phoenixastraea: (Mah Bazookah Face) MUST read this link.  Now.  No, not later, I mean right now.  It goes into glorious detail about the shitty new Miller/Lee Batman and Robin All Star Series (i.e., the series that brought you the infamous "I'm the Goddamn Batman" quote).   I only own the first two issues and stopped because honestly, they sucked.  But read this because I haven't laughed so hard at an article in a long time. 

Four Words: Dick Grayson: Age Twelve.

Seriously, check it out.

UPDATE: Here's the follow up link for the next few issues.  Seriously awful garbage.  I think Miller HAS to be doing this as a great FU to the fans, to DC, to whomever, because I KNOW he has to know that this is utter garbage. 
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OK, cats and kittens.  I'm having issues with LJ and email.  I'm signed up to receive email notifications but apparently, I'm not getting ANY of them.  Help?

UPDATE and FYI for anyone else affected:

Some Internet Service Providers block email from LiveJournal as "spam". If you are not receiving your comment notifications or other email from LiveJournal, please see Why can't I receive email from LiveJournal? for further information, and then contact your email provider. Mail to Hotmail, Windows Live/MSN, Cox, Juno, and Netzero is currently blocked; LiveJournal engineers are working to contact those providers and resolve the block.

Cute.  Real nice.  Blankers.
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OK, my lovely flist, you want weird?

I was driving home from the end of a very long week at work flicking through the radio stations when I found one of my favorite songs: Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith.  It really doesn't matter how long ago this song came out; it still rocks the house until you drop.

Anyhoo, I was jamming along, singing obnoxiously in the car when I suddenly had a "Huhbuhwhat?" moment.  One of the lyrics had inexplicably been changed (see: censored).  The original lyric went: "She had to take him down easy/and put a bullet in his braaaaaiiiiiin".  What I heard on the radio was "She had to take him down easy/And leave him in the pouring raaaaiiiiiin". 

WTF?!  Has this censored/altered version been around and I just haven't noticed?! And does anyone else find this point rather moot? I mean, the damn song is called "Janie's got a Gun".  Logic therefore dictates that, at some point in the song, THE GUN IS GOING TO BE USED!!!11.  To further add to my confusion, they can leave in the lyric that says, "He jacked a little bitty baby/The man has got to be insane!" (emphasis mine), which implies long term aggravated sexual abuse/assault, but they remove/censor the part where the child in question, now a young adult takes out her revenge?!  Now, I KNOW I have heard the original version on other rock stations; why did this one have beef with it?

Whisky Tango Foxtrot, people. 

And speaking of logic, we now return you to your regularly scheduled fangirl program.

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...stop right now and go here.  Trust me on this.  No matter what kind of day you're having, this will improve it exponentially. 

Just do it. 


Are you doing it?  What are you still doing reading this?! Go! Clicky!!!

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So, as the previous entry mentioned, I've been appalled, amazed, and baffled by the recent strain of wank that's hit the House fandom.  Of course, this bit of wank led to the reading of records of other epic wanks (like the julia_bohemian fiasco) and so on and so forth until one has sore sides from laughing and a sore neck and eyeballs from shaking your head and rolling your eyes at the idiocy and hijinx of some people.  On the plus side, in the midst of all the asshattery, much good can be found.  Crap like this usually finds a way to unite the members of the fandom, knitting them together a little tighter as they rush to defend each other and the fandom from wankers.  Fascinating and scintillating arguments, counter-arguments, flames, and beatdowns are part and parcel of the wank and well, what can I say: I love watching some ignorant, indignant, supercilious moron get verbally eviscerated by a stunning combination of logic, common sense, and potent evidence.  

And then, there's the forgiveness.  Whether you think that it's right or not to offer forgiveness or grace to a plagiarist , someone who by all appearances, seems to be a compulsive liar/attention whore/etc., I have to admit that I am both amazed and impressed by those invididuals who can and do so.  Now, if it were my work that had been stolen and reposted in such a blatent fashion, would I be able to forgive that person and hope that they could get their act together? I don't know.  I'd like to think that I would, but I don't know.  I know how absurdly angry I would be about it; with this in mind, would I be able to tell this person that she should stay in the LJ community after such a horrible violation of trust? Should she even stay? Should the mods kick her out?

