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For those of you who haven't seen it, quite possibly the funniest 6:20 you'll see this year.

Seriously, watch it.  I had tears in my eyes.

phoenixastraea: (Default) my dear friend Casey, one of my best buds for going on 12 + years.  Have the best day possible, my dear!!  *hugs from afar*

In other news, House last night was awesome.  It needed more Wilson but otherwise, it was very fun.  26 is definitely my favorite, followed by plastic surgeon guy and chick #13.  I'd like the new team to be made up of 6/9 (heh heh, 69.  Kumar would approve), #13, and plastic surgeon guy (#36?) with 26 as an alternate or admin assistant. That being said, CHASE FTFW!!! Wow so great.

In other news, I'm experiencing the bad combination of a shitload of work and little motivation.  Guh.  Will do my best on catching up on work, Heroes P/CP debates, and my LJ comments today. Whew.
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...[profile] roninwraith!!!

Y'all biscuithead! His album (i.e., his birthday) drops this sursdai!!


You earn a "Ninja Cowboy" for being so cool!
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 An excerpt from a Gchat convo with my buddy Ben this morning: 

Are Greek women hot?
Ben: only if you leave them in the microwave too long
me: cymbal crash
Ben: yes, i guess were knee deep in cymbalism here
me: winces Wow.  That one was painful.  I have to quote that.

Amazing.  Simply amazing.


May. 18th, 2007 11:00 am
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One of my best buddies is in the Tenneseean talking about fulfilling his rasslin' dreams!!

Check it out!!

My icon is SO appropriate right now.  Scott? I'm so effing proud of you I could burst.  Bravo.


Mar. 25th, 2007 01:07 am
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I got me a new lappy! WOOT!

17 inch screen...HP with Vista etc...sweet.

More later.
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Behold, my lovies: I give you Casey Jones, one of my best friends from high school and beyond. 

Rock the fuck ON!

If you want to hear/read more about this Man of (over) a Hundred Voices, visit his main websites at and his blog, which is the Mental Flotsam and Jetsam link on my right sidebar there. 

Casey, I'm so damn proud of you.  Has anyone told you today that you rule?
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For once, I don't mean this facetiously!  I got on the metro today and got in the Metro Zone (i.e., passed out against the side window while listening to 80's music on my iriver) and what do I see when I open my eyes?  

Right across from me, this dude is ROCKING OUT to whatever he was listening to on his headphones!  I mean, he wasn't singing or being obnoxious, but he was clearly jamming...head bobbing and all that stuff.  

It brought THE biggest smile to my face.  After all the gloom and doom of Lidle's death and the memories of 9/11 it sparked, after all the regular stressors of the day, to go into work and watch someone rock out...really...made my day! 

Just thought I'd share!  Here's hoping that the good little things in life get you all through your days! 

Oh, and take the time to rock out in public.  Just because you can. 

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So...random updates from Philly!

Saturday night I went to an Icebreaker put on by my company for the thousands and thousands of union workers, staff, convention workers, that are in town.  Each person got 2 drink tickets (COOO-pons, for those of us Ron White enthusiasts out there!) and there was a nice live band.  I went with my friend Laurie (or rather, she dragged me to it because I really wasn't that interested in going since I would know maybe 10 people out of the 4 thousand that were going to be there.  She and I had a good time once the bar opened up and we ran into a few other coworkers, including my buddy Ron, who is SO my vision of the perfect dad.  He's got 8 kids but I wish I was the nineth because he's so damn funny and awesome.  So, Laurie, Ron, and I got out on the dance floor and were really tearing it up.  What happens next, you say? 

Fear not, gentle reader...the best is yet to come!

So, one of the members of the band that was playing came down to the floor and started handing out hats to a select few of us.  Once I saw the one they gave to me, I knew exactly what was up.  I was given an Indian headdress while my buddy Ron was given a leather cop hat...Now, when a cover band gives out one of those, you know what song they're going to do...

Yup, you guessed it.  YMCA.  So, Ron, myself, another coworker Tad, and two other guys were dragged onstage to dance, gyrate, and make general asses of ourselves.  Needless to say, it was fun and the videos on all the cameras and camera phones will be used as blackmail for years to come.  One of the Exec VPs came up to me and said, "We've got a real wild thing on our hands!"   Hehe.  Yeah.  I rule.

The backlash of that, however, came from one of the officers, who shall remain nameless, who came up to me and asked, "Oh, do we need to get you a pole?"  I was so shocked that she would say something so nasty that any hope I had for a snappy comeback was squashed.  I opted for the classy, relaxed, joking response, something along the lines of "Well, I did just come off from dancing to YMCA! I got to be a gay man for a night"  or something stupid like that.   I should have said something like, "No worries, Horse-Face; we'll just get the one out of your office!"  But then I probably would have been fired or something like that, so I let it roll off.  It still pissed me off, though.  Seriously, the bitch doesn't even know me!  Whatever.  

So, now I'm infamous.  Pretty cool, actually.  Other than that, work has been constant and the alcohol has been FLOWIN'.  These guys really know how to party!  Or, well...if not party, at least drink!

On the downside, I'm still having to search for someone to take my apartment since the last dude bailed on me.  I'll probably have to put up 25 bucks to put an ad on the net.  Whatever I've got to do to get this done, I guess.  Either way, its still an annoyance but I'm working to deal with it the best I can.  

I must remember to download Morris Day and the Time when I get back to my computer.  I do so love that song. 


Apr. 20th, 2006 08:12 pm
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Yes, I apologize for descending to that bit of internet jibbajabba in the title, but today was really gorgeous outside, I got full percentage points for a tough assignment in one of my Ed classes, I didn't have to present today in class, we got out early, I turned in one of my two applications today, and got the schmuck that parked in my reserved space in front of the English Department towed like a *&$^@. Take THAT, Mr. Acura-with-the-Illegally-Tinted-Windows!!


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