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So, as I feared, the first Mav's game I attend is the one that ends their winning streak.  Figures.  What can I say? Arenas played like his life depended on it and the Mavs played sloppy ball.  It was also the devils luck; the Wizards made shots that they had no business making and the Mavs couldn't hit a damn thing.  I did, however, have an incredible time at the game and got some shots of the boys.  Hopefully, I'll upload those soon. 

Bit of hilarious irony for the day?  Gil Arenas played the game of his life, making incerdible shots and scoring 38 points on his homecourt here in Washington, DC and who gets a huge photo in the front page of the Sports section in the Wash. Post? 

You guessed it: my Dirk. 

The germans have an excellent term...its called "schadenfreude"...heheheh

In other news, ZOMG Klinsmann is coming to the US!!!  Criminy, this is going to be AWFUL for me...I'm gonna wanna root for the German National Team...but that means rooting against Klinsi now!! ARGH!

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Oh man, do I have a lot to post about! I probably won't go into much depth in this posting because they're holding a committee luncheon in the break room here so I feel very sheepish posting to my blog in front of all these people.  *looks around sheepishly; continues to type furiously*

So, this weekend was hectic with a capital heck!  Friday I had my first day at work, which went very least after lunch when things picked up a bit.  I have NO idea why it was so dead in the morning, but because of the lull, I very nearly had something akin to a panic attack.  The dialogue in my head went something along the lines of, "OMG, what am I DOING here? I've got a Masters Degree in English and I'm sitting here doing nothing! I don't even have internet! Hell, I don't even have internet at home!!  I'm moving back home out of my beautiful apartment!" And so on and on.  Luckily I got really busy after 1pm so life didn't seem so desperate.  Funny how doing nothing throws you into these strange mental states...

Saturday I attended my friend Barrett and Beth's wedding and hot DAMN was it wonderful.  The ceremony was poignant, the pastor had a many great and wonderful things to say, the reception was set in a beautiful location near Mount Vernon and the party afterwards was fantastic.  There was a whole table of us from the VFC and we had an absolute blast.  It was great seeing everyone again and getting to catch up on everyone's summers.  I have a TON of pictures to upload and get out to these people so hopefully I can get internet up and running at my home within the next few days so I can get rolling on that.  Once that happens, I'll post a few choice photos up here for my flists enjoyment! =^) One of my particular favorites is one of me swing dancing with my friend Ben; I look like a friggen Revlon commercial because my hair is whipping around like mad!  Awesomeness.  I can't express how happy I am for the two of them; I forsee a beautiful life ahead of the two of them. 

Sunday I headed back to Cville to start dismantling my nest.  My gdad really wanted to get there and get home so I didn't even get a chance to spend any quality time with my beloved[profile] tideturner  , which made me terribly sad.  It wont be long before I can schedule a longer weekend though, je promets.  Unfortunately, it looks like July is just going to be a terribly nutzy time.  

Side note: Reynolds, if you're reading this, you know I love ya, baby! =^) It was awesome to see you and I have THE most excellent picture of you among the wedding photos! 

Alright, I guess that's enough for now.  Congrats to Italy on a good World Cup win; I was rooting for France the whole time, but I'm terribly disappointed in Zidane for that wholly inappropriate headbutt he did to get himself ejected.  Not a great legacy to leave behind in your last game...silly frenchies.
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Well, when I metro'ed into DC yesterday on a rainy, humid afternoon I had no idea that I would come back with a job.  That's right, ladies and gents, I am now gainfully employed!!  The interview went so well that they pretty much wanted me to come in the next day to work!  As it was, I think I got them to agree to me coming in Friday to start work.  I drove home yesterday in a state of absolute shock.  I think its still starting to settle in that I don't have to sit by the phone anymore waiting for these schmucks to get back to me.  

Now, I've got to worry about relocating, since I start work tomorrow and yet I'm still living out of an apt. in VA.  See the logistical problems here? Yeah.  So, it looks like I'll be heading out this Sunday and taking as much of my stuff that I can home to my gparents house in a couple of cars.  This isn't even considering what on earth I'm going to do with my furniture, wall hangings, etc.  Eh, what the hell, I'm just happy that I have a job and a home that I can head home to when the day is done.  

I've also got to get my gparents hooked up with internet, since they are blissfully behind on the technology curve.  Until then, my internet access is going to be sporadic at best.  Hopefully I can get that squared away soon.  

I'm going to miss my apartment.  I'm going to miss my friends and I'm going to miss Cville...its a heck of a town and honestly, I wanted a little bit more time there to enjoy the place, enjoy my friends, enjoy the apartment.  I guess life doesn't work like that.  The opportunity knocked and I had to answer it.  Either that or pass up on some of what promises to be an interesting job and some amazing benefits.  I also get to attend a convention in August up in Philly! [profile] phantom_hpuff, I'm gonna be paying your town a visit!!