I suppose I wonder what the best solution would be. This girl took 17 fics and a very well-known webcomic and reposted it on her Myspace as her own.  She then befriends said authors from whom she stole...but doesn't remove their art from her blog even after she has come to know them as "friends".  I cannot comprehend this.  It is inexcusable; she knew what she was doing was wrong, no matter how many times she evokes her unstable and depressed state.  You can't use these as excuses.  I'm sorry, but you just can't.  As [profile] savemoonyput it best in her LJ, we're all depressed, we're all on meds, we're all a bit loopy.  You don't see any of us committing a literary crime of this magnitude (so bad that it makes fandom_wank).   What's worse, she didn't take the fics down from the blog once she finally had an "in" with the community and had gained their respect as "an ace RPer".  Why on earth didn't she fix what she had done before the wank broke?  Certainly she can never be trusted again as a fic writer...but can she be forgiven?

Thoughts, oh ye wise flist (and especially, ye wise writers)?

Well, enough of that, I suppose.  Onward...because you can never have too many 



And finally, we come to teh PWNAGE!!1

So, my superawesome 13-year old cousin came over last night to hang for a bit.  She's starting to get into anime, which is pretty cool and she has good taste.  Naturally, as a relative who is more like an older sister, I have to convert her to the glories of FF, starting with Advent Children (since she's not a gamer).  So, I give her the backstory and we sit and enjoy the hell out of it.  In giving the backstory, one must touch upon Cloud's near impenetrable umm, cloud of emotasticness (yes, that was horrible.  Spank me with a 10 foot sword! ;^).  So, I do and we laugh about him being about as emo as they come in anime.  Now, for the benefit of those who have not seen Advent Children, the story of FFVII is recapped for the audience before the movie officially starts.  She introduces Sephiroth as such: "Of all SOLDIER, he was the greatest.  When he found out about all the experimentation on him as a child, he began to hate Shinra.  Eventually, he began to hate the world."

Without missing a beat, she turns to me with this look and says, "Wait, and you're saying that CLOUD'S emo?!"

*facepalm* LOLZOMGPWNT!!

(Needless to say, I'm rather proud of her. We'll prob finish watching it tonight. *beams* )

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OK, so my icon says it all. 

LOOK at this.  I posted it before I had superuberultra high res closeup photos.  


My FF ladies on the flist...what am I gonna do?!  This is better than gorgeous.  

FUCK you, Kotobukiya.  F to the U to the C and the K-U, you talented beeotches.


P.S. My previous post has 47 comments, most of them lascivious in nature.  I love you guys.

P.P.S.  More wank in the House fandom.  This time, it's about plagiarism.  MAJOR plagiarism.  We're talking around 6-10 different authors' stories plus popular webcomics from BNFs posted on a Myspace.  WOW.  Another Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment.  Seriously, this is why I don't post more of my fic.  Not that its great enough to get stolen, but still; the paranoia, anger, and indignation resulting from a theft of that kind would drive me batshit.  Screw that noise. She even responded and didn't deny that she did any of it.  Not sure whether I'm glad she's not making garbage up, or whether its even more pathetic.  Baffling, ladies and germs.  Baffling.    

P.P.P.S. A further apology/retraction from the guilty party.  Even if you're not into the House fandom, I think its a fascinating study into the nature of forgiveness, no? Or at least, the forgiveness of those people who weren't so directly affected (i.e., the majority of the authors from whom she stole are keeping mighty silent on these apology-posts of hers....).

EDIT: WOW, I love Fandom Wank.  Seriously, that site is AMAzing.  All the wank I missed/ignored even as a member of [community profile] house_wilson!! For shame!

