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So, this turned into an awesome night.   I was organizing my DVD's tonight and I really wanted my Gparents to watch the V speech from V for Vendetta.  They were so amazed by it that they wanted to watch the whole thing right then and there.

Now, you have to understand; my gparents are very right wing; Christian, Republican, the works.  They're really incredible people but I wasn't sure how they'd react to all the anarchy etc.  Either way, they wanted to see it and I was more than happy to oblige them.

And they absolutely loved it.  They adored the entire thing and want to see it again.  Gdad thought that Natalie Portman should have won an award for her performance and Gma said that she thought she was crazy when she thought she saw expressions in the mask.  They were as compelled by it as I was and when I sat there and discussed the matter of people dismissing the film as "a terrorist movie", my grandfather said, "Well then they clearly have no idea what the movie is about and have no desire to see the truth".

Yeah, I nearly cried. 

Damn, they rule.  They saw how much there was to the film and were very moved by it.  No matter how many times I see this film, it still has the power to move me.  And others.

So, ladies and gents; continue to spread the gospel of V...its been over a year and we're still gaining converts. 

In wrestling news, the TNA Primetime show was absolutely incredible.  They've got to expand it to two hours. 
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Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all of my V for Vendettites out there! 

I've seen tons of great posts celebrating this newly special holiday for all of us, especially this one by [personal profile] jadeblood

What else are we celebrating?  Why do you celebrate and remember the 5th of November?  

Reply here if'n you want, otherwise I'll just babble.  =^)

Tonight, I will raise my glass to V, a perfectly fictitious character who very well may have changed how I view life.  

I toast to his virtuous valor, as stalwart as the knights of old, showing all of us that chivalry should not be dead and that we should still stand up for the victims of today. 

I toast to his volition, and by extension, his vindictiveness; the power of his will led him to greatness and his desire for revenge and restitution helped him create a new world order.  

I toast to his vendetta, which directed him on the path to greatness, to becoming an idea, a legend, an untouchable and impervious icon, even in death.  He stood up against the insidious evil of (t)his world and altered the course of history.  Fiction or not, he is an inspiration to us all to not give away that last inch of ourselves, to discover that transcendant part of ourselves that is worth more than our very lives. 

I toast to his visage, the mask that we all wear either outside or within.  In an incredible turn of fate, the mask became the man, not the burnt muscles and distorted flesh that lay beneath.  In a way, he wore his soul on his sleeve, with his body being merely the husk of his greatness, to be sloughed off for the beautiful idea that was V at his very essence.   

And finally, I toast to his vaudevillian nature, whose sexiness cannot be denied even on the 1000 viewing.   As I've said before, Shakespeare + fencing + loving classical movies + poetry + jukebox dancing + roses = teh sex.   Don't even get me started on his voice, as he says of The Count of Monte Cristo, "ooohh it gets me every time".  

Here's to you, my dear V.  You are my father, my mother, my lovers, my friends, my self, my past, present, and future.  Salud.
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Man, I definitely have Cat Power in my head and V for Vendetta on the brain. I watched it again recently...God, that movie still gives me chills.  Casey even made me an mp3 of this one sexy moment where V is talking about how much he loves "The Count of Monte Cristo" where he purrs, "Ohh, it gets me every time..."


At any rate, I've been feeling under the weather physically and otherwise.  A lot of it is just me coming down from the adrenaline high of the convention.  Other stuff, I dunno.  Either way, Casey made me this for a pick-me-up...

We decided that it took a couple of times for V to come up with the name, "The Shadow Gallery"; we figured he had another few names in mind before he came up with that one.  ;^)

And speaking of awesomeness, my beloved Dirk helped his German National Team to an incredible win over Angola in THREE OVERTIMES!!!

And I quote: "HIROSHIMA (FIBA World Championship) - Dirk Nowitzki scored 47 points and grabbed 16 rebounds to lead Germany to a historic 108-103 triple overtime victory over Angola - the first time a FIBA World Championship match went to three extra sessions. Nowitzki buried a three-pointer to force the second overtime and then made two free throws to tie the game at 95-95 after two overtimes. The 7-footer then took over the third extra session, scoring 11 of Germany's 13 points."

I'm going to repeat that, because it bears repeating: THREE OVERTIMES!!  Sorry guys, but that's a Capslock moment right there.  47 points. 16 rebounds. I wonder how many FT he hit because that could be a triple double for him right there!! God, he's amazing.  I can't wait to go see him in DC!  (or at least try at any rate!)
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A meme taken from the journal of [personal profile] mrs_spock

Name 10 fictional characters you'd sleep with.

