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Nov. 28th, 2006 11:38 pm
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I have SUCH an angst headache from this weeks episode of House. Dear lord.
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...on the Nowitzki front!  It came out just a few days ago that the Mav's have extended my dear Dirk's contract through the 2010-2011 season.  

Why yes, my dear Dirk is worth $60 million.  I wholeheartedly agree.  *big smiles*

In other news, I've headed back to practice and as much as my muscles are screaming at me, I'm feeling pretty darn good.  I've needed to get back in shape for a long time.  I've needed to get back to club for a while and it feels good to pick up a sabre again and do it...for me.   Coaching has been one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life, but it is hard to find time for your own training when you're involved with everyone else.  I do miss the VFC and hope to get back there sometime soon.  

Work...is work.  It feels strange to have family and friends ask about your day and all you can really say to them is...its fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary happens, nothing unusual.  Nothing exciting.  I'm happy that I'm getting money...but its time for a career change.  Actually, its time to get a career rather than simply being content with a job. 

In other fandom news, I'm really wondering where they're going with the new House season.  This past episode felt more like the House of old, but I am concerned with what they're doing to my House/Wilson relationship.  They screwed around a bit with the trust between those two...and are hinting very strongly at some House/Cameron link, which is not appealing to me in the least.  I'd rather see him with the 17 year old girl rather than Cameron.  Ugh...I wonder if any series would have the cajones to defy convention and get two characters like that together.  The closest we got was with WIllow and Tara, and they found a way to recontain her lesbianism and reinscribe her within a heterosexual world view with Tara's death and Willow's salvation via Xander.   I wonder if they'd even dare it with two men, much less the primary male friendship in the series.  I know I could probably get criticized for seeing certain series through slash-colored lenses, but hell, its practically canon with those two.  Or at least, it was more so last season...Either way, I'm eager to see what develops.  

Also, WTF is up with murders being committed in Colorado schools?  This shit is unbelievable considering heightened security.  Seriously, if I was a kid in high school today, I'd want to be packing so much heat it wouldn't even be funny. 

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So, today I travel to Philly.   Pretty cool considering I like the train.  I'm planning on cutting out early today to head to Union and perhaps get some shoe shopping in before my 4pm.  Considering I'm doing nothing more constructive at work than teaching myself German and playing waay too many rousing games of Spider Solitaire, I think leaving early would be a good thing. 

I'm strangely nervous about taking a cab.  I have no idea why except that its been years since I've been forced to catch one.  I guess its the stress of having to stick out your hand, leg, whatever and pray that some poor cabbie is going to pull over.  Strangely tense way to travel, I feel.  I also have to remember to get itemized receipts of EVERYTHING so I can get refunded for the 9 days I'm spending up here.  Crazy. 

I've also heard conflicting reports of how this convention is going to be; there are those who are trying to poison my mind with the amount of work, inter-office/officer drama, and the like while others talk to me of nights out on the town with cool coworkers, karaoke, and much much booze.  I know it makes me sound like a total alcoholic, but they better be right with the booze. 

Other random thoughts before I ride off into the Philadelphia sunset:

