Apr. 26th, 2006 12:21 am
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Well, as you all might have noticed, I'm experimenting with a new layout in the hopes that I may soon have a sexy header to increase the hotness factor of my journal. It took a bit, but I'm liking it so far. I'm experimenting some difficulties with my mood icon set so right now, Han and the gang have disappeared until I can figure out what's misplacing my mood icon set. I'm also not a huge fan of the background color but have yet to find a suitable substitute that is pleasant on the eyes. Any and all advice would be welcome.

Tonight has to be my favorite night for television. For the longest time, I've railed against the evils of TV...and now...I find myself a hypocrite because Tuesday nights I am glued to Primetime. I loves me my peeps, but its getting to the point where I CANNOT be disturbed between the hours of 8pm-11pm for three very good reasons:

1. NCIS at 8pm
2. House at 9pm
3. Boston Legal at 10pm.

As my friend Cheryll would say, "Period Dot." These three shows top the list of my growing TV faves, which is followed by any and all incarnations of Law and Order. I'm sure my dear [livejournal.com profile] tideturner is sick of hearing the "dong dong" of the Law and Order bell coming from my TV, but it's my guilty pleasure when I need to detox from work and school.

Anyone who has EVER been my roommate knows that I have an unhealthy obsession for Law and Order. Primarily, I love it for the characters; I am a devoted Munch-kin, and Jack McCoy can represent me ANYday. People may accuse L/O of being formulaic, but to me, the familiar patterns and cycles of police work and litigation are comforting. And I get to see these characters deliver justice, sometimes ol' school style. I also appreciate its emphasis on problem-solving; it puts me in an pensive frame of mind and allows me to focus even with it on in the background. NCIS takes this to a new level without a lot of the pathos that plagues CSI (especially the first one). I like me a good drama every once in a while, but all the personal character drama is turning one of my favorite shows into the worst kind of soap. Grissom's losing his hearing, Catherine's problems at home are legendary, Warwick gambles, Brass' daughter is a hooker; we all have problems, but I'm not watching the show for that kind of pathos. Well, Grissom is fine. The others just need to shut up and do their jobs.

NCIS has humor. It has lovable, intelligent characters who are 3 dimensional but lack the whiny characters and the excessive melodrama that lots of the other shows have. They also get the job done. And Abby rocks my world. And Mark Harmon is hot. And and and.

As for House, I'm saving that entry for another time. There are too many reasons why that show dominates primetime TV. Check out my new header for two of those reasons. Wilson and House. Awesome chemistry.

Same for Boston Legal. The episode tonight proved why William Shatner is God and James Spader is an Archangel of the highest order. Brilliant. Both of these men grow daily in my estimation.

So...watch this space for more aesthetic changes!
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Well, considering that this was my first official interview, I think I did remarkably well! They grilled me for about an hour and a half (including a few questions that I had) so it was intense! I got asked all sorts of questions about my management styles, how would I motivate or assess students, what weight or percentage of a grade would I give to my classroom assignments, and what would I do when all of my plans and strategies would fail. Phew!!

I'd get more into detail but I spent the last oh, 2 hours telling 5 different family members about the interview so I'm played out for details. Either way, I feel good about it and about the administration and the school system itself. Whether this job comes my way, I'm prepared for the next interview.

And last night, I got to see Nero Wolfe hug Captain Kirk and Odo and Murphy Brown talk to Magnum PI (if I've lost you by now, all of them on Boston Legal together!). My TV experience has reached its climax.

All in all, a worthy day!

**Heather faints**


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