Its a surprisingly tough answer...Without further ado...

1. Spock from Star Trek - It's never forget your first love...
2. Dr. James Wilson from House, MD - RSL sends shivers up my spine.  Too bad he's in oncology instead of another specialty that starts with an O...
3. Superman - And by Superman, I mean the only damn one: Christopher Reeve. The only man that can wear a spitcurl and make it look hot. I miss you.
4. Dr. Gregory House from House, MD- Scruffy, snarky, scintillating, sarcastic, sexy. 
5. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas - yes, he's animated.  No, I don't care.  Somehow, that yearning melancholy of his sings to me...Well, that and he is royalty! ;^)  He sings, dances, and takes over other people's holidays! Genius.
6. Agent Smith from The Matrix- Don't tell me you can't see the incredible sexual possibility in a man who can replicate himself ad infinitum...
7. V from V for Vendetta- Musically inclined. Secret lair. Penchant for fencing and knive-throwing. Excellent Cook. Revolutionary. What's not to like?
8. Han Solo from Star Wars - I second [personal profile] mrs_spock's comment: "I'd like to talk to him about his, um, blaster." I dunno about you, but I take my nerf herders scruffy...
9. Batman, The Dark Knight Detective-  The Man. The Bat. The Hero. The Legend. All that dark, heroic angst just cracks my whip...
10. Frank Langella's Dracula - If you haven't seen it, go out and rent the '79 version of Dracula.  Now. There is a reason why women would throw their panties at him when he performed 'Dracula' on the stage. 

Honorable Mention:
1. Vash the Stampede - Peace and LOVE!!! 
2. Imhotep from The Mummy - Its all about the see-through loin cloth he had on in the first movie...rawr!
3. Etienne Navarre from Ladyhawke - The Ultimate renegade hero
4. Jareth, The Goblin King from Labyrinth - David Bowie. In Tights. Nuff said. 
5. Wolverine - To quote Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #14: "The poster-child of mutant cool".

Highest Distinction: 
Erik, the Phantom of the Opera.  No explanation needed for this one, really.
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So...check out my newly made icon!!


Photoshop virgin no more...=^)


And oh man I just made 'Toad in a Hole' for the first time and MAN is it GOOD!!
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OH shit. This is getting good. Real good. I think I'm onto something good with my thesis. Hmmm. Hmm...

I feel like that incredible moment in "The Hours" where Virginia Woolf calls down to her husband to say that she's got a sentence. Anticipation. Of something that could be great. Awesome.

In less exciting news, it looks like the yellowjackets are back at work hovering around my porch. I expect to find zillions of bee corpses littering my windowsill again as they rebuild their mansions inside my apt. walls. Awesome.

My cat is so damn cute. And what good taste, hanging out in my leather chair with my Leonardo ninja turtle pillow behind her. Yeah, I got MAD class. ;^)

Thought I would also put The Matrix on in the background so Hugo could talk me through my research and writing. No dice. Got sucked up in that incredible opening again and turned it off. It's still one of the best movies ever made. And still too distracting to get any work done. Damn. Oh well, at least I'm not sick of it, considering I saw it in the theatre 7+ times and countless additional times on my DVD player.

Trinity, I love you. You're still my hero. The other two movies don't exist for me, so you're still kicking butt in my mind. You go, girl.

Although my Hugo-obsession, which I'm sure you all are fed up with now, will undoubtedly make me view Agent Smith somewhat differently this time around.

More later. Hugs to all; I know we all have a lot going on.


Apr. 4th, 2006 06:05 pm
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Guess what *I* just found out (thanks to my dear friend Casey): my dear Hugo's birthday is today!!!!

That means he's a hotblooded Aries like me...RAWR!!

This is too much. One day apart!! Double birthday goodness!
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Wow, its strange. I sure don't feel 25 years old! A quarter of a century...

In one week, I'll have completed a thesis. I'll have taken two years of courses towards a Masters as well as courses in Education.

What can I say? It's been a pretty great 25 years. Due in no small part to the friends I've met along the way...

