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Everyone reading this right now should go out and acquire a copy of Danny Elfman's solo album "So Lo".  I have been listening to it non-stop, especially "Gratitude" and "It Only Makes Me Laugh".  I worshipped him before; it has since increased in intensity.  I firmly believe that there is nothing that this man cannot do and cannot stress how awesome and fun this album is. 

More evidence of of his awesomeness, taken from Wiki: 

"After the release of Batman, Elfman reacted to comments in Keyboard Magazine wherein Micah Rubenstein conjectured that a rock musician like Elfman, not classically trained, probably didn't even write out the musical score to Batman. Speaking on behalf of "the many musicians, composers, and arrangers who lack formal education," Keyboard published an open letter by Elfman in March 1990. Elfman referred to Rubenstein's comments as a growing "musical elitism," stating he worked 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month and a half to write the Batman score, and calling Rubenstein a "dumb fuck" for supposing that Elfman didn't write down his scores: "...I actually wrote it down - I will not sit back passively and allow myself to be discredited for the work I did by an idiot who mistakenly thinks that I lazily hire people to do it for me, or that only a conservatory can produce a real film composer."[4] "


In other news, I had to take, Scooter, my 2000 Beetle, in for some diagnostics after the Engine/MIL light (or as I call it, the OMGWTFBBQ!light) went on Saturday and remained on.  So, my friendly V-Dub technician calls me up this morning and tells me that my air compressor is basically splitting in half, but that they can basically weld it back together to the tune of ~$300 rather than me buying a totally new part to the tune of ~$700+.  Yeah, I'll take what's behind Door #1 plzkthnx.  Oh well.  For an 8 year old car, I've been really proud of his performance thus far.  

I loved having Monday off to recharge.  I could honestly use ONE more day of sleep but am thankful for having the three day weekend anyway.  It gave me a chance to find some badly needed perspective, for which I am doubly thankful.

Love to all. Mwah!

P.S. For my wrasslin' fans who happened to catch RAW last night.  I love him dearly, but poor Shawn cannot WOOOO to save his life. 


phoenixastraea: (Mah Bazookah Face) MUST read this link.  Now.  No, not later, I mean right now.  It goes into glorious detail about the shitty new Miller/Lee Batman and Robin All Star Series (i.e., the series that brought you the infamous "I'm the Goddamn Batman" quote).   I only own the first two issues and stopped because honestly, they sucked.  But read this because I haven't laughed so hard at an article in a long time. 

Four Words: Dick Grayson: Age Twelve.

Seriously, check it out.

UPDATE: Here's the follow up link for the next few issues.  Seriously awful garbage.  I think Miller HAS to be doing this as a great FU to the fans, to DC, to whomever, because I KNOW he has to know that this is utter garbage. 
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So, when I was coming back from lunch today, I saw THE most beautiful man getting in and out of the elevator.  6'3", shaved head, muscular and dressed in an all white tracksuit.  For my rasslin' ladies, think of Tomko's build but with Angel's face.  WOW.  I told me coworker I wanted to take a bite out of him; dirty up that tracksuit a bit.  Whew.  *fans self*

Also, a fun meme from  [profile] hurrigirl

1. In a street brawl, who do you think would win Lady Jaye or the Baroness?

Ohhh, Baroness no question.  No offense to Lady Jaye or Scarlett lovers, but Baroness aka Anastasia DeCobray, was one badass chick. 

I also made a kickass Baroness for Halloween. ;^)

Yes, Cobra Commander is shilling dish soap; it's why I had to bust some caps.  My glasses were giving off glare, hence why I'm not wearing them. Wow, our costumes were awesome. Baroness doesn't take crap from ANYONE, certainly not Cobra Commander.

2. Who is your favorite comic book hero/heroine?

OH Lawd, this is really a tough one.  For men, it's easy: Batman.  Hands down.  He is beautiful in so many ways; character development, motivation, looks, achievement.  CLOSE CLOSE Second Place is Wolverine.  My Logan.  OH man, how amazing.  My brutal, intelligent, crafty, athletic, berserker rage machine.  Oh, and his eternal, angst-ridden love for Jeannie gets me every time. *Happy Sigh* Third place has to go to Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.  In many ways, Batman and Hal are alike in how powerful they are, the pain they've gone through, and how they're ('scuse the pun) the best at what they do.  They differ in that, as beautifully put in Green Lantern: Rebirth (A MUST READ), Batman uses the darkness to get his job done, manipulating fear to his whims while Hal is all about the light: the green light of courage that opposes the yellow infection aka fear, as embodied in Parallax.  

