Jun. 21st, 2007 01:06 pm
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So, this day gets promptly referred to my icon. 

Lemme 'splain: I come into work at 8:50am with one voice message and 7 emails waiting for me before my day even begins.   Oh joy of joys.  So, I sit down and sort through it.  Long story short , the office has been dead as a doornail for a month or so, and of course in the past week, we've got like, 10 projects that came in.  OK, fine.  No problem.  I've worked here for several years, that's just how this business goes.  I know that my main mantra will hold fast as it always does: "Things will get done...because they have to.".  Surprisingly simple, but it got me through 4 years of deadlines as an undergrad and 2 years of grad school.  

At any rate, things are hectic but ok until one of our VPs comes in and shows me that I've screwed up on these questionnaires that I sent out.  Yeah, so I typed those up last week when I was sick as a dog working from home and it looks like I used the wrong contract data to fill out this one form.  So...yeah, now because of my snafu, we've got to email the evaluators saying that we fouled up and that 4 out of the 5 forms coming back will have errors on it.  Yeah, great first impression to make.  Nice job, bonehead. So, I feel awful because of that but got the rest of the stuff that I needed to get done for this project finished ahead of schedule.  

Ugh.  I need a beer.  As in yesterday.  

For those of you on my flist who watch House, I also heard rumors that the ducklings are not returning next season?! WTF? Is this true?

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So, being a technical writer for a Government subcontractor allows me to pore over countless pages filled with lots and lots of uppercase letters, seemingly strung together with very little rhyme or reason.  In any given day, I may type the following in an email:

"I was looking over the RFI for IMCS II and think that the PP quals that we should use would include RSAF, SPPN, AETC, KAFB, IBDSS, and CETS.  I'll get the PPQs to the POCs by COB today. "

Yes, ladies and jellyspoons, I actually wrote that to someone today and whats more, they understood every 'word'. 

So, that being said, I started thinking of other acronyms that I've come across.  My favorite has to be from the [profile] ghostriderfans community ([pimp]which everyone should join!![/pimp]) where [personal profile] jadeblood and [profile] kazuldragonfyre came up with an excellent acronym for Sam Elliot's character: GOPCGR which stands for

Yeah, flippin awesome I say! 

Other excellent acronyms come from these uberawesome fic ratings by [personal profile] empressive:

Ratings for Content:
NLTOYM - Not Likely To Offend Your Mother. This means the story is pretty tame, most likely a PG-13ish rating.
HSFB - Holy Smut-Fic, Batman! Another rating for extreme porn in a story.
Ratings for Oddness:
FS - Fucking Strange
RFS- Really Fucking Strange
RVFS- Really Very Fucking Strange
WTF- What The Fuck
Ratings for Fluff:
FF- Fucking Fluffy
FLS- Fluffy Like Sheep
Other Ratings:
HFS- Holy Fucking Sad
MBJC- Makes Baby Jesus Cry
YGIAGAM-- Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

LOL I have to say HSFB and MBJC are too gold for words.  I wanna write fic just so that I can use those ratings.

In other random news, I got my DX DVD/T shirt combo today along with my RVD DVD (MORE ACRONYMS!!!!11 Even HHHBK!) and the DX playing cards, which are so awesome I can't even stand it.   For anyone who's watched the DX DVD, is the "Stan" skit in there?  I didn't see it listed...
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Ok, this has been going on for quite some time now but I feel absolutely COMPELLED to make an entry about it now. 

Here's the deal: my work has been working on implementing this new info storage software that's going to bring a lot of the work that we get done by other companies in house.  Fair enough.  So, be that as it may, my office has allowed these subcontractors to come in and set up shop in the training room across from my desk.  Fair enough again.  I have no beef with this; they're nice people. 

Until they get on the phone at full volume and start yelling at their kids.  

