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It never fails to amaze me that I can spend 2 hours at a DMV/MVA/what you will for a new license that only takes 2 minutes to make.   At least the MVA that I went to today wasn't as much like Mos Eisley as the other MVA in Maryland.  While this place wasn't a "hive of scum and villainy", I was thankful for my iPod and my book on Baudelaire by Sartre to help me drown out the squeals of hyper kids and the stank of unwashed bodies.  While I did get my license transferred over from VA (I'm mourning the loss of my lovely VA license; I'll never have a better picture!), I've got to go back after my lienholder sends my title to the MVA.  Only then can I get my new title, registration, and tags. 

*sigh* I have no idea why these places can't make it easier, but I suppose they are trying to improve things with all the e-services they're starting to offer.  On the bright side, the employees there were a ton nicer and more competent than I've dealt with in the past.  Couple that with the fact that its 15 minutes away from home and they've got a repeat client.

Lameness #1: I just saw the commercial for "Invasion".  Yet another cheap knock-off of an excellent 70's horror flick.  Seriously, no one can beat Donald Sutherland, Karen Allen, and my beloved Leonard Nimoy in that flick.  Lame. 

Lameness #2: Any commercial for Restless Legs Syndrome.  Seriously, I just saw them list "Creepy crawlies", "pins and needles" and "urge to move" as legit symptoms and now they're hocking drugs for it.  Unbelievable.  I firmly agree with Alan Shore's diatribe about America's tendency to "sell sickness".  Keep an eye out for a commercial for Mirapex and you'll know what I mean.  Apparently you're supposed to notify the doctor if you feel "an intense urge to gamble, or other sexual urges".  Fantastic! A drug that makes me want to have sex and gamble! Word up!

All lameness aside, I feel the surge in my blood that tells me autumn is coming.  I drive past my high school and I see the cheerleaders and football players gearing for the new season, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are starting to turn and fall.  I love fall.  It would take pages and pages of posts for me to list all the reasons why I love fall, but its safe to say that I never feel more alive than in fall.  My wardrobe is also far superior for fall. ;^)  Maybe its the cool weather.  Maybe its the years and years of beautiful memories of the start of school ingrained into my mind.  Its ironic that a season that is usually characterized as the harbinger of winter, a season of decay, a descent into cold weather and darker days can be the herald of so many beginnings. 

I love autumn.  I can feel it coming too. Des violons de l'automne.

Snape loves autumn too! =^)


Jun. 21st, 2007 01:06 pm
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So, this day gets promptly referred to my icon. 

Lemme 'splain: I come into work at 8:50am with one voice message and 7 emails waiting for me before my day even begins.   Oh joy of joys.  So, I sit down and sort through it.  Long story short , the office has been dead as a doornail for a month or so, and of course in the past week, we've got like, 10 projects that came in.  OK, fine.  No problem.  I've worked here for several years, that's just how this business goes.  I know that my main mantra will hold fast as it always does: "Things will get done...because they have to.".  Surprisingly simple, but it got me through 4 years of deadlines as an undergrad and 2 years of grad school.  

At any rate, things are hectic but ok until one of our VPs comes in and shows me that I've screwed up on these questionnaires that I sent out.  Yeah, so I typed those up last week when I was sick as a dog working from home and it looks like I used the wrong contract data to fill out this one form.  So...yeah, now because of my snafu, we've got to email the evaluators saying that we fouled up and that 4 out of the 5 forms coming back will have errors on it.  Yeah, great first impression to make.  Nice job, bonehead. So, I feel awful because of that but got the rest of the stuff that I needed to get done for this project finished ahead of schedule.  

Ugh.  I need a beer.  As in yesterday.  

For those of you on my flist who watch House, I also heard rumors that the ducklings are not returning next season?! WTF? Is this true?

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Shit.  That didn't help in the slightest. Goddamnit.
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You know when you have one of those days that just feels bad but you have NO idea why you're just so wound up?  Yeah, today was one of those.  I slept well, had a great night last night with one of the best cousins in the world, and as I was walking in to work today, I swear I felt like I was going know, like a serial killer.  I have no idea why I just had this Matrix-y intensity and desire just to go postal on a punching bag or something.  Who the hell knows.  Either way, I'm cooling off from whatever was doing whatever to my psyche.  Even [profile] tideturner told me that things were tense in his office, like this sort of tension is some sort of plague spreading throughout the US. 

Have you ever had one of those moments when you're getting all intense and you think of an exclamation from a movie that describes your state of mind...and while it fits, it just makes you giggle at the same time?  Yeah, I totally had one of those....My quote is from the 40 year old Virgin and its my subject header.  All I could think of was that little Indian man playing poker and screaming "This is bullshit of Bullshits!"  

And then I just started giggling like a manic.  So, whenever you're feeling down, just think "Bullshit of Bullshits!!" You'll feel better.  Trust me.

