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It's really strange that its Halloween already...and that it's almost over.  It's been different for me this year.   No trick or treaters by the house...Less lights and decorated houses on my old street.  It seems to me that more people decorated when I was younger, more trick or treaters went from house to house.  Have things really gotten that dangerous?  I remember the "razor in the candy apple" scare back in the day.  The streets were still pretty dangerous.  I suppose we just don't hype Halloween or the fall holidays like we used to; we just prefer to jump right from spring into Christmas. 

Hell, jsut as I'm writing this I'm looking at a Lowe's Christmas commercial.  *sigh*

I also wish that I had my own place.  I had such hopes for celebrating the New Year...but it's very difficult with two ridiculously Christian gparents in the house questioning your every move.  *grumbles*  I'll just treat myself to Nightmare Before Christmas and save my celebrations for All Hallows Eve on Nov 7th. 

Either way, Happy Halloween to my friends out there, Happy Samhain to my pagan friends.  Trick or Treat, my friends! 

Update: Wow, I didn't realize that opening night of the NBA was tonight!  Right now, I'm enjoying watching the Suns demolish the Lakers, one of my favorite pasttimes. 

And for my baller friends out there, have you seen Nash recently?  Our beloved boy is looking WAAY to thin for my taste...

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Well, it finally feels like Halloween is upon us...Yes, it's taken me until about 2 days before the fact to get into it, but...things are just different this year.  Halloween was always something I spent with the fencers in Charlottesville.  With these tournaments being on Halloween weekend, I'm not even sure whether or not I missed the big Halloween party.  It makes me sad, because I would start planning and making costumes 6 months or so ahead of time, especially if Glenn, David, and I were going to go as our usual Trinity of Halloween excellence.  Well, yes things are terribly different this year...

The new Year is upon us, where we reflect upon the events of the year and look to let go of the frustrations, the petty annoyances, all that holds us back.  Boy howdy do I have a lot of stuff to burn up this year...We'll see how all my ritual stuff comes together, or whether or not I even have the privacy to pull it off this year.  

I was babysitting again, which was fine, although I was sad that I missed a Halloween party with my buds.  I'm making up for that, however, by going with them in about ten minutes to see The Prestige.  I'll give you all my review when I get back, if its as good as I think it will be. 

I mean, its Wolverine, Batman, and Alfred in one movie!  Sweet! 

I'll post my pic o' the day when I get back.  I think I'll make it one of the Rockers, but we'll see.

Hehe, I won't hide this one behind a cut; it's too cool to hide. 

Heh.  Shawn + Chair = OTP!!!!!! ;^)

Update: More fun interweb stuff, thanks to [personal profile] jadeblood


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