I was also endlessly amused when I went to the Wank Archives and "Searched by Topic".  the usual stuff was there.  LOTR (Movie and RPS combined) was about 200 entries or less.  I was shocked that Star Trek only had 17 entries!!  Guess all the Trekkies embraced Roddenberry's vision.  Final Fantasy: 42 entries.  Meh, I could see it.  There's enough to argue about in there. Conan O'Brien: 3 entries (WTF?)  And then...the Holy Grail of ALL fanwank...

Harry Potter: 462 entries.

Why am I NOT surprised.
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OK guys, first things first.  What's the best WTF icon you've come across? My Kirk OMG THIS SUX is a permanent staple, but I think we all need one good WTF icon.  I'm reorganizing my userpics and am on the hunt. 

Secondly, the man in my newly created icon is astonishingly beautiful.  Revel in that.

In other, less fangirlish news, I'm feeling a lot better.  More balanced.  I've also been quite proud of the sketches I got accomplished when I was feeling crappy.  I'll post them hopefully tonight or tomorrow. 

Don't you hate it when you actually had something of note to post and now, its completely vanished from your mind?  Blah.  Fandom's more fun anyway. ;^)

Random WTF moment of the day: My buddy [profile] acebarettainformed me of this thing called a G-Shot, where you actually have your doctor inject collagen into your G-spot to enlarge it to the size of a quarter.  Apparently, someone on a forum he frequents asked how much it would cost to get that for his girlfriend/wife.

Yeah, see why I need that icon?  Now, my first reaction to this is, 'what, so you're going to ask/force your wife/girlfriend to go get a painful  procedure done (The proponents of the procedure say its not, but I guarandamntee you that it wont be all puppies and sunflowers either) just because your Love Machine runs on Windows 98?!' BTCHPLZ.   The best thing though is that this dude got TOTALLY wanked on for even positing this question.  Now, I don't usually support wank of this nature, but come on...that's just ridiculous.   Perhaps I'm just sadistic...but yeah, that opens up a whole can o' worms about your sexual skillset that you don't want dissected on a public forum.  

Thoughts on sexual augmentation? Good, bad, indifferent? 

Back to the grind.  This week has been slow so I'm sure I'll be back. 

Love to all! *mwah*


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Dear Body,

May. 8th, 2007 09:30 am
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I find it hilarious that the very day that I decide to start using my recently purchased gym membership is the day you choose to get your period.  You're really too amusing.  Seriously, you must have known I was about to start taking care of you...and by taking care of you, I mean kicking your ass back into fencing shape.

Thanks for the subterfuge!


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Ok, this has been going on for quite some time now but I feel absolutely COMPELLED to make an entry about it now. 

Here's the deal: my work has been working on implementing this new info storage software that's going to bring a lot of the work that we get done by other companies in house.  Fair enough.  So, be that as it may, my office has allowed these subcontractors to come in and set up shop in the training room across from my desk.  Fair enough again.  I have no beef with this; they're nice people. 

Until they get on the phone at full volume and start yelling at their kids.  

Seriously, at least two of them, if not three out of the four start getting on the phones and reprimanding their kids for one thing or another.  This one chicks son, Hunter, apparently doesnt like to listen to her and takes her car out to go visit his girlfriend Katherine, whom apparently this chick does like. 

Do you SEE a problem with this?  Lemme 'splain; I should not know this much about their lives. I do not want to know that this guy is finding serious hardcore porn on his sons computer, or that he told his son that he doesn't mind it but that his mother would kill him if she found it.  I don't need to know that the wife has to go to the doctor so one of their kids has to take a taxi to get to ice hockey practice.  

Seriously, this shit is burned into my memory!  How much are we paying these bozos to sit around and make personal phone calls while they make shitty software?

Today's sampling: "He missed the last two periods and he better have an explanation for it...."  or "I might consider writing Dr. Greenland a note...but we need to get to the bottom of this"

WTF?!  *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*  Hey, dude-who-shall-not-be-named?  STFU and GBTW!

In other news, I just found out that a friend of mine whom I adore but had lost touch with after college works 2 blocks up from me!  I'm having lunch with him today!  Huzzah!!
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OK, so I posted a while ago about the heinosity of being fired over text message. 