  • Nicholas Cage has become the new Ben Stiller of movies.  I seriously see this man EVERYwhere now! First in World Trade Center and now in a remake of The Wicker Man.  This, of course, doesn't cover Ghostrider, which is coming out within the year, I think.  Hey, you can't fault the man for getting a lot of work.  He also seems to be getting better looking...
  • Floyd Landis has screwed himself (and the US) over royally.  I really can't believe he failed both of those tests.  It was bad enough that the French were attempting to demonize Lance Armstrong; at least they failed with him, but stupid Landis proved them right.  And here I was loving the fact that the past 8 TdFrances had been won by Americans.  Nice job, dorkus. 
  • Basketball season needs to start.  Right now.  All due respect to my dear [profile] phantom_hpuff but baseball just doesn't do it for me like it used to.  Hell, even football doesn't do it for me anymore.  Perhaps its all the scandal surrounding excessive juicing in the Major Leagues.  Or perhaps its A-Rod's ridiculous salary.  For whatever reason, its just not there for me no matter the combined hotness of the younger players on the Mets.  I'd give anything to be able to see Dirk's games in Germany against Canada or against China coming up this next week.  Good luck baby!! Whooo!!
  • House needs to start. Right Now.  I'm starting to go through House withdrawal.  All these stupid rumors about House and Cameron and his leg being healed etc. just needs to be replaced with the real thing.  I really wonder if they would ever get House and Wilson together or whether or not that would just be too much for Fox at an 8pm time slot on Tuesday nights...
  • Denny Crane.  Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs.  Denny Crane. Name's on the door.  Nuff said.  This man has got to win again this year; he's just to damn brilliant not to.  I still can't believe that Spader didn't get nominated, but then again, neither did Hugh Laurie.  Bunch of crackheads on the Emmy committee, I tell you. 
  • In less than a month, I'm going to meet Denny Crane/Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.  In Chicago.  On the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek.  Holy friggen crap.  Less than a MONTH, people!!! *faints*

Ok, I think that's a pretty good update.  I may have intarweb access when I get to Philly and if so, I'll let you all know the craziness that is a convention with over 3000 postal workers attending from all over the US.  

**Random Update** HO man, Fencest breakups are really bad sometimes; it sucks worse when you're friends with them both. [profile] theevilearl, I'm sorry things are going so nuts.  Is there anything I can do?

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I'm sorry my posts have been mostly boring stuff about my move; I promise I'll be over it soon but for now, its what's going on in my life.  I still hope to put up my review of Superman, as Pirates was pretty much pure enjoyment all the way through and doesn't require any dissecting from my English Major mind.  Superman, however, surprised me on many levels.  I find myself wanting to see it again, even though months ago I was adamantly and stubbornly sticking to my plan to boycott the whole thing.  I tell you, a good director can take any unsettling idea and make it golden.  Bryan Singer, I salute you for making a great Superman flick.  I'm also terribly upset that you didn't do X3...because Superman showed me just how glorious X3 could have been, or more to the point, how glorious Jean would have been. 

No, I'm not over that yet.  No, I probably won't be ever.  That was my one chance to see my favorite X-woman/cosmic power portrayed on the screen and its gone forever.  Leaves a bitter aftertaste, that does...Anyway...

I got some more organizing done today...brought up a shelving unit that my grandfather made for me back in elementary school into my room.  Its really tremendous that I find myself using this over a decade later...There's something comforting in that, I think. Its painted white now, but it feels right to have it here again.  I've got my stereo set up and some of my figures/tschotckes (sp?) set up, including my Vash the Stampede figures, my Jack Skellington with the 13 interchangeable heads, multiple figures of Phoenix and Darth Vader and all my Catwoman figure collections.  Its definitely feeling more like home. 

My cat has been serving as a second alarm clock for me in the mornings...its actually pretty great to wake up to her meowing instead of any alarm clock.  

In fandom news, I missed watching Hugh Laurie on Inside the Actors Studio, which sucks cause I was looking forward to that for a while.  Hopefully someone will put up a copy on the intarwebs somewhere so I can hear Hugh in all of his glory say "I'm game!" when a fan asked him about having a relationship with Wilson.  Simply awesome.   Yes, we slashers do indeed rule every once in a while. 

My icon is hot.  Matthew Grey Gubler of NBCs Criminal Minds is my new geek crush.  I love this series so much...I really can't wait until the new season starts! 

OK, I'm just being paratactic now...I'll stop when I have something more interesting to say!

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Its celebratin' time, my dear friends; our beloved Hugh Laurie turns 47 today!! 

Cheers, you sexy beast; we love you!!