As for my lovely heroines, I'd have to say it's an even tie between Catwoman and Phoenix.  Both powerfully independent women, both prone to both good and evil behavior as well as a love/hate relationship with their identity.  For Phoenix, it's the difficulties inherent in being an avatar for an amoral Elemental/Cosmic power; for Selina, it's the conflict between the sides of good and evil and the people in her life who wish she would choose.  Even so, both women have very rich, complex personalities: it's all about the Beauty of Gray with these women.  I love them for it. 

(I've also cosplayed them as well and may do CW again for this coming Halloween.)

3. If you could have any super hero's powers, whose would you want?
Probably Phoenix's; maybe it's cheese, but hey, she's a Cosmic Force! How can you beat that? She has total molecular control over herself and her universe (and multiple universes whenever she decides to fly out and see them).  Creation, destruction, telepathy, telekinesis, flying, healing, extreme ass-kicking.  It's all there. 

4. When did you start writing?

Probably when I was in elementary school.  It started off with the usual: crappy love poems, emo journal entries, etc but then it branched off into the fandoms that I love to this day.  It was around high school where I started writing lengthy fanfics that to this day, I haven't gotten around to finishing.  Possibly becaue they need to be almost totally redone! =^)

5. And my uber-serious question: Peanut Butter - Creamy or crunchy?

Creamy.  Jif.  Shaken, not stirred.  ;^)  PEANUT BUTTAH R SRS BZNSS.
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Ok, things that make you go Hmmmm.....

1.  Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Marvel's Hollywood adaptation of Iron Man.  Not quite sure what to think about this one.  On one hand, I'm pleased that they didn't just get some young, inexperienced, upshot actor to play the intelligent and conflicted tycoon and hero.  I'm not quite sure that Downey is the man.  Perhaps he will surprise me.  For now, this gets a Hmmmm.  

2. Chris Nolan's confirmation of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight  Again, this was pretty much a giveaway; however, it sounds like he's already cast the thing and is waiting to make an uber-reveal.  Again, if it's Jake Gyllenhaal, I think I'll go Armageddon on someone.  Brokeback Arkham indeed.  Again, hmmmmm.

3.  Three, count 'em, THREE alternate endings for X-3.  Now, listen folks.  I know we all like all the extra footage, deleted scenes, crappy commentary, and bloopers that modern DVD has to offer us...but three alternate endings absolutely SMACKS of either poor editing or indecision.  I'd be willing to put good money down on the fact that there's going to be something showing Jeannie's resurrection in there.  As to the other two, who the hell knows?  Professor X comes back as Bald Phoenix?  (You all SO think I'm joking on this, but I'm not; its actually in the comics that Prof. X hosted the Phoenix Force once and became Bald Phoenix.  Gag.)  Does the Juggernaut come back and start a relationship with Rogue?  WTF could be going on in three alternate endings?  Hmmmmm.  

I'm sure I'll have more to add later, but that's certainly enough to Hmmmm about for now.  

Other news:  they've released new pre-season promo photos of Dirk and the Mavs.  I won't totally picspam you, but these three are SOOO choice.  

OH, and as promised, the LOLZ!!

I am mesmerized by this.  Holy crap, I can't stop laughing..."Tell 'em BOROMIR SENT YA!!"
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Ok, so I have about 9 minutes to compose this and finish eating my lunch because I just posted a bunch of shit to Craigs List and advertising my place.  I'm not terribly thrilled with my leasing complex becuase I FINALLY get in touch with them today and they tell me that this dude from Canada who was supposed to take over my place hasn't been in touch with them.  So...I'm back to square one AND I owe August rent.  Can I tell you how thrilled I am about that?  Yeah, as if it wasn't hot enough in this burg, I've got to get steamed over this grand waste of time, effort, and money.  Hopefully if I start calling them once a week they'll get off their ass.  Keep me in your thoughts on this.  

I also just found out on that Heath Ledger is going to play the Joker in the next Batman. 

