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So, Snickerspam for the day is taken from the 2003 TMNT series episode, "The Unconvincing Turtle Titan" in which three of our mutant heroes are looking at  Mikey's drawings for superhero costumes:

Raph: "What is this, the Ninjustice League?"
Don: "How about "The Shelltastic Four!"
Leo (in an adorably over the top announcer voice): "The Legion of Sewer Heroes!!"

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Wow...I'm finally home.  The train ride was nice, the stay overall was very nice, but home never looked so good.  My body is pretty achy and I'm definitely pretty scuzzy, but otherwise, I'm alright.  I made it through my first official work convention and I would have to say it was a great experience. 

Regardless, I'm glad to be home.  What I am NOT glad about is the fact that my stupid VCR decided not to tape Criminal Minds for me on Wednesday even though I had programmed it perfectly.  NOT happy.  Hopefully there will be a rerun on tonight.  

Puff was very happy to see me and put my feet to sleep last night.  What a darlin'. 

Random thoughts: don't you hate it when they start tweaking one of your favorite animated series?  For example, being the dorkus that I am, I started really getting back into the NInja Turtles on Saturday morning.  Call me nostalgic, but it was kinda neat to see a series that had such a good run in the 80's revived for the millenium.  Now, it was starting to get really dark and good when I was watching it.  I come back to it again after a few months and they've revamped the damn thing by redoing (or crapifying, really) the animation style and putting the turtles in the friggen FUTURE! WTF?!?!

And what IS it about modern animation styles being all geometric?  What ever happened to good ol' school Disney realism?!  CLEARLY Pixar understands the value of making things look realistic still! What's up with 2D animation?  I think it all started with Aladdin...that was when Disney really started going more angular in their portrayal of faces.  Nowadays you can't turn on Cartoon Network without seeing the inside of a geometry lesson in the faces of all the characters!  

Sorry for the intensity, folks, but this is something that's disturbed me for a long time now, and deserves a GIlbert Gottfriend "WTF?!" for the day. 


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