*Makes a wish and blows out her candles*

Alright, Hugo...the balls in your court...;^)

(P.S. 8000 words! WOOT! *I think I can I think I can I think I can*)
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V for Vendetta: Who are you? - updated

You are V. Your vision is virtuous and vivid. Enough with the alliteration though. You are the main character. You're the lead, but you're also everyone in the world personified. Your dream is for true freedom, to allow the world to express themselves without harm, domination or tyranny. Well done! You have big dreams, big desires, big hopes and even bigger actions.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Oh, and I'm at 7000 words (out of a possible 10-15k) on Draft #3. Awesome.
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So...perhaps I've created another phat slogan (Phat?! Damn, I'm supposed to be an English Major and I just brought that word back from the dead!? It's 1:52am. I blame that. Anyway...), but I think this will accomplish two things:

1. I will get to show off the umm, phat new icon that [profile] grand_sealink  just made of Hugo licking his predatory lips and 
2. I will get a chance to rattle on to whomever has the good grace to listen about the potent attraction of V for fangirls and boys and whomever.  

Maybe I'll come up with more later, but that works for now. =^)  
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Great. I need to concentrate. I need to think about poetry.

I didn't need to see this.  
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First off, I would like everyone to take a moment and worship my new icon.  Mad kudos and credit go to [profile] persian_dust for the animated hilarity that is V (as a chibi egg) taking out the stickish fascist government.  Genius. 

Today I turned in a seriously reworked intro to my thesis.  I had hoped to have had about 20 more pages of it written by now, but thats how the writing process goes; I practically redid it from scratch.  I used to be the speediest of writers; unfortunately, this isn't just any old project that I can bullshit on my way to class and have it be a work of art.  I really want to be proud of this.  I think I'm onto something with my topic and I only hope that I don't reveal too many inconsistancies in my argument as I work my way through my literary evidence.  I could really use one more semester.  Alas, I have about a month instead.  It is comforting to know that so many of my compadres in the department are in the same boat; helps make me feel like less of a bonehead.  Ah well, I'm still the Ace! I can do it!!  But not until tomorrow since I'm burnt out from this weekend.  I'll attack it with fresh eyes tomorrow. 

*Top Gun music starts playing*

In other noteworthy events, I started reading part one of four graphic novels in a series called "The Sleeper".  Neat premise, actually and a fun, quick read.  I guess I should cut this in case anyone actually wants to read it. 
And back to reality.  I'm disappointed that this "Inside Man" has knocked V out of first place.  Many of us have discussed potential reasons and we seemed to agree that it boiled down to a bad opening slot (not at the movie mecca months around Summer or Winter) and the prejudice that may be keeping more people away from the movie (i.e., people that call it a "terrorist movie").  I mean, thats pretty much like calling Brokeback Mountain a "gay cowboy movie".  Reductive, dismissive, and largely inaccurate.  I have also heard tell of boneheads out there that refuse to see it because they think that its there as an anti-Bush flick. Come ON, folks!  Michael Moore is NOT the long lost brother of the Wachowski's.   Hell, its more a commentary on Thatcherian England and the political context of when it was written (back in the 80s!); whether it has pertinence today is due to the power and prescience of its subject matter and the continuing applicability of its message.  *shrug* I could go on with this rant, but I feel that many others have already done it with greater zeal and precision in the many V communities that have sprouted up since the movie's opening weekend. 

Someone also brought up a fascinating point about the attraction of V to women.  I think [personal profile] jadeblood perfectly conveyed my feelings on the subject but I may analyze this phenomenon further in another post.  If you're at all interested, check out the discussion here.

Until then, enjoy the icon.  More later.
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In the midst of all this gloriously fun V-obsession, I'm finally finding time to polish this 3rd draft of my thesis. I must say, its looking pretty darn good. I might actually be able to pull this thing off after all (she said hopefully!).
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Do you ever have these moments when something truly mundane occurs but it leaves you thinking on a more universal and psychological plane?

Well, something like that happened to me yesterday afternoon in my education school class. We were all sitting around doing our thing preparing for a pop quiz and all of a sudden it went pitch black. I mean *pitch* black. I've been around when lights have gone out, but until you experience it in a classroom with closed doors and no windows, you ain't seen nuthin yet. It was strangely unnerving and many of the girls let out a shocked squeal, including this nice girl next to me. She freaked and grabbed for my arm; wanting to give some comfort, I grabbed her arm back. Blind and for the moment a little freaked out and confused, we sat there with our arms linked against whatever was going on (knowing this town, a gentle breeze must have ruffled the electricity wires). Moments later the generators must have kicked in and we got power to the rooms. We all sat there nervously laughing, embarrassed that we were so freaked out about everything going black in the building. It was probably nothing, but the more I thought about it, I realized that it had had a profound affect on me.