Either that, or think of Captain Jack Sparrow.  That also does the trick.  

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Ok, so I have about 9 minutes to compose this and finish eating my lunch because I just posted a bunch of shit to Craigs List and advertising my place.  I'm not terribly thrilled with my leasing complex becuase I FINALLY get in touch with them today and they tell me that this dude from Canada who was supposed to take over my place hasn't been in touch with them.  So...I'm back to square one AND I owe August rent.  Can I tell you how thrilled I am about that?  Yeah, as if it wasn't hot enough in this burg, I've got to get steamed over this grand waste of time, effort, and money.  Hopefully if I start calling them once a week they'll get off their ass.  Keep me in your thoughts on this.  

I also just found out on that Heath Ledger is going to play the Joker in the next Batman. 

Gay cowboy? Definitely.  The Joker? Not on your fucking life.  

Don't get me wrong, he was a brilliant Ennis Del Mar and definitely has some great acting chops.  That being said, I suppose I should reserve my judgment.  Even so, I don't see him as the Joker.  Then again, I have the same problem with Joker as I had with Superman; IMHO, no one (and I really mean NO ONE) will be able to top Nicholson's performance.  Seriously.  Either way, it looks like he's been cast.  

This casting is also somewhat ironic considering the rumors I heard flying around about Jake Gyllenhaal playing Harvey Dent.  WTF would that be like? 

"Brokeback Arkham"??!  Nolan, I swear to god...
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Gah, I could seriously go for a beer right now.  

Last night I got into a three hour powow with my gparents about logistics for moving.  The stress involved with this project is one of the main things that I knew would send my anxiety through the roof.  I'm attempting to get all my shit outta there by the end of the month.  I'm also trying to get in touch with this one joker who's supposed to have gotten in touch with me about taking over my lease; I'd just like to know one way or the other.  Otherwise, I've got to come up with other solutions before I pay hundreds of dollars that I don't have.  I'm heading down this Saturday to get more stuff and basically finish packing up the entirety of my apartment for the movers to come the following Saturday.  God, I had forgotten how much I hated the stress of moving.  At least I'm losing some poundage from walking, stress, and life.

Work has also been INSANE today.  Constant motion.  Work yesterday sucked because I was stupid enough to pick a pair of shoes that absolutely ravaged my feet yesterday while I was commuting.  Definitely didn't take into account the 10 blocks I walk to and from work each day when I chose this pair.  Then, on top of all of that, the Metro was totally backed up b/c its so damn hot here so I ended up standing on the entire ride home in feet that were literally bleeding from the blisters.  Blech.

I then got a call from a dear friend of mine who's going through some rollercoaster emotions/stress and spent a while on the phone with him last night.  I'm telling you, the pursuit of happiness is one frightening butterfly to chase.  If you're reading this, I hope you're doing better today. 

I can't wait until the internet is up and running at the house; this sporadic checking of email and LJ while on break at work just isn't cutting it.  I'm behind on ALL of my intarwebbing time-wasting, and emailing so those cable guys better be prompt on Monday. 

Alright, that's a pisspoor update from lil old me, but I hope to have more interesting news (and perhaps my review of Superman Returns) when I have a little bit more time.  Right now I've got to run and make a dozen phone calls and eat lunch.

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OK, so today has played out like a rollercoaster ride!  Today my coworkers took me out to a farewell luncheon at this great place called Aroma Cafe in Fontaine Research Park.  Eight of us went and had a lovely lunch; I really felt appreciated.  They ended up giving me a lovely picture frame with UVA engraved on it!  It was a really special time and perfectly capped off the year.  I then went to the Bookstore to pick up my cap, gown, and hood for the graduation festivities on Sunday. The hood looks really beautiful.  I'm confused as to why they call it a hood, since its more of a drapery down the back of the gown.  Also, its apparently university-wide policy that only the undergrads get to have tassels with the date on it! Lame! Just because we already graduated once doesn't mean that the second date doesn't mean anything! As I said, lame but I was feeling very accomplished when I walked out of there holding my third set of cap/gown wear.   

So, I'm walking to the shuttle and I watch it leave. I basically miss it by 2 minutes.  Thinking that I had only 20 mins or so to wait to the next one, I chill out and enjoy the lovely weather.  Twenty minutes go by...then thirty....then fourty...than I'm waiting an entire hour for the next shuttle because we've already gone onto the summer schedule for my apartment complex.  Awesome.  I then go by to check my mail and I find the reason why I hate checking my mail.  Its a pile of bills that I don't have the money to pay right now and a letter from the company that I literally *just* interviewed with.   I'm thinking, 'This can't be good' but I open it and its the standard rejection letter.  What's crazy about it is that the letter is dated May 9th, when I didn't even interview with them until the 15th!  ZOMGWTFBBQ?!  So I sent the chick an email asking just that...but obviously in better language.  

