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My revelation for today will be shocking to some of you.  Shocking that its taken me this. Damn. Long. to recognize the awesomeness of this, even after repeated instruction.


I have discovered podcasts.  HP centered ones for now (art thou surpris-zed?) but man.  AWEsomeness.  *dramatic sounds of the heavenly choir to punctuate my revelation*

Speaking of HP, for those of you who are putting up with my constant fandomness, I both applaud and thank you.  The truth of the matter is, life is really quite tough right now, and the three F's (family, friendship, and fandom) are all that's getting me though the days.  My grandmother's health hasn't been good at all, my beloved cat passed away last week, and I've generally been feeling quite thoroughly depressed.  You all, my family, and my beloved Snape (and HP fandom in general) is getting me through each slogging, 105 degree heat day with some semblance of sanity.  Usually when things like this happen, I bury myself so deep in fandom that I'm sure it gets obsessive and quite possibly obnoxious.  On the other hand, this is my journal so maybe I shouldn't be apologetic for what I post here; yet, I am because you all are so lovely.  So for those of you who are putting up with me/sticking with me, thank you.  You help keep me going when I feel like I'm about to fall apart.

SO, without further ado...a very sexy Thursday Thirteen!


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:47 pm
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I promised pictures from my new digital camera, so here they are!

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Dear Universe, 

When did Nicholas Cage become so hot?  And why did you not inform me of this amazing fact before now? Plz to explain...

In other less sexy news, I'm wanting winter to be over now.  The fluffy snow is oh so pretty, but I think its starting to depress my spirit. 

EDIT: WOWOWEEWOW, check these costumes out!! I was especially impressed with Dark Phoenix, Boba Fett, and V...
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Chris Daniels and AJ Styles (TNA Wrestling Gods) in a dance-off.  

Lord Almighty this is amazing. 

In other news, UVA SPANKED Duke today 52-0!! They managed -21 yards rushing.  Yes, you heard me...that's no typo.  That's a NEGATIVE sign, beeotch!! That's called being sacked, pushed back, slammed, and OWNED!!  HOOWahh!

Ummm, what else.  OH yes, I am in love with Paul London. 

Alright, that's enough fangirling for me right now!  More later, I promise.  =^)

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OK, so I know this is the moment you geeks have all been waiting for....That's right...the moment where I get to give you pictorial evidence of the excellence of my pilgrimage to Chicago to meet two of my heros.  

So come on, my pretties!! Let's Geek out!

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So, I've been having one of those days where you're just down for no really good reason.   I think the adrenaline from the convention has finally worn off and I'm just fucking sick of being here.  I want to go home.  I want to rest and sit in my jammies and eat disgusting foods and be alone with my cat.  

Unfortunately, I still need to survive here another two full days of work.  I'm also supposed to go out to a dinner tonight with some coworkers and I really don't feel like it.  We'll see whether or not I bail because I feel sick (seriously) or whether I bite the bullet and go.  If its too far away from the hotel, fuck it. 

So...thanks to my dear friend Casey, I have been able to make it through today thanks to the genius of pictures such as this one: 

Seriously.  I need to print this out on photo quality paper and frame this shiznit on my wall.  Seriously.  

I mean, look at him.  He's a fucking GOD.   

So...if anyone else out there is having one of those days, here are a few more posters to make you smile.  Or gigglesnort, or snarf.   At least, that's what I did. 


Genius.  Pure genius.  GOD I love Star Trek: TOS.  Pure crack. 

On a side note, my friend Laurie here is now my drug dealer.  Now I just get to wait to go to Vicodinland...
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Right now, I know things aren't looking really great here towards the end of the third quarter.   I don't know why gravity has been against us, why we've been missing these shots...why we've been blocked.  Why we've been give and take with these huge leads.  Why Alonzo Mourning is suddenly the God of Shot Blocking.

A loss would be painful here in Dallas, but I want you to know that I'm with you all the way.  I'm proud of you.  You've played a hell of a game and you've still got a good quarter left.  Thank you for a great series, for getting us to this place.  For converting this basketball fan from San Antonio to Dallas.  I think its where I'm supposed to be...and not just because Ginobili cut his hair.  Not because loyalties can so easily flip flop from one thing to the next. It feels great to support this team.  To see you all at this place, no matter how sick to my stomach these past 5 games have left me.  No matter the stress, no matter the pain I felt after the close loss in Game 3 and the disaster of Game 4.  No matter how Muhammed Ali I went on my sofa cushions when you lost in Game 5.  

No matter what, it feels great to root for you all.  I wish I was in Dallas right now.  I feel like I'm in Dallas right now cause I feel right with you all.   No matter what happens in this game, I know that you're the better team.  People can keep talking about Wade like he's Heir to the Air (no one is) and Shaq can keep talking BS like he's Superman (despite the fact that Superman wouldn't have such a sucky percentage at the free throw line); let them talk. 

We know the truth.  You're a superstar in every sense of the word.  Make no mistake; you have greatness within and without and I believe your destiny does lie in the Hall of Fame.   You're a hero not only in one country but in two.  Considering I drive a German car, root for German soccer and wanted to learn to speak German before I was forced to learn French instead, it makes sense that my basketball star would hail from Deutschland as well.  

Right now, its tied up with under six minutes left to play.  Wow.  Its been a hell of a series.  I could have done with less excitement, but it just shows how great both teams keep coming back from 10 and 12 point deficits.  Your team has fought like hell right beside you.  Keep on fighting; its what you do.

Für besser oder für schlechter, Dirk Nowitzki, du bist mein held. 

Winning or losing will not change that.

And because the motivator website is so perfect for disappointing nights like tonight, I've made a few more motivational posters in honor of my champion. 

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Well, I'm coming off of a disappointment last night when the Mavs lost their 13 point lead in the last six minutes of Finals Game 3 last night.  My beloved Dirk went 10-12 at the free throw line, which is awesome; unfortunately, one of those that he missed would have tied the team up at the last second and sent them into overtime.  He's understandably crushed but I'm sure Avery Johnson is going to kick their butts from here to Dallas to get them back into shape.  While I would have loved for a sweep, this makes for a more interesting series.  

Of course, those of you non-basketball enthusiasts are going, "Dirk who?"  "Nowitski-wha?" 

Well, my dear friend, I'm glad you asked!! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictorial evidence of Nowitzki's awesomeness.  The wait is on for Game Four...
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Yet another picture of my sexy self on the web!

So yes, this year was the Year of the Cobra!  Glenn, David and I decided that we would be villains this year; the most badass villains in 80's cartoon history.  Glenn busted his ass for several weeks on an awesome Destro mask, and David got decked out in some awesome navy dreads for Cobra Commander.  His mask and his sword cane just MADE the outfit.   As for me, the piece de resistance for my outfit was the glasses and a fencing breast protector that I spraypainted black, duct taped and glued a Cobra symbol on it.  SWEET. Also, my buddy Lesley came dressed up like an 80's rocker, so we gave her a Cobra pin and inducted her into the group as Zaranna or one of the Dreadnought members of the Cobra rock band, Cold Slither.  Shes on the web with us too! WOOT!

Our own bragging aside, my buddy Kat was also up there in first place with us for costume making; she made the BEST Harley Quinn EVER. 

More pics to come later. For now, check out the link and scroll down until you see my mug in glasses with a gun


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