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Well, its been a wild couple of days! I've been spending my week back here at the ol' homestead here in MD.  I've loved seeing my family and celebrating my Gparents' 53rd wedding anniversary one day before my cousins 12th birthday!! Woot, indeed!  I also got to catch up with two of my dear friends from my undergrad days, whom I hadn't seen in my whirlwind of school-enforced anti-social um, behavior.  I almost wrote down 'anti-socialism' there, but then I thought that I wasn't trying to make a pun on capitalism there!  

Sorry, got a little verbose there.  At any rate, last night I had some of the best steak I've had in a while and drank tons of Ketel One and Lemonade.  Now, I'm not normally a Ketel One girl, but I had left my Grey Goose at home for this particular party.  Man, I had really missed being buzzed like that.  I think its been nearly 2 years since I've gotten my drink on quite like that.  I think I really needed it, really needed to chill out.  I'm still hunting for a job and trying to stay optimistic about it.  Gah, stupid money. Stupid capitalism.  Blech. Drinky winky time!

That being said, flist, if you could create a drink to perfectly represent a favorite fandom/band/comic, what would it be?  It's an odd question, I know, but I've been away from LJ for a week now, so I had to come up with some sort of strange crack!meme/question etc.  

As you all might have noticed, I've been on a House kick for a while, so I think a good drink to express that particular fandom would be a Death by Sex Shooter: 

  • 1 1/2 oz. Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. Southern Comfort
  • 1/2 oz. Amaretto
  • 1/2 oz. Sloe Gin
  • 1/2 oz. Triple Sec
  • 3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice 

    Sweet, sharp, sassy, and smooth.  Nuthin but net.  

    For the X-Men, I think there's a shooter called Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which I think its appropriate.  Get ideas here

    Alright, I'll take my crackhead self off to be productive somehow! And get all of Brinkley's cat hair off of me!!
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    For those of you Wodehouse virgins out there, my uproariously hilarious title to this post is from "Jeeves Saves the Cow Creamer" from Jeeves and Wooster, Season 1.  I've just had the good fortune to have been given this lovely DVD set by my dear Glenn for graduation.  Really funny stuff.  Its strange, but the aforementioned dialogue in my title seems to fit with what's been going on with my life.  

    Its awful, but I find myself growing solemn and pensive at the strangest moments.  Moments when I should be absurdly happy, moments like when I'm shopping for shoes, looking at books, spending time with my dear, and organizing my room.  Perhaps its all the O'Neill that I've been reading lately, but I've really felt a slow depression of spirit come upon me.  For the life of me, I really don't know why its happening but I really feel stressed.  Again, quoting Bertie "why dickens?"  My 19 year old cat is in great health, I just graduated with an MA from a great school, I've got the best friends around, my family is doing well, and I haven't yet killed my rose or my Venus flytrap!  What's my problem? 

    One big issue is that I haven't yet found a job. Again, its not something one should get discouraged about, since this is how life goes...but I had really hoped to have made a more seamless transition into the working world with the level of degree I just earned.  I've posted tons of places and am currently waiting on the University to see whether or not I'd be good for any large number of admin jobs.  I also just received my payment stubs to repay my student loans.  I haven't dared look at them yet because I don't even want to start stressing about when I've got to start paying them back and how much extra it's going to cost me each month.  I'll save that jolly task for tomorrow.  My rent is also going up in August and good lord, I know I'm running through my savings just to get by.  This isn't even considering all the other bills. Oh lord, its time for a drink. 

    It's also summer, which means that I get to start watching all these skinny little twits running around in barely-there bikini's and my defenses against societies stupid aesthetic pressures start to fracture and crumble.  Its pathetic of me, I know...and whining won't help.  The damn gym will.  Time to get back my fencing legs.  I wasn't feeling quite so bad until I saw how rounded my face looked in my graduation photos.  

    So, why am feeling like this when I should be feeling more hunky-dory?  What is it about my particular personality that seems to prevent me from really enjoying a sense of great accomplishment? Is it my foresight (i.e., my looking immediately ahead to what the next task needs to be)?  My perfectonist nature? 

