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Bask in the glory....of hilarious webcomic/action figure antics:


Storm and Steve Shadow.

Tifa's a bit naive...

For the Shire!!! 

"Awww yeah, that's some good evil right there." (My personal favorite)

And last, but certainly not least...


I'm sure I'll have something of greater substance to post later, but until then, this shit is ba-na-nas!!
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So, as the previous entry mentioned, I've been appalled, amazed, and baffled by the recent strain of wank that's hit the House fandom.  Of course, this bit of wank led to the reading of records of other epic wanks (like the julia_bohemian fiasco) and so on and so forth until one has sore sides from laughing and a sore neck and eyeballs from shaking your head and rolling your eyes at the idiocy and hijinx of some people.  On the plus side, in the midst of all the asshattery, much good can be found.  Crap like this usually finds a way to unite the members of the fandom, knitting them together a little tighter as they rush to defend each other and the fandom from wankers.  Fascinating and scintillating arguments, counter-arguments, flames, and beatdowns are part and parcel of the wank and well, what can I say: I love watching some ignorant, indignant, supercilious moron get verbally eviscerated by a stunning combination of logic, common sense, and potent evidence.  

And then, there's the forgiveness.  Whether you think that it's right or not to offer forgiveness or grace to a plagiarist , someone who by all appearances, seems to be a compulsive liar/attention whore/etc., I have to admit that I am both amazed and impressed by those invididuals who can and do so.  Now, if it were my work that had been stolen and reposted in such a blatent fashion, would I be able to forgive that person and hope that they could get their act together? I don't know.  I'd like to think that I would, but I don't know.  I know how absurdly angry I would be about it; with this in mind, would I be able to tell this person that she should stay in the LJ community after such a horrible violation of trust? Should she even stay? Should the mods kick her out?

I suppose I wonder what the best solution would be. This girl took 17 fics and a very well-known webcomic and reposted it on her Myspace as her own.  She then befriends said authors from whom she stole...but doesn't remove their art from her blog even after she has come to know them as "friends".  I cannot comprehend this.  It is inexcusable; she knew what she was doing was wrong, no matter how many times she evokes her unstable and depressed state.  You can't use these as excuses.  I'm sorry, but you just can't.  As [profile] savemoonyput it best in her LJ, we're all depressed, we're all on meds, we're all a bit loopy.  You don't see any of us committing a literary crime of this magnitude (so bad that it makes fandom_wank).   What's worse, she didn't take the fics down from the blog once she finally had an "in" with the community and had gained their respect as "an ace RPer".  Why on earth didn't she fix what she had done before the wank broke?  Certainly she can never be trusted again as a fic writer...but can she be forgiven?

Thoughts, oh ye wise flist (and especially, ye wise writers)?

Well, enough of that, I suppose.  Onward...because you can never have too many 



And finally, we come to teh PWNAGE!!1

So, my superawesome 13-year old cousin came over last night to hang for a bit.  She's starting to get into anime, which is pretty cool and she has good taste.  Naturally, as a relative who is more like an older sister, I have to convert her to the glories of FF, starting with Advent Children (since she's not a gamer).  So, I give her the backstory and we sit and enjoy the hell out of it.  In giving the backstory, one must touch upon Cloud's near impenetrable umm, cloud of emotasticness (yes, that was horrible.  Spank me with a 10 foot sword! ;^).  So, I do and we laugh about him being about as emo as they come in anime.  Now, for the benefit of those who have not seen Advent Children, the story of FFVII is recapped for the audience before the movie officially starts.  She introduces Sephiroth as such: "Of all SOLDIER, he was the greatest.  When he found out about all the experimentation on him as a child, he began to hate Shinra.  Eventually, he began to hate the world."

Without missing a beat, she turns to me with this look and says, "Wait, and you're saying that CLOUD'S emo?!"

*facepalm* LOLZOMGPWNT!!

(Needless to say, I'm rather proud of her. We'll prob finish watching it tonight. *beams* )

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OK guys, first things first.  What's the best WTF icon you've come across? My Kirk OMG THIS SUX is a permanent staple, but I think we all need one good WTF icon.  I'm reorganizing my userpics and am on the hunt. 

Secondly, the man in my newly created icon is astonishingly beautiful.  Revel in that.

In other, less fangirlish news, I'm feeling a lot better.  More balanced.  I've also been quite proud of the sketches I got accomplished when I was feeling crappy.  I'll post them hopefully tonight or tomorrow. 

Don't you hate it when you actually had something of note to post and now, its completely vanished from your mind?  Blah.  Fandom's more fun anyway. ;^)

Random WTF moment of the day: My buddy [profile] acebarettainformed me of this thing called a G-Shot, where you actually have your doctor inject collagen into your G-spot to enlarge it to the size of a quarter.  Apparently, someone on a forum he frequents asked how much it would cost to get that for his girlfriend/wife.

Yeah, see why I need that icon?  Now, my first reaction to this is, 'what, so you're going to ask/force your wife/girlfriend to go get a painful  procedure done (The proponents of the procedure say its not, but I guarandamntee you that it wont be all puppies and sunflowers either) just because your Love Machine runs on Windows 98?!' BTCHPLZ.   The best thing though is that this dude got TOTALLY wanked on for even positing this question.  Now, I don't usually support wank of this nature, but come on...that's just ridiculous.   Perhaps I'm just sadistic...but yeah, that opens up a whole can o' worms about your sexual skillset that you don't want dissected on a public forum.  

Thoughts on sexual augmentation? Good, bad, indifferent? 

Back to the grind.  This week has been slow so I'm sure I'll be back. 

Love to all! *mwah*



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