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So, my buddy Ben and I were Gchatting about Sylar's currently depowered state.  While doing so, Ben comes up with this little nugget of awesome upon relating it to fables: 

Ben: i say give it a few more episodes. 
they havent fully played out the stranded scorpion storyline.
You know the tale, right?
of the scorpion who tells the turtle:  hey hoss, i need help across the river. let me go with you.
The turtle says 'n-bomb please, you'll kill my ass dead'.
Naw hoss, i'll be good. promise.
What the eff-ever man.  fine be a bitch. hop on
halfway across, the scorpion pops a cap right in the turtle's ass
sorry  man, its my nature
and thats sylar. 

LOLZ Amazing.  Simply amazing.

In other news, I changed my email to my yahoo account.  For those of you who have responded to any of my LJ comments or posts and I have not gotten back to you, forgive me; I have no idea how long this has been going on but I promise I'll get to your comments.

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 Whew.  I seem to be a posting whiz today!  I suppose I'm bouncing between extreme procrastination (as evidenced by the fun I'm having on here) and extreme productivity.  Right now, I'm back to the left. 

My office is a ghost town right now, which I don't mind; I prefer the quiet. It's allowed me to get some things off my list (GOD, I love compulsively making lists, don't you?) before things get crazy next week.  It's also allowed me to do crazy things like signing up for the Sylar Ficathon Challenge (which I'm about to pimp out here ).  Honestly, its a scary thought (I've never done a fic challenge before) but its a fun one too, as I've been puttering around with Heroes drabbles on and off this past week or two.  We'll see about the challenge I'm given; I basically told them no Mylar and no death!fic.  Anything else (except for Sylar/Claire *shudders*) I think I'll be able to swing.  

I've gotten to a place in my life where it seems like I'm slowly getting stuff scratched off my to-do list.  Little petty things that I've been meaning to do and are finally getting done.  It feels...refreshing. And a bit tiring. 

Compy news: I ran some diagnostics and found that my compy was crashing because it only had ~185 Megs of memory available when I have almost a Gig in the lappy! WTF!  So, I kept fooling with things, trying to remove stuff where I could until I ogt it to 295.  Better, but not fabulous.  So, I had decided that I would take Lappy to the Geek Squad this weekend so that they could run diagnostics on my memory chips.  Of course, I ran another diagnostic last night and lo and behold, Lappy must have suspected a doctor's visit because all of a sudden, for no discernable reason, I'm up to 400M free rather than 290 from the night before! Again, gentle reader, I say: WTF!  We'll see what tonight's diagnostic says but either way, weird. 

And dammit, I now have "Tainted Love" permanently stuck in my head.  BLAST!!
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So desperately...terribly...screwed up.


Ahem. Right-o. Enjoy! *wicked grin* This video is crack like my icon. Sweet sweet crack.


Oct. 8th, 2007 10:13 pm
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(Excuse me, ladies and germs but a Heroes-centric Capslock Moment is fast approaching.  I do apologize for any convenience.)


Expect vast postage on [profile] heroes_pointcp tomorrow.  It wont happen tonight because I'm not feeling well but I may have all my thoughts organized tonight so that I may type like the wind tomorrow under the pretense of actually doing work.

Sweet Lord.
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OK, my lovely flist, you want weird?

I was driving home from the end of a very long week at work flicking through the radio stations when I found one of my favorite songs: Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith.  It really doesn't matter how long ago this song came out; it still rocks the house until you drop.

Anyhoo, I was jamming along, singing obnoxiously in the car when I suddenly had a "Huhbuhwhat?" moment.  One of the lyrics had inexplicably been changed (see: censored).  The original lyric went: "She had to take him down easy/and put a bullet in his braaaaaiiiiiin".  What I heard on the radio was "She had to take him down easy/And leave him in the pouring raaaaiiiiiin". 

WTF?!  Has this censored/altered version been around and I just haven't noticed?! And does anyone else find this point rather moot? I mean, the damn song is called "Janie's got a Gun".  Logic therefore dictates that, at some point in the song, THE GUN IS GOING TO BE USED!!!11.  To further add to my confusion, they can leave in the lyric that says, "He jacked a little bitty baby/The man has got to be insane!" (emphasis mine), which implies long term aggravated sexual abuse/assault, but they remove/censor the part where the child in question, now a young adult takes out her revenge?!  Now, I KNOW I have heard the original version on other rock stations; why did this one have beef with it?

Whisky Tango Foxtrot, people. 

And speaking of logic, we now return you to your regularly scheduled fangirl program.

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I cannot handle the awesomeness of this clip.  I really can't.  The similarities are SO. DAMN. EERIE.
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Well, I just came back from an awesome weekend with some of my favorite folks!  Thursday night with Casey, John, and a Blue Goose, Friday buying/watching tons of Heroes with Casey, Saturday night celebrating Benny boys birthday, Sunday night with Sefton watching Advent Children and playing X-Men Legends II and SW: Battlefront II, and Monday night with Katdawg and Jennnn roasting brats, LOLing at Facebook, and watching Heroes.  Awesome.  A busy weekend, but one filled with much needed connection, silliness, and good times.

Some brief shoutouts:

Katdawg? Save the Chef Garcia Chips; Save the World! It's your destiny! Don't make me jump off of a high school swingset to prove it to you.  For sheazy.

Seftydawg? I swear the next time you're Yoda and I'm Vader, I'm kicking your ass, Galactic Civil War style!, dawg? I'm waiting for you to start doing flips over your neighbors fences like in Hot Fuzz!

Lots of cuts for my lovely watchers out there!

[personal profile] arctic_silence, plzcontinues2BpostingrandomFFsexinessonmyentriezkthanxILU!!! *tackles you*

More later, methinks. 

UPDATE:  Two bits of weirdness.  

1) This link is fantastic.  "The Five Most Hilarious Movie Sex Acts" Nuff said.  #1 is so damn true, though.

2) I just saw an ad on the LJ home page that read: "Get your Mobile Goat on!"   Ewz.  It sounds like LJ is promoting bestiality and/or bestial voyeurism. Gross.
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Just started watching Heroes yesterday thanks to an impulse purchase at Best Buy.  


How on EARTH did you all last between weeks?!

*runs back to DVD player to continue and finish the season*

Hiro and Andro are my heroes.  All the Star Trek references make me melt inside.  Nimoy HAS to make a cameo on here somewhere.  He just has to.


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