank broke?  Certainly she can never be trusted again as a fic writer...but can she be forgiven?

Thoughts, oh ye wise flist (and especially, ye wise writers)?

Well, enough of that, I suppose.  Onward...because you can never have too many 



And finally, we come to teh PWNAGE!!1

So, my superawesome 13-year old cousin came over last night to hang for a bit.  She's starting to get into anime, which is pretty cool and she has good taste.  Naturally, as a relative who is more like an older sister, I have to convert her to the glories of FF, starting with Advent Children (since she's not a gamer).  So, I give her the backstory and we sit and enjoy the hell out of it.  In giving the backstory, one must touch upon Cloud's near impenetrable umm, cloud of emotasticness (yes, that was horrible.  Spank me with a 10 foot sword! ;^).  So, I do and we laugh about him being about as emo as they come in anime.  Now, for the benefit of those who have not seen Advent Children, the story of FFVII is recapped for the audience before the movie officially starts.  She introduces Sephiroth as such: "Of all SOLDIER, he was the greatest.  When he found out about all the experimentation on him as a child, he began to hate Shinra.  Eventually, he began to hate the world."

Without missing a beat, she turns to me with this look and says, "Wait, and you're saying that CLOUD'S emo?!"

*facepalm* LOLZOMGPWNT!!

(Needless to say, I'm rather proud of her. We'll prob finish watching it tonight. *beams* )

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OK, so my icon says it all. 

LOOK at this.  I posted it before I had superuberultra high res closeup photos.  


My FF ladies on the flist...what am I gonna do?!  This is better than gorgeous.  

FUCK you, Kotobukiya.  F to the U to the C and the K-U, you talented beeotches.


P.S. My previous post has 47 comments, most of them lascivious in nature.  I love you guys.

P.P.S.  More wank in the House fandom.  This time, it's about plagiarism.  MAJOR plagiarism.  We're talking around 6-10 different authors' stories plus popular webcomics from BNFs posted on a Myspace.  WOW.  Another Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment.  Seriously, this is why I don't post more of my fic.  Not that its great enough to get stolen, but still; the paranoia, anger, and indignation resulting from a theft of that kind would drive me batshit.  Screw that noise. She even responded and didn't deny that she did any of it.  Not sure whether I'm glad she's not making garbage up, or whether its even more pathetic.  Baffling, ladies and germs.  Baffling.    

P.P.P.S. A further apology/retraction from the guilty party.  Even if you're not into the House fandom, I think its a fascinating study into the nature of forgiveness, no? Or at least, the forgiveness of those people who weren't so directly affected (i.e., the majority of the authors from whom she stole are keeping mighty silent on these apology-posts of hers....).

EDIT: WOW, I love Fandom Wank.  Seriously, that site is AMAzing.  All the wank I missed/ignored even as a member of [community profile] house_wilson!! For shame!

I was also endlessly amused when I went to the Wank Archives and "Searched by Topic".  the usual stuff was there.  LOTR (Movie and RPS combined) was about 200 entries or less.  I was shocked that Star Trek only had 17 entries!!  Guess all the Trekkies embraced Roddenberry's vision.  Final Fantasy: 42 entries.  Meh, I could see it.  There's enough to argue about in there. Conan O'Brien: 3 entries (WTF?)  And then...the Holy Grail of ALL fanwank...

Harry Potter: 462 entries.

Why am I NOT surprised.
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OK guys, first things first.  What's the best WTF icon you've come across? My Kirk OMG THIS SUX is a permanent staple, but I think we all need one good WTF icon.  I'm reorganizing my userpics and am on the hunt. 

Secondly, the man in my newly created icon is astonishingly beautiful.  Revel in that.

In other, less fangirlish news, I'm feeling a lot better.  More balanced.  I've also been quite proud of the sketches I got accomplished when I was feeling crappy.  I'll post them hopefully tonight or tomorrow. 

Don't you hate it when you actually had something of note to post and now, its completely vanished from your mind?  Blah.  Fandom's more fun anyway. ;^)

Random WTF moment of the day: My buddy [profile] acebarettainformed me of this thing called a G-Shot, where you actually have your doctor inject collagen into your G-spot to enlarge it to the size of a quarter.  Apparently, someone on a forum he frequents asked how much it would cost to get that for his girlfriend/wife.

Yeah, see why I need that icon?  Now, my first reaction to this is, 'what, so you're going to ask/force your wife/girlfriend to go get a painful  procedure done (The proponents of the procedure say its not, but I guarandamntee you that it wont be all puppies and sunflowers either) just because your Love Machine runs on Windows 98?!' BTCHPLZ.   The best thing though is that this dude got TOTALLY wanked on for even positing this question.  Now, I don't usually support wank of this nature, but come on...that's just ridiculous.   Perhaps I'm just sadistic...but yeah, that opens up a whole can o' worms about your sexual skillset that you don't want dissected on a public forum.  

Thoughts on sexual augmentation? Good, bad, indifferent? 

Back to the grind.  This week has been slow so I'm sure I'll be back. 

Love to all! *mwah*



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