Gay cowboy? Definitely.  The Joker? Not on your fucking life.  

Don't get me wrong, he was a brilliant Ennis Del Mar and definitely has some great acting chops.  That being said, I suppose I should reserve my judgment.  Even so, I don't see him as the Joker.  Then again, I have the same problem with Joker as I had with Superman; IMHO, no one (and I really mean NO ONE) will be able to top Nicholson's performance.  Seriously.  Either way, it looks like he's been cast.  

This casting is also somewhat ironic considering the rumors I heard flying around about Jake Gyllenhaal playing Harvey Dent.  WTF would that be like? 

"Brokeback Arkham"??!  Nolan, I swear to god...
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For those of you who haven't seen Pixar's 'Cars', drop whatever you're doing right now and go see it.  Seriously.  It was such a joyful experience; its been a long time since I've laughed that hard at a movie.  At one point, I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.   Its hard to describe, but its one of those movies that ends up making you feel good about life in general.  

Bless you, Pixar.  I really needed that since I've gotten myself so worked up over the stupid NBA finals. I don't need to go into a long review of this movie.  Its a solid A+ all around.

In other news, I had a blast with Glenn, Lesley, and Thara today.   It was hot as blazes but we had a great time going to see 'Cars', ogling Lesley's HOT car, admiring her stickshifting skizzills, and then playing in the park with my bullwhip. 

Yes, ladies and gents, I own a bullwhip.  Don't get any ideas; I don't use it for anything kinky or for BDSM purposes.  Its really more of a collectors item, since its the same type whip used in Batman Returns by Michelle Pfeiffer.  As a fencer, I have quite the um, arsenal of weaponry and collect martial arts equipment.  I just consider this one of my more unusual weapons.  Its 8 feet long and makes THE best sound when you crack it.  Once Lesley and Thara got it to work, they couldn't stop cracking it! Its strange, but its addicting!  The crack...IS crack!  Very powerful thing, wielding something that can break the sound barrier at 700 miles an hour.  Awesome.  I'm sure you all are running away freaked out, but it does give you an incredible feeling of power. 

In less exciting news, I've got tons of laundry to do and I can't believe its gotten so late.  Argh!!
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A meme taken from the journal of [personal profile] mrs_spock

Name 10 fictional characters you'd sleep with.

Its a surprisingly tough answer...Without further ado...

1. Spock from Star Trek - It's never forget your first love...
2. Dr. James Wilson from House, MD - RSL sends shivers up my spine.  Too bad he's in oncology instead of another specialty that starts with an O...
3. Superman - And by Superman, I mean the only damn one: Christopher Reeve. The only man that can wear a spitcurl and make it look hot. I miss you.
4. Dr. Gregory House from House, MD- Scruffy, snarky, scintillating, sarcastic, sexy. 
5. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas - yes, he's animated.  No, I don't care.  Somehow, that yearning melancholy of his sings to me...Well, that and he is royalty! ;^)  He sings, dances, and takes over other people's holidays! Genius.
6. Agent Smith from The Matrix- Don't tell me you can't see the incredible sexual possibility in a man who can replicate himself ad infinitum...
7. V from V for Vendetta- Musically inclined. Secret lair. Penchant for fencing and knive-throwing. Excellent Cook. Revolutionary. What's not to like?
8. Han Solo from Star Wars - I second [personal profile] mrs_spock's comment: "I'd like to talk to him about his, um, blaster." I dunno about you, but I take my nerf herders scruffy...
9. Batman, The Dark Knight Detective-  The Man. The Bat. The Hero. The Legend. All that dark, heroic angst just cracks my whip...
10. Frank Langella's Dracula - If you haven't seen it, go out and rent the '79 version of Dracula.  Now. There is a reason why women would throw their panties at him when he performed 'Dracula' on the stage. 

Honorable Mention:
1. Vash the Stampede - Peace and LOVE!!! 
2. Imhotep from The Mummy - Its all about the see-through loin cloth he had on in the first movie...rawr!
3. Etienne Navarre from Ladyhawke - The Ultimate renegade hero
4. Jareth, The Goblin King from Labyrinth - David Bowie. In Tights. Nuff said. 
5. Wolverine - To quote Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #14: "The poster-child of mutant cool".