    Ick, whatever.  I need a punching bag or something. 

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    Sorry if I'm cluttering up your flists with my mad posting, but tough! ;^) This stuff here is too cool not to share! 

    So, [profile] lucia_tanaka posted to  [community profile] house_wilson with an excellent website where you can create your own motivational posters!  It's really too excellent and I've already gone nuts with it. 

    Check it out: 


    Oh wow.

    May. 23rd, 2006 11:29 pm
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    Oh man, what a night!  Spoilers for tonights season finale of House are under the cut, so beware, gentle reader, if you don't want to know...

    In other news, I voted for Taylor Hicks.  Its strange but I never gave a crap about Idol until I found out that he was in the final 12.  I thought, 'Wow...there's someone who doesn't look and sound like every other B-grade pop star out there! Sweet!' I really hope he wins because a) I think he's talented and charismatic and b)I want it to be a big "F U" to all the people who said he wasn't marketable or that there was no way he'd make it this far because he was too goofy/grey/spastic/old etc.  Taylor, I'm behind you 100%.  Don't ever dye that hair of yours, baby.  Show those music execs that there's more to real music than just being another pretty face.  =^)
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    A meme taken from the journal of [personal profile] mrs_spock

    Name 10 fictional characters you'd sleep with.

    Its a surprisingly tough answer...Without further ado...

    1. Spock from Star Trek - It's true...you never forget your first love...
    2. Dr. James Wilson from House, MD - RSL sends shivers up my spine.  Too bad he's in oncology instead of another specialty that starts with an O...
    3. Superman - And by Superman, I mean the only damn one: Christopher Reeve. The only man that can wear a spitcurl and make it look hot. I miss you.
    4. Dr. Gregory House from House, MD- Scruffy, snarky, scintillating, sarcastic, sexy. 
    5. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas - yes, he's animated.  No, I don't care.  Somehow, that yearning melancholy of his sings to me...Well, that and he is royalty! ;^)  He sings, dances, and takes over other people's holidays! Genius.
    6. Agent Smith from The Matrix- Don't tell me you can't see the incredible sexual possibility in a man who can replicate himself ad infinitum...
    7. V from V for Vendetta- Musically inclined. Secret lair. Penchant for fencing and knive-throwing. Excellent Cook. Revolutionary. What's not to like?
    8. Han Solo from Star Wars - I second [personal profile] mrs_spock's comment: "I'd like to talk to him about his, um, blaster." I dunno about you, but I take my nerf herders scruffy...
    9. Batman, The Dark Knight Detective-  The Man. The Bat. The Hero. The Legend. All that dark, heroic angst just cracks my whip...
    10. Frank Langella's Dracula - If you haven't seen it, go out and rent the '79 version of Dracula.  Now. There is a reason why women would throw their panties at him when he performed 'Dracula' on the stage. 

    Honorable Mention:
    1. Vash the Stampede - Peace and LOVE!!! 
    2. Imhotep from The Mummy - Its all about the see-through loin cloth he had on in the first movie...rawr!
    3. Etienne Navarre from Ladyhawke - The Ultimate renegade hero
    4. Jareth, The Goblin King from Labyrinth - David Bowie. In Tights. Nuff said. 
    5. Wolverine - To quote Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #14: "The poster-child of mutant cool".

    Highest Distinction: 
    Erik, the Phantom of the Opera.  No explanation needed for this one, really.
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    At first, I thought I would apologize for the tunnel-visioned approach to my House fandom recently.  Then I thought better of it and decided, no, I'm quite proud of my obsession.  Regardless, thanks for bearing with me...the season is about to come to a close, and my GOD what a season finale it will be!!

    Be warned, behind yon cut there be spoilers, maytee...

