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Some say he knows two facts about ducks...and both of them are wrong.

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Name:Phoenix Astraea
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Bonjour and mae govannen!

Someone once described me as "steel wrapped in satin"; I think that fits me to a T. I'm a very friendly person so feel free to friend me! =^)

Intellectually, I am drawn to french literature and poetry, Gothic narratives, Victorian novels, 20th century drama, anything by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Marvel/DC/Dark Horse comics. Currently, IDW Ghostbusters, BPRD, and Hellboy titles hold my interest. I enjoy my obsessions and indulge them to their fullest extent! This being so, I am naturally a fan of costume-parties at Halloween and the annual Renaissance Festival.

For watching pleasure, I am a proud Trekkie, preferring the original series over just about anything else you can throw at me. I'm also a huge fan of Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes (with Jeremy Brett and The Cumberbatch), and Preacher. For movies it has to be LOTR, V for Vendetta, Star Wars IV-VII, and anything and everything MCU.
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