Highest Distinction: 
Erik, the Phantom of the Opera.  No explanation needed for this one, really.
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I attribute/blame this odd entry on several nights' worth of unusual dreams.

It is in the nature of dreams for the dreamer to be so involved with their content until the very moment you wake up, and in the furor of attempting to remember them, they are forgotten. All I can remember of this particular dream was the fact that I spent a great deal of time flying through other people, Shadowcat style. I'm not sure what my purpose was in doing so, but it seemed to have some great effect on them. In other dreams, I have played the part of ultimate hero, miraculously undoing or healing many of the pains that plague this world...Specifically, I have cured many an environmental crisis, restored the Twin Towers to their former glory, and saved many a life that before would have been lost.

Is this all a display of a subconscious troubled by extreme vanity? Is this a byproduct of subsumed self-aggrandizement, my dreams displaying my eagerness for public acknowledgement of personal accomplishment? Is it only my idealistic desire to see a self-destructive world relieved of its burdens? Am I only guilty of overdrawn and absurd hope that some superpower/being would one day make it so?

Those who know me know of my rather deep attachment to the DC and Marvel worlds. As of now, they can boast of more original storytelling than we have seen in the entertainment industry for quite a while. Every once in a while a contrived plot comes our way and there have been recent disappointments (Im thinking specifically of the tarnishing of Leslie Thompkins' character in regards to Spoiler Stephanie Brown, and the most recent installment of House of M, which didnt advance the fairly interesting plot a jot), but even the movie industry is seizing upon the intelligent, emotional, and epic nature of certain famous comic book plotlines.

The strength, power, and dare I say, implied "American" wholesomeness and charm of Chris Reeve's Superman comes to mind. Then, the incredible portrayal's of Batman by both Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, who, as my friend David says, "represents the American reality in contrast with Superman's American ideal". Hugh Jackman, though much taller than Wolverine's canonical 5'3" stature, mades a HELL of a great Wolverine and I've been dreaming of Patrick Stewart as Professor X since I became aware of Prof. X. I could go on to talk about the excellence of Tobey Maguire and from there, onto the glory of all the comic book villains, starting with the illustrious Jack Nicholson and continuing with the greatness of Willem Defoe.

Hell, I could prob turn this into another friggin essay where I further glorify my fantastical childhood heroes. But I wont.

The point of all this is, society seems to needs superheros today more than ever. Epic films of triumph over adversity seem more pertinent now to us than ever before. Lord of the Rings DEFINITELY fits this mold; these are the films society seems to crave. Fantastic Four, Constantine, X Men 1-3, hell, they're even bringing Wonder Woman into film form and it doesn't stop there. I heard recently that Marvel is making its own film company since this business has become ridiculously profitable in the past 5-10 years. While not all of the above mentioned films are fantastic (*cough cough *FFour!* cough), their presence is undeniable and it's drawing movie-goers and comic book fanatics to theatres like flies to honey. Skeptics may argue that, boiled down, most of the movie plots out there are about personal transformation and conquering great personal, social, and political obstacles towards a known goal. If thats the case, what differentiates superhero movies from regular plots where Harry Meets Sally and the Untouchables meet Capone?

Despite the logic of that argument, theres something more that a superhero brings to the story: the near guarantee of triumph, and the renewed hope of CONTINUED protection from evil. Thats not to say that a lil bit of Kryptonite wont bring down Supes like a bullet could bring down a soldier, but the very fact of his difference and separation from the rest of the human race gives us hope that the cyclical nature of humanities failings just cant right now. At this time in our lives, I think that many of us have so long lacked any sort of superhuman, or dare I say, godly presence in our lives, that the desire for the fantasy presence of a superhero subconsciously illuminates our need for an ACTIVE, VISIBLE God-figure in our lives today, to set events right where we can't and KEEP them there. Yes, we have heroes in our midst, but forgive me for saying so, the Fire Department just ain't the JLA.

I've reasoned myself to this point. Does this mean that in all my diverse obsessions with Batman, the Xmen, the JLA, Green Lantern Corps, etc, I'm really unwittingly yearning, nay, PINING for the substantial presence of the divine in my midst? For some inkling of hope that injustice can be corrected, even if its by a man in blue tights, sporting a red cape and a spitcurl?

I really don't know. Maybe I am. Either way, its times like these I sure wouldn't mind a set of adamantium claws....


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