    Alright, more on that later.  I've also gotta cover the season finale to NCIS and perhaps Boston Legal. Ahh, Tuesday nights...
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    Ok, so for those of us who get off on watching Stephen Fry pimpslapping Hugh over and over again, I bring you this delicious bit of comedy.  

    Yes, my dears.  That is House.  And speaking of that (sorry, its really compulsory now...bear with me...), here are some hilarious spoofs of caps from last nights episode.  Scroll down to the pics of Wilson's face.  You'll know when you see them.  I've been turning red-faced here at work with the goofiness and wanted to spread the love!

    I really should be preparing for my interview tomorrow but I'm too busy worshipping at the altar of Slapstick!

    (Wish me luck tomorrow, btw; this could be for a really good job...*fingers crossed*)
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    I love finding things like this.  It really demonstrates the power of literature to change lives. 

    Take a look.  Its a short read and its written by our beloved Hugh Laurie himself!  

    It makes me make google eyes at Hugh much like Wilson is doing in my icon...

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    Well, my pseudo-insomnia has led to many blissful hours of staying up late and guiltlessly feeding my obesssion with House. Since I've watched a zillion straight hours of this show since finals ended, I thought I'd compile a short list of things that have struck me about this incredible series and about medical life itself. 

    More later. We'll see how long my mind keeps me up tonight. I don't understand it...it has to be residual of job/money worries.  I just can't get my mind to shut off.  Argh!

    In the meantime, admire my icon.  It's tres sexay...
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    Well, its been an awesome day! I have done damn all other than go through the episodes from House Season One on DVD! Incredible stuff...I've been laughing, crying, mooning over how great House and Wilson's relationship is...For me, its gotta be up there with Kirk and Spock. Absolute crack for my soul.

    In other news, I finished up yesterday. 'Finished up what, H?' you might say...'With everything!' I would respond.

    That's right, ladies and jellyspoons (20 pts for those of you who get the reference); I finished up the last exams and requirements for my graduate school career. As cliche as it seems, it feels like I just got here yesterday. I think about what I've accomplished and more importantly, what I've learned. It feels good to have a Master's Degree...and I have to say, I think I feel a lot more pressure to actually use this damn thing. My opinions on what is considered good teaching has completely changed. I think my classmates and I have an edge...might even change lives...Now, all I need is a job...especially now considering making rent is hard enough and I'm looking at a $75 a month increase starting in August when my lease starts over. Wonderful. Makes you understand why people put themselves through the hell of Med school when you remember how much money they make...

    Hmmm, H.M., BA, MA, MD? HA, that would own. Well, maybe PhD one day...we'll see. But for right now, I'll settle for walking the Lawn on May 21st. *smile*

    In other random news, if the girls next door don't stop using that damn BoostMobile/cell phone/walkie talkie chirp, I think I'm going to go 'bird' hunting. Why people use walkie talkies instead of regular cell phones I have no idea.

    (P.S. HAHAHA, I didn't even mean to pun with my title! Just ripped it from one of my favorite Better Than Ezra songs...haha, awesome.
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    Whew! I just finished one of two exams due tomorrow! The other one is a chat that I'm going to have with my teacher for 30 minutes at our local Starbucks! Yeah, I agree; it is the best exam I've ever taken and yes, my professor is made of awesomeness.

    And...the second part of the House two-parter is on in less than half-an-hour! Yes, I'm psyched. Yes, it's probably excessive. Yes, you can go ahead and bite me now. ;^)

    Oh, and I made a new header. Whaddya think? Its simple but nice, if I may say so!
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    Well, its beautiful outside! Happy Beltane to my pagan friends out there!

    I'm officially done with classes as of 8pm tonight. I'm officially done with my job at school as of Wednesday. So many beginnings, so many endings.