In other news, Germany's loss to Italy in the Semi's broke my heart, but they still have a chance to kick Portugal's ass and take third place.  Cool.  I've also started to teach myself German, starting off with such incredibly dense and complicated phrases as "Ich möchte ein glas wasser".  =^) Yeah, I'm having too much fun. 

Either way, change is good.  Life is flux.  Right now, leben ist gut. =^)
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Well, I have to say how damn proud I am of Germany today.  Klose really came through for us when I thought that Argentina had the upper hand.  Germany 4-2 over Argentina in penalty kicks.  WOOT!!! Germany in the semifinals, probably against Italy.  Sieg!!  As if that win wasn't cool enough, I also found this great article from Sports Illustrated that essentially confirms that Jurgen Klinsmann is the man: "In a game full of drama, if not the transcendence soccer fans had hoped for, Germany's penalty-kick elimination of Argentina came down to this: Jürgen Klinsmann totally outcoached José Pekerman."  

Glenn and I went into a priority care center today to get his ankle X-rayed.  Fortunately, there were no breaks or fractures or torn ligaments to be found.  He just sprained the hell out of it but will not require a cast. *sigh of relief*

Additionally, I just saw on ESPN that the Mavs are hoping to complete negotiations of a more solid contract with Jason Terry, who is a free agent.  They also mentioned a 3-year-extension to Dirk Nowitzki's contract, which (if I remember correctly) is up in 2008. *does a happy happy dance*

I also want to take this moment to tell [profile] phantom_hpuff and [profile] celinra how much they rule.  Because they do. =^)

Finally, a meme, yanked from [profile] spikesbint

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First off, a thousand wonderful returns and birthday wishes to my dear friend [profile] theevilearl!  Happy Birthday, Lesley! You are much loved, my Shostakovich-obsessed friend! =^)

Secondly, I have to note that the Sloganizer dealio in my LJ profile said today: "Don't play with fire; play with Dirk Nowitzki". Friggen fantastic!

I also got to see France kick Spain's ass in the Round of 16 today! Brilliant! France hasn't been playing too well in this World Cup and since its Zidane's last year, I'd like to see them advance a little more.  Unfortunately, since they won, they now get to face Brazil. Sucks.  Germany v. Argentina next!! WOOT!

Aside from eating waay too many wings and having a blast at Lesley's party tonight, I was feeling uneasy.  It seems that the feeling of connectedness and productivity that I had when I was in MD evaporated like so much mist when I walked back in the doors here.  I suppose it was coming back to all the bills and rent I have to pay, whereas back in MD, I had some sense of running around DC a lot interviewing for various jobs and really feeling like I was on the brink of actually getting one.  On driving back in the torrential rain, all I could think of was how much mail I have waiting for me and how I need to get my loans consolidated in like, the next three days or else I die.  Oh, and apparently my roommate has been borrowing my DVDs without my permission, since I found my Incredibles DVD in the wrong place on my DVD stand.  

Now, with stuff like that, I normally wouldn't give a fuck.  All I ask, is that you effing ask me.  I don't care if you borrow a MILLION DVDs; I just want to know where they are.  I'm meticulous enough to know and smart enough to see a gap in my DVDs where I know one was missing.  All of a sudden, its miraculously returned? WTF? Just ask me! ARgh! It makes me feel like Spocko here when he gets 404'd! 

In other news, I haven't watched WWE in a LOOONG time but the other night I turned it on and it looked like they finally started giving the fans what they want! All of a sudden, JR has been rehired, Coach fired, Rob Van Dam has the ECW AND the WWE US Titles and Degeneration X has been reunited!!! OMG HOLY SH*T WTFBBQ!!!  Apparently, when I watch on a regular basis, they decide to crap on all of my fave wrestlers and create horrible storylines; when I stop watching, they get HHH and Shawn Michaels back together to do hilairous imitations of the McMahon's and dump horse manure on them and their dipstick Spirit Squad.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Long live DX!! 

So, we'll see how I feel tomorrow.  A good night's sleep will help.  I hate feeling like I'm riding this fine ragged line between together and unhinged...

P.S. For all of my X-Men fans out there, This is really f*cking funny.  *gigglesnort*

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First off, shouts out and high fives to [profile] robtengel for our (Germany's) great win over Sweden yesterday!! Woohoo!  Cheers to Podolski!! Now, we're on to Argentina on Friday!! 

I've actually be away from the intarwebs for a bit since I'm visiting my fam and friends here in MD.  Its been a heck of a weekend here.  I saw 9 of my high school friends on Thursday and we had SUCH a great time.  I really can't gush enough over how great it was to see them all.  We have all become such better friends after high school because we've grown into the people that we always were, if that makes any sense, and sloughed off any facades adopted in high school.  I got about an hour of sleep but it was totally worth it. 

