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So, when I was coming back from lunch today, I saw THE most beautiful man getting in and out of the elevator.  6'3", shaved head, muscular and dressed in an all white tracksuit.  For my rasslin' ladies, think of Tomko's build but with Angel's face.  WOW.  I told me coworker I wanted to take a bite out of him; dirty up that tracksuit a bit.  Whew.  *fans self*

Also, a fun meme from  [profile] hurrigirl

1. In a street brawl, who do you think would win Lady Jaye or the Baroness?

Ohhh, Baroness no question.  No offense to Lady Jaye or Scarlett lovers, but Baroness aka Anastasia DeCobray, was one badass chick. 

I also made a kickass Baroness for Halloween. ;^)

Yes, Cobra Commander is shilling dish soap; it's why I had to bust some caps.  My glasses were giving off glare, hence why I'm not wearing them. Wow, our costumes were awesome. Baroness doesn't take crap from ANYONE, certainly not Cobra Commander.

2. Who is your favorite comic book hero/heroine?

OH Lawd, this is really a tough one.  For men, it's easy: Batman.  Hands down.  He is beautiful in so many ways; character development, motivation, looks, achievement.  CLOSE CLOSE Second Place is Wolverine.  My Logan.  OH man, how amazing.  My brutal, intelligent, crafty, athletic, berserker rage machine.  Oh, and his eternal, angst-ridden love for Jeannie gets me every time. *Happy Sigh* Third place has to go to Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.  In many ways, Batman and Hal are alike in how powerful they are, the pain they've gone through, and how they're ('scuse the pun) the best at what they do.  They differ in that, as beautifully put in Green Lantern: Rebirth (A MUST READ), Batman uses the darkness to get his job done, manipulating fear to his whims while Hal is all about the light: the green light of courage that opposes the yellow infection aka fear, as embodied in Parallax.  

As for my lovely heroines, I'd have to say it's an even tie between Catwoman and Phoenix.  Both powerfully independent women, both prone to both good and evil behavior as well as a love/hate relationship with their identity.  For Phoenix, it's the difficulties inherent in being an avatar for an amoral Elemental/Cosmic power; for Selina, it's the conflict between the sides of good and evil and the people in her life who wish she would choose.  Even so, both women have very rich, complex personalities: it's all about the Beauty of Gray with these women.  I love them for it. 

(I've also cosplayed them as well and may do CW again for this coming Halloween.)

3. If you could have any super hero's powers, whose would you want?
Probably Phoenix's; maybe it's cheese, but hey, she's a Cosmic Force! How can you beat that? She has total molecular control over herself and her universe (and multiple universes whenever she decides to fly out and see them).  Creation, destruction, telepathy, telekinesis, flying, healing, extreme ass-kicking.  It's all there. 

4. When did you start writing?

Probably when I was in elementary school.  It started off with the usual: crappy love poems, emo journal entries, etc but then it branched off into the fandoms that I love to this day.  It was around high school where I started writing lengthy fanfics that to this day, I haven't gotten around to finishing.  Possibly becaue they need to be almost totally redone! =^)

5. And my uber-serious question: Peanut Butter - Creamy or crunchy?

Creamy.  Jif.  Shaken, not stirred.  ;^)  PEANUT BUTTAH R SRS BZNSS.
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Well, I haven't had too much to post about of late,  since work has been crazy boring.  I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing, considering it allows me to engage in a improv'd Text-based Adventure via Gchat with my buddy Ben. 


Ben: find a way to defend yourself.
me: Hit souls with oars.
Ben: no effect.
Me: Ask lesbian for help.
 Ben:lesbian has found a new life partner, francesca de rimini.
no help to be given.
me: Oh give me a friggen break.
Look around.
Ben: you have nothing in the boat but your oars and your inventory (so: jewel. holy water. mirror. rubber chicken. rapier.).
me: Use rubber chicken.
Ben: ok.
little did you know that charon inspired fear with his terrible sense of humor.  Confusing you, wearing your holocaust cloak, for charon, the souls take the chicken and flee
me: laughs
Ben: do you wish to proceed across the styx or head back to the shore you departed?
me: Proceed across.

So, yes, that's my day so far.  =^) So far I've defeated Cerberus, and am now face to face with Satan.  Good times. 


Hmmm, I hope to do a picspam posting soon of me, my new katana, my Sephy drawings, and anything else of note.  Any pictures of me or my life that you all want to see (keep it PG-13 rated please, peoples! ;^))?  Request away and I'll try to oblige!

I'm also starting to think about what to do for Halloween.  It'll be geeky, to be sure.  I thought this morning about going as a Slytherin student (hell, the dark hair and the pale skin practically sorts me there anyway! ;^).  There's always something from anime, Marvel, DC, or other geekdom.  Suggestions, oh my sexy cosplayer friends?
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Well, I saw the Prestige this afternoon and I've been thinking about it ever since.  

In other personal news, I I'm in a strange emotional limbo.  The events of the past several months have been so insane, so draining, so rollercoaster that I don't even think I've had much time to adjust or even mourn.  I haven't posted about it in here because I haven't wanted to go there, but I just got out of a three year relationship.  I'm fresh out of grad school and wondering about the rest of my life.  I've reconnected with friends and left behind dear ones in another state.  I've done nothing but live in a transitional state since I got back and its taken everything I've got to keep myself together.  I think this has been THE first weekend that I feel that...I can let go a little.  That this too too solid flesh can resolve into a dew, a la Hamlet.  That I can diminish...I know this will sound geeky, but in a strange way, I feel like I've transformed from the Phoenix back into Jean.  It's been tough...but it feels like I can be a little less strong now...a little less superhuman and tough...and start to let go a bit.  

Thanks to all my friends on here, new and old' you're keeping me more sane than you know. 

And a special pic in honor of this...

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Yet another picture of my sexy self on the web!

So yes, this year was the Year of the Cobra!  Glenn, David and I decided that we would be villains this year; the most badass villains in 80's cartoon history.  Glenn busted his ass for several weeks on an awesome Destro mask, and David got decked out in some awesome navy dreads for Cobra Commander.  His mask and his sword cane just MADE the outfit.   As for me, the piece de resistance for my outfit was the glasses and a fencing breast protector that I spraypainted black, duct taped and glued a Cobra symbol on it.  SWEET. Also, my buddy Lesley came dressed up like an 80's rocker, so we gave her a Cobra pin and inducted her into the group as Zaranna or one of the Dreadnought members of the Cobra rock band, Cold Slither.  Shes on the web with us too! WOOT!

Our own bragging aside, my buddy Kat was also up there in first place with us for costume making; she made the BEST Harley Quinn EVER. 

More pics to come later. For now, check out the link and scroll down until you see my mug in glasses with a gun


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