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My revelation for today will be shocking to some of you.  Shocking that its taken me this. Damn. Long. to recognize the awesomeness of this, even after repeated instruction.


I have discovered podcasts.  HP centered ones for now (art thou surpris-zed?) but man.  AWEsomeness.  *dramatic sounds of the heavenly choir to punctuate my revelation*

Speaking of HP, for those of you who are putting up with my constant fandomness, I both applaud and thank you.  The truth of the matter is, life is really quite tough right now, and the three F's (family, friendship, and fandom) are all that's getting me though the days.  My grandmother's health hasn't been good at all, my beloved cat passed away last week, and I've generally been feeling quite thoroughly depressed.  You all, my family, and my beloved Snape (and HP fandom in general) is getting me through each slogging, 105 degree heat day with some semblance of sanity.  Usually when things like this happen, I bury myself so deep in fandom that I'm sure it gets obsessive and quite possibly obnoxious.  On the other hand, this is my journal so maybe I shouldn't be apologetic for what I post here; yet, I am because you all are so lovely.  So for those of you who are putting up with me/sticking with me, thank you.  You help keep me going when I feel like I'm about to fall apart.

SO, without further ado...a very sexy Thursday Thirteen!

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Thirteen Things that I Want to do for Myself
1. Stifle my Guilt Complex - Truly, this is what I would consider a flaw that is crippling. I refuse to let it further control my life.
2. Go into Relationships not stressed or even thinking about Marriage - I know I'm closing in on 30. I refuse to let this sabotage any potential relationships because I go into relationships with a too defined sense of purpose...and lose any sense of fun, spontaneity, or ease because I'm too worried about an end goal/result.
3. Working Out - It just needs to happen. I have long days at work and I know this would ease my stress levels.
4. Spend More Time Outside - Again, I spend 8+ hours in an office in a high rise building. I also spend over 2 hours either in a car or underground in the metro. I need more light and air in my day.
5. Watch Rome - Seriously, everyone tells me this is an awesome series. I love Ancient History so I'm looking forward to it.
6. Watch Heroes - Again, for someone who loves comic books as much as I do, it's really a sin that I haven't been able to watch this show (its on at the same time as RAW). I know, I know. I'm ashamed.
7. Visit my friends who live in other States - I miss them. I have the ability to travel and make similar arrangements at work. Nothings stopping me.
8. Travel - Maybe I should plan a road trip or a European Trip. Damn, I miss Europe.
9. Write - I really need to just find some quiet time and keep writing. Essays. Fiction. Poetry. It's something that I love and that I need to make time for in my life.
10. Watch my Wrestling DVDs - Seriously, I keep throwing my money at Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter, and Gabe Sapolsky and haven't gotten through my DVDs yet! Maybe this weekend...
11. Learn to play Chess better - I love the game, but quite frankly, I suck. Time to improve.
12. Learn Tai Chi - I think doing it after I wake up and before I go to sleep will help my stress levels. If only the internets would release their hold on me...;^)
13. Befriend our Newest Stray Cat at the Barn - We have four who are our barn cats and have recently acquired a fifth, who has clearly been put through the ringer of Life and is painfully shy. I hope to befriend him or her before the year is out. It may be a tall order, but Dorsal needs some lovin' too!


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