Seriously, at least two of them, if not three out of the four start getting on the phones and reprimanding their kids for one thing or another.  This one chicks son, Hunter, apparently doesnt like to listen to her and takes her car out to go visit his girlfriend Katherine, whom apparently this chick does like. 

Do you SEE a problem with this?  Lemme 'splain; I should not know this much about their lives. I do not want to know that this guy is finding serious hardcore porn on his sons computer, or that he told his son that he doesn't mind it but that his mother would kill him if she found it.  I don't need to know that the wife has to go to the doctor so one of their kids has to take a taxi to get to ice hockey practice.  

Seriously, this shit is burned into my memory!  How much are we paying these bozos to sit around and make personal phone calls while they make shitty software?

Today's sampling: "He missed the last two periods and he better have an explanation for it...."  or "I might consider writing Dr. Greenland a note...but we need to get to the bottom of this"

WTF?!  *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*  Hey, dude-who-shall-not-be-named?  STFU and GBTW!

In other news, I just found out that a friend of mine whom I adore but had lost touch with after college works 2 blocks up from me!  I'm having lunch with him today!  Huzzah!!
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So...random updates from Philly!

Saturday night I went to an Icebreaker put on by my company for the thousands and thousands of union workers, staff, convention workers, that are in town.  Each person got 2 drink tickets (COOO-pons, for those of us Ron White enthusiasts out there!) and there was a nice live band.  I went with my friend Laurie (or rather, she dragged me to it because I really wasn't that interested in going since I would know maybe 10 people out of the 4 thousand that were going to be there.  She and I had a good time once the bar opened up and we ran into a few other coworkers, including my buddy Ron, who is SO my vision of the perfect dad.  He's got 8 kids but I wish I was the nineth because he's so damn funny and awesome.  So, Laurie, Ron, and I got out on the dance floor and were really tearing it up.  What happens next, you say? 

Fear not, gentle reader...the best is yet to come!

So, one of the members of the band that was playing came down to the floor and started handing out hats to a select few of us.  Once I saw the one they gave to me, I knew exactly what was up.  I was given an Indian headdress while my buddy Ron was given a leather cop hat...Now, when a cover band gives out one of those, you know what song they're going to do...

Yup, you guessed it.  YMCA.  So, Ron, myself, another coworker Tad, and two other guys were dragged onstage to dance, gyrate, and make general asses of ourselves.  Needless to say, it was fun and the videos on all the cameras and camera phones will be used as blackmail for years to come.  One of the Exec VPs came up to me and said, "We've got a real wild thing on our hands!"   Hehe.  Yeah.  I rule.

The backlash of that, however, came from one of the officers, who shall remain nameless, who came up to me and asked, "Oh, do we need to get you a pole?"  I was so shocked that she would say something so nasty that any hope I had for a snappy comeback was squashed.  I opted for the classy, relaxed, joking response, something along the lines of "Well, I did just come off from dancing to YMCA! I got to be a gay man for a night"  or something stupid like that.   I should have said something like, "No worries, Horse-Face; we'll just get the one out of your office!"  But then I probably would have been fired or something like that, so I let it roll off.  It still pissed me off, though.  Seriously, the bitch doesn't even know me!  Whatever.  

So, now I'm infamous.  Pretty cool, actually.  Other than that, work has been constant and the alcohol has been FLOWIN'.  These guys really know how to party!  Or, well...if not party, at least drink!

On the downside, I'm still having to search for someone to take my apartment since the last dude bailed on me.  I'll probably have to put up 25 bucks to put an ad on the net.  Whatever I've got to do to get this done, I guess.  Either way, its still an annoyance but I'm working to deal with it the best I can.  

I must remember to download Morris Day and the Time when I get back to my computer.  I do so love that song. 
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If I more badge...I'm going to go postal...


I gotta get out of here. 

Oh man. 

Gotta go.  5pm on a Sunday and I've been here since 8am.  Oh Lord.
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I just wanted to make an announcement: 

It is a Saturday evening.  I have been here since 8am.   