Friday saw me in DC interviewing with a really great staffing company for about 4 hours.  Great people; very aggressive.  So aggressive that I ended up hearing from them at 5pm that day for a job interview tomorrow!, there's a big chance that I'm going to be able to get a job back here in MD, in DC.  I hate to say it, but I think that prospect excites me.  

Well, either that or the money they would offer excites me. ;^) I do have a good friend base here, my family is here, and I just found another place where I could go to class at night nearby and get certified via Johns Hopkins! Wow! 

And I've been thoroughly enjoying the World Cup.  England just finished up an uneventful game vs. Ecuador.  Thank God for Beckham and for Ashley Cole.  Otherwise, we would have gone into OT.  I do miss basketball...Perhaps they'll show footage of Dirk playing in Germany..?

So...things are colliding at warp speed...and it feels pretty good.  Its been raining the past few days...I mean, torrential downpours.

I really love the rain.
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Man, what a great match!  I just got finished watching Germany pwn Ecuador 3-0!  One of the coolest moments had to be when the entire 72,000 person-filled stadium started chanting/singing for my boy, Jurgen Klinsmann, which they used to do back when he was playing as a striker himself for the German Team.  *swells with pride*  Apparently, he has been under some criticism of late because he lives in California and spends so much time over here in the States rather than spending all of his time over in Germany coaching the German National Team.  It seems that three straight wins in their Group (which hasn't been done since 1970) has swayed the fans opinion a little...*doubly swells with pride*  Did you know that he's the second highest scorer for Germany in World Cup History (a record 11 goals)! 

OK, I'll stop now.

Game 6 is on tonight.  Part of me needs to watch it; part of me worries that I'm going to make myself sick if I do watch it.  Right now, its up in the air.  Even so, I believe in Dirk Nowitzki (Ich glaube an Dirk Nowitzki).  I''m thrilled we're back in Dallas.  Lets go boys; lets make it happen!! 

No matter what happens, I'm so damn proud of my German boys!

So, to get pumped for tonight, here are some sexay videos!! 

Kobe Bryant gets PWNED by Nowitzki!!  (Gee, Kobe...did that floor taste good, huh? Hope it did 'cause you got SERVED!!)

Dirk pwns Manu!  (Short and sweet. Sorry, Manu...Dirk stole me away from you...)

Dirk pwns...a bug?!?!  Trust me; this one is seriously giggleworthy.

Dirk wins the All Star Three Point Shoot out!! (Seriously, this is is a sexy video (the accompanying music track is easily modified for the occasion: "Shake that ass for me.  Come on, Dirk, shake that ass for me..." (hey, girl sounds like Dirk! Sorta...).  Man, this boy can SHOOT!)
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Took a meme and the HTML got all screwed up, so I just kept the important stuff. 

You scored as having Fire Powers, you are always ready to fight and have a pretty high temper, and want everything your way or the highway. And you absolutely hate losing at anything. But having these traits (and power) doesn't mean that you are bad person (unless you let yourself be). And you are always there for that special someone...=] 

Hells yeah.  

Certainly last night I was having some issues with my temper.  As my last few entries have stated, I've gotten pretty emotionally involved in the NBA finals.  I've become a huge fan of the Mavs and watching them lose last night was both frustrating and infuriating.  I mean, whoa, 24 friggen points!  Yes, I'll acquiesce to the fact that Dwayne Wade is a class-act guy and a hell of a player, but DAMN we couldn't hit a damn shot!  We had all these shots and they just didn't friggen go in!  Stupid gravity, I'm telling you.  

So, it looks like I've got to resort to drastic measures (i.e., visiting Wade's house with chloroform and duct tape right before Game 5).  *sigh* [profile] celinra, I know you're with me on the sports fanaticism; how do you get through the hard nights when nothing goes right for your team and you know you gotta suffer through another game of them on the road?  I must have been really fired up last night because my bf turned over to me and said, "Whoa, you're burning up! Are you all right?"   Apparently the arm I draped over him was hot to the touch.  See there, Dirk? See the pains I gotta go through when you lose?! It's alright, baby.  You'll get it together.  Either that or face the wrath of Avery Johnson and Mark Cuban.  *shudders*

Randomness: I'm watching the Ivory Coast vs the Netherlands in World Cup today and one of the announcers is Irish, by the name of Tommy Smyth.  I'm just dying here; I could seriously listen to that accent all day.  He's funny to boot, too!

Referring to the refs delay in yellow-carding one of the players: "It took him a long time for him to send that one, he coulda mailed it to 'em!" 

After Van Niisterooy scores: "Do I get a "told ya so" this game? I told ya!" 

"I mean, this ref needs to wake up.  I mean, you roll outta bed, yer supposed ta be awake!  Its takin' him an eternity to give out these yellow cards; I mean a full 35 seconds!  This is a disaster for the Ivory Coast!!"

Ha, Brilliant!


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