In that moment of uncertainty, of fear and confusion, another human being had reached out and grabbed on for comfort, no matter that we knew each other through a class that meets once a week. Rather than being caged in the flesh, I had this one brief moment of unity, of solidarity and connection with someone relatively unknown. I've never suffered with a large group through a crisis before (not that this was one, mind you..but bear with my metaphors here) and never understood the power of connection between strangers against an unknown assailant. I'm at pains to describe how I felt, knowing that there was someone out there that looked to me for strength, that I could in turn, return comfort and provide the sought strength. I have always loved being of help or support to others; hell, I think I'm probably the queen of giving unasked-for advice. This time, in this brief moment of innocuous darkness, I think I understood how we can become one as human beings, independent of gender, race, etc. even as strangers. In the same breath, I also recognized how isolated we all are in this world.

Naturally, every action has its equal and opposite reaction. Metaphorically speaking, I suppose I had a moment of discovering a burden that I didn't know existed until I felt it removed. We truly go through lives trapped in the cage of the flesh, looking away from people on the street in fear rather than smiling at them. I found that I missed that feeling of connection when it was gone. Strange it feels to miss the world being dark for a moment. Strange to have a moment of clarity and universal wisdom in a room black as tar.

Perhaps I should blame this bit of cerebral verbage on my current obsession with V. In all honesty, my experience reminds me a great deal of Valerie's note to V:

"I don't know who you are. Or whether you're a man or a woman. I may never see you or cry with you or get drunk with you. But I love you. I hope that you escape this place. I hope that the world turns and that things get better, and that one day people have roses again. I wish I could kiss you. ..."
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I received an email from one of my dearest (and oldest!) friends this morning. It went thusly:


I reveal last night's valourous venture in visiting the videomat was in vain. I vacillated, finally voting not to vitiate my duties, vis a vis my verbal vocation. I value the vigor with which you vouched for V for Vendetta, yet my verdict prevailed valiantly toward the validity of my work. Verily, the verisimilitude of this vent should vocalize its own voice. Voila.


What can I say but BRILLIANT!! The V-fever is catching on...Should we call it V-ver?

Whatever it is, I got a V-ver...and the only prescription is more Vendetta!!
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(Credit to sabotabby for the clever title, btw)

ARGH, I used to be such a fast writer!! This project feels like its limping along and I KNOW I have things to say. *sigh* It is coming along, much better than before, but I still feel like I haven't yet touched the meat of my thesis yet. In this project I really have to provide a suitable context and introduction. It's all very interesting, but I'm a little sick of the material. I have a ways to go before I start hacking up the actual poems and I'm dying to get there.

I'm sure I'd be writing faster if a certain someone was cooking me breakfast..

Speaking of my favorite obsession, I've been loving the excellent analysis this movie has provoked thus far. Whether people are upset at the omissions from the comic or whether they're writhing in V's sex appeal, this movie is making people *think* and discuss and promote the freedom of expression and ideas, questioning V's government, the notion of anarchy, the responsibilities of the citizen, the motives of the man V or the idea of V.

Isn't this what V was all about?

I don't know about you all but I'm loving every second of it.

Vive la revolution. England prevails.
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I have to say, I'm so thrilled to have found so many fellow V-worshippers out there. Both the movie and the GN are very worthy of discussion. I forsee many hours of delightful discussion and procrastination ahead.

V is for Victory!!

And a whole bunch of other things too...

Warning: The following speech may possibly make you squee, flail, or orgasm. Consider yourself warned. )

Hotness. Utter hotness.
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I just got back from seeing V for Vendetta. Again. As I told Casey earlier today, I felt absolutely COMPELLED to go see it again. It was as if the soul of Hugo Weaving had grabbed hold of me and threw me into my car and drove me to the theatre. Seriously.

This time, I was even more overwhelmed than the first time. Any good movie should be seen at least twice in the theatres; you miss so much the first time. The second time around I really got to concentrate on the parts I missed and sat the heck back for the parts I enjoyed.

And now...I have this sudden urge to go out and buy hundreds of boxes of dominoes....and to go conduct the 1812 overture on a rooftop...

Good thing I'm not a chemist...
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"...the gunpower treason and plot..."

So...needless to say, I saw a 10pm screening of V for Vendetta last night and right now, I'm flipping obsessed with it. Hugo Weaving is absolutely electric. Hell, even in a mask that man can act better than most of the young brats on our TV screens. *shivers in ecstacy* Whooo. Do it again.

For spoiler's sake, I had better put the rest of my thoughts under a cut.

Ideas are Bulletproof )


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