I'm leaving the office now at 6pm. 


One word keeps me from going desperately nuts: Overtime. 
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Ok, so work is really crazy here.  I'm also feeling somewhat sick to my stomach due to the copious amount of almonds I've been consuming, no thanks to my awesome coworker Ron.  

So, I'm heading to Philly in the middle of next week and staying until the 18th! I've never done a business trip like this before and am both excited and nervous.  I'm a small town girl (livin' in a LONELY wooooooorld....) and am indeed taking a (midnight) train going (anywheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere) to Penn Station; taking cabs and finding my way around the city could be kinda scary.  Props, btw to anyone who got the not so subtle music references in that last sentence.   I have a feeling that I'm not going to be able to update anything for arond 10 days so we'll see what stories I bring back with me.  Tension and stress is really high in the office so I'll be glad to head out today.  In good news, I ran into a coworker yesterday who offered to show me around and take me under her wing when it came to going out to dinner/getting away from things if/when we have down time.  *thumbs up*

I realized last night that I absolutely love German choral music.  Seriously.  I already knew that Italian choral music was a favorite of mine, but yeah, German choral music is awesome.  I have to remember the pieces I heard last night, but they were great.  

I also have not had the time to go out and get my superduperuberSpecialedition of V! For shame!!!

Crap, I guess I should go eat something.  Ugh, so not hungry. 


Jul. 28th, 2006 12:26 pm
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Its been a heck of a week.  Work has been crazy, I've been gearing up for the last big move on Sat and I've been physically exhausted all week.  The first three days of the week I came home from work, went upstairs and slept from 7:30-11pm, which totally screwed up my sleep schedule.  Tuesday I had planned to head out with some friends to see "A Scanner Darkly" in Bethesda, which got totally screwed up because of the damn Metro delays which put me getting OFF the Metro at 6:30pm, which was when I was going to be picked up from my house.  Thrilling.  Luckily, it seemed that I didn't miss anything more than the company of my good friends, as the movie apparently was nothing to die over.  I still need to see Clerks 2, which I hear is excellent.  I really love the actor who plays Randal, so I'll be happy to see him in a movie again. 

I also need to hear back from my apt. complex about a dude who wants to take over my place.  I'll probably give them a call later today because I need to know whether or not I need to add this back to my list of things to freak out about, which includes (as I said) moving, money, rent, etc. *shrug* What else is new?

PSA Alert: My day at work has also been filled with the most odious smells.  When I was commuting into work today, someone farted BADLY in my metro car and it stank for the rest of the ride, which for me was another good 30 minutes.  Then when I was coming up to the break room here at work, I got into an elevator which was REEKING of bad BO.  I nearly puked.  Seriously, guys.  I know its hot out there; I know that we all suffer from gas every once in a while, but please...PLEASE use a good deoderant and save your clicking and dragging for when you EXIT the Metro cars.  Thank you.   

I've also started working on a Criminal Minds fic.  I have a feeling this is going to be really tough to complete or at the very least, it will take some serious outlining.  Its such a wonderfully complex show that the characterizations are going to take some time.  I really need to get my internet up and moving so I can feel like I'm more in the fic loop.  

In other news, Dirk and the German spielers are playing Canada today in Germany, if I read correctly; good luck, boys.  I'm assuming if Canada is playing, that Nash is there too, shaved head and all.  I'm rooting for Germany, but since Nash is the man, I'll throw in some luck for Canada as well.  Is it any coincidence that those two nations are playing each other...? ;^)

I also have a dear friend of mine who has some major but good changes coming up in his life.  He asked me not to give specifics here in my LJ, so I'll simply say that I'm backing him 100% in his choices and wish him nothing but the best. 
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I fucking love interoffice mail.  The absolute laziness of it is sublime; instead of trudging up three floors, you send that shit in an envelope.  The memo is also a work of genius.  Office stuff is ridiculous.


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