So...right now I'm feeling bummed, simultaneously feeling ecstatic that I'm graduating with an MA and wondering what the hell it's for if I can't get a job.  =^(
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Ok, so get this. I'm perfectly ready to head to this interview, leaving half an hour ahead of time, etc. I get into my car, totally prepared to rock this interview out when I recognize that something isn't working right. I'm pushing in the breaks but the stick won't move out of park. I try this several more times, pushing in the brake harder and harder each time, tapping it, pressing it to no avail...My car won't move out of park. Then I look at my dash and the "EPC" (or Electronic Power Control) light is on. I'm thinking, Oh shit. So, basically my car's electronic system isn't recognizing that I'm pushing in the brakes. Fucking awesome.  So, now I get to have my car towed somewhere and pay out the ass to get my beloved car fixed.  I'm telling you, car troubles are right behind computer issues when it comes to the most aggravating technological problems.

And also,
And yesterday, my bonehead self forgot to sign my federal tax forms (I self-prepared this time)...cause I'm a bonehead.  So, that returns going to be a little later in coming.

So, 1pm on Tuesday. Interview: take two.  Can you tell how thrilled I am that this is their first impression of me? I know its beyond my control and that at this point, I'm just annoyed and whining, but damn, the timing could not have been worse on this, considering that I was going to drive home late tonight for Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday (which happen to fall on the same day).  

ARGH!  Ah well, Life's annoying sometimes.  Especially when you're all dolled up in a hot suit, primped, and primed to knock them dead.  Since I won't be knocking them dead until after this weekend, I will implement my current two solutions to life's annoying problems: more House and more wine.  Preferably both together.  

And a Big Mac...because its a greased-lightnin' kinda day!!
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So, I'm liking this sponsored LJ! I get to use a mood set, I get more icons, and I have to admit, the ads aren't that bad!

I'm also putting two applications for jobs in the mail this afternoon, which feels pretty darn good! I also have to do a short 5 minute presentation this afternoon.

As outgoing and talkative as I usually am, I dont wanna. I dont know how, but somehow, she's made this more stressful than fun. It's supposed to be fun but my stupid perfectionist self can't help remembering that somehow this 5 minutes of time is like a final project. I mean, WTF! And she's allowing us to do whatever the Ef we want. So...what's the deal? What's my problem?

In all honesty, this has been such an intensely packed year filled with great projects and even greater classes, that I really feel like I just need another week off. I used the entirety of my spring break to work on my thesis, so I kinda feel that I never had a spring break at all. I then got ANOTHER break of sorts when my Education prof had HER break, but once again, I spent the entire time sitting on a couch researching and writing my thesis. No break again. I feel like I really haven't stopped, even though I sit here nightly vegging in front of the TV like a braindead zombie of pop culture, I still feel like I can't relax. Perhaps its because I still have projects coming up today and Monday for class, but I really feel like I am permanently wound up. I also have a job search to do and a lack of monies in front of me. Maybe that's doing it too.

I think I also need to start working out again. That would probably help alieve some of this stress. And a shower. Which I'm going to take now. You can start your! ;^)

(OH, and all you trek lovers, check out my suhweet icon. It owns my soul. Literally.)
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Well, its been a few days since I've been on here. I spent a great weekend at home, enjoying peace and tranquillity that I haven't felt in a while. Nothing really does that like home.

Of course, now that the thesis has been completed for now, I have to worry about a job since I'm apparently planning on sticking around for at least another year and would like to have the finances to back me up on this. The first job fell through, but I am ever hopeful that something better awaits me. I'm trying to hop on those 'somethings' right now. (For those of you with sick minds...I applaud you. I would have jumped on the innuendos as well. Good job. ;^)

I also have the rest of my classes to finish up. This may seem like a huge whine, but there are days when I am truly astonished at how 'adult' life wont let us rest for a single moment. Every time I go home, I try to recapture or rediscover the innocent joy and rapture I felt as a little girl growing up in that house. Every time, it eludes me. I try to lay down on the ground and gaze up at the cloud-filled sky, waiting for that ecstasy I felt as a child looking upon the immense possibility of the world. I can't find it. Instead, I think about how dangerous this was for me as a child, to be alone with the beautiful, wild world, where I could have been easily scooped up by predators or kidnappers. Or maybe the pesticides we use to fertilize our grass will irritate my skin. Blech.

Is this all that is left to us as adults? This sickening feeling that we'll never get back the innocence or happiness of our youth? That all that remains is knowledgable, weary, bitterness that every day holds the same stressors and same predictable events as the last?

Goddess help me, I'm going to stop now...since I'd like not to think that I'm this pessimistic about life. In fact, I am ever hopeful that I'll find Little Heather again. Until then, let the job search begin again!


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