    Speaking of beginnings, I just received a wedding invite from a dear friend of mine who has just graduated and is soon to be married. As my friend [livejournal.com profile] angelelegy noted, it seems like every one from my high school is just hell bent for leather on getting to the altar. I find these people on Facebook and their last names are different, they've got kids, husbands, living the American Dream. Its really strange...I'm 25 and that still seems far away for me. It seems like the next five years are the marrying/kid bearing years and all I can think is OMG! Too fast! I hear my family talking about how my cousin Bill and his 26/7 year old wife may very well be pumping out child number 2 just because its the right time to do so...getting it out of the way, so to speak. Perhaps its arrogance or narcissism on my part, but I can't help thinking of my own situation in three to five years. The Disney-addict and idealist of my youth wars with the mature feminist in me (and believe me, it can get nasty); I wonder if I'll be ready in the next few years to make that plunge.

    In other random news, last night I stayed up to watch "Three Stories". That episode of House gets me EVERY time. Hugh Laurie is incredible...when he's talking to Stacey about the pain he's feeling, the fangirl in me just wants to yank him through the TV and hold him. Hell, I think I feel that way through the entire episode. Dissolves me into tears every time. Intense, I say.

    Speaking of intense, any of you House fans out there looking forward to this weeks two-parter?! I'm beside myself with anticipation!

    Alright, time to print out one of my last papers. And find stamps for these four bills that were returned to me without postage. *steams*


    Apr. 26th, 2006 12:21 am
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    Well, as you all might have noticed, I'm experimenting with a new layout in the hopes that I may soon have a sexy header to increase the hotness factor of my journal. It took a bit, but I'm liking it so far. I'm experimenting some difficulties with my mood icon set so right now, Han and the gang have disappeared until I can figure out what's misplacing my mood icon set. I'm also not a huge fan of the background color but have yet to find a suitable substitute that is pleasant on the eyes. Any and all advice would be welcome.

    Tonight has to be my favorite night for television. For the longest time, I've railed against the evils of TV...and now...I find myself a hypocrite because Tuesday nights I am glued to Primetime. I loves me my peeps, but its getting to the point where I CANNOT be disturbed between the hours of 8pm-11pm for three very good reasons:

    1. NCIS at 8pm
    2. House at 9pm
    3. Boston Legal at 10pm.

    As my friend Cheryll would say, "Period Dot." These three shows top the list of my growing TV faves, which is followed by any and all incarnations of Law and Order. I'm sure my dear [livejournal.com profile] tideturner is sick of hearing the "dong dong" of the Law and Order bell coming from my TV, but it's my guilty pleasure when I need to detox from work and school.

    Anyone who has EVER been my roommate knows that I have an unhealthy obsession for Law and Order. Primarily, I love it for the characters; I am a devoted Munch-kin, and Jack McCoy can represent me ANYday. People may accuse L/O of being formulaic, but to me, the familiar patterns and cycles of police work and litigation are comforting. And I get to see these characters deliver justice, sometimes ol' school style. I also appreciate its emphasis on problem-solving; it puts me in an pensive frame of mind and allows me to focus even with it on in the background. NCIS takes this to a new level without a lot of the pathos that plagues CSI (especially the first one). I like me a good drama every once in a while, but all the personal character drama is turning one of my favorite shows into the worst kind of soap. Grissom's losing his hearing, Catherine's problems at home are legendary, Warwick gambles, Brass' daughter is a hooker; we all have problems, but I'm not watching the show for that kind of pathos. Well, Grissom is fine. The others just need to shut up and do their jobs.

    NCIS has humor. It has lovable, intelligent characters who are 3 dimensional but lack the whiny characters and the excessive melodrama that lots of the other shows have. They also get the job done. And Abby rocks my world. And Mark Harmon is hot. And and and.

    As for House, I'm saving that entry for another time. There are too many reasons why that show dominates primetime TV. Check out my new header for two of those reasons. Wilson and House. Awesome chemistry.

    Same for Boston Legal. The episode tonight proved why William Shatner is God and James Spader is an Archangel of the highest order. Brilliant. Both of these men grow daily in my estimation.

    So...watch this space for more aesthetic changes!


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