Well, ladies and jellyspoons, I got one better for you: being divorced over text. 

Yes, that is correct; text.  Britney Spears divorced Kevin Federline via text message.  Witness the trainwreck here.  

So, instead of UR FIRD LOL SUCKS 2BU, we've got LOL ZOMG UR DIVORCD! SUCKS 2BU :(

Normally, I could care less about these uber-celebrities lifestyles, but this is bad even for these two. 

Also, there's a thread on WrestleCrap about the E possibly pulling another Arquette with this K-Fed disaster.  Go ahead, call me a Cena-hater or what you will, but the title has got to go to someone who is going to give it the respect it deserves. 

My vote?  HBK.  Yes, total no brainer, but its been four years and I'm dying for him to have a title run again.  

Any other contenders in your opinion, oh dear wrassling flist? 

And it looks like they've announced the second Survivor Series Match:  Cena/Kane/Lashley/Sabu/RVD v Show/Test/MVP/Umaga/Finley.  

Now, I'm all about them actually having more than one Survivor Series match for *gasp* Survivor Series, but where the front door is the logic in THIS match?!  *bangs head on desk* 

To counteract all this insanity, I've gotta start back up with our daily dose of pic excellence. 

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So, I'm still getting over my cold.  It's been a long week, filled with stress and a fair amount of anguish.  But...I woke up this morning with the strangest feeling; I had dreamed that I had gone to a convention and met Steve Nash!! 

So...apparently, either Shatner is the MVP of the NBA, or Steve Nash is the Captain of the Enterprise.... 
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Ok, so I know this is something we all know and understand...but I just wanted to post this as a warning for all of you on my dear Flist...

Ready?  Here we go:

If you're gonna take Nyquil, do it BEFORE 10pm at night.  Otherwise, BAM! Instant hangover. 

So, gentle reader, I woke up this morning LITERALLY feeling drunk.  I remember hearing a phone ring late last night and I woke up with a crick in my back...from sleeping on the phone.  I had apparently picked it up to see what was up and fallen asleep before I could do anything about it.  I also remember my alarm going off and me fighting my way towards consciousness like Boromir with a thousand arrows in him.  I think I must have hit EVERY button on my clock before I actually opened my eyes and found the damn off button.  

Then, when I got up and went down to breakfast, I could barely move, I stuttered and stumbled my way to a few good mornings and then practically fell asleep again, dazed, confused, groggy, and incoherant.  

Yes, I'm sick, but Nyquil?  I'm sorry but there are moments whether I wonder why the US doesn't have you on its controlled substance list. 
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OK, flist.  I'm sure that anyone who has been even moderately close to a TV set in the past several days has seen at least part of the news about John Mark Karr, the supposedly confessed killer of JonBenet Ramsey.   He confessed and knew intimate details about the case.  

So...why do I feel so uneasy?  Despite the confession, the details, etc, something doesn't feel right about this.  Not like my intuition is infallible, but something just doesn't click here.  Why come forward and readily confess after 10 years of relative anonymity?  The police bungled the case so badly barely any evidence was going to stand up in court.  This guy was in Thailand...there was a chance that they'd NEVER catch him.  What sort of strange events happened to fortuitously come together to bring this man to light? 

What do you all think?  Perhaps I'm in the minority, but despite how desperately disgusting and creepy he is (apparently, he married a 13 year old and a 14 year old when he was pushing 20 and was tossed out of several schools for inappropriate behavior towards his female students), I just don't think he's the guy.  Soemthing else is at stake here. 

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So...random updates from Philly!

Saturday night I went to an Icebreaker put on by my company for the thousands and thousands of union workers, staff, convention workers, that are in town.  Each person got 2 drink tickets (COOO-pons, for those of us Ron White enthusiasts out there!) and there was a nice live band.  I went with my friend Laurie (or rather, she dragged me to it because I really wasn't that interested in going since I would know maybe 10 people out of the 4 thousand that were going to be there.  She and I had a good time once the bar opened up and we ran into a few other coworkers, including my buddy Ron, who is SO my vision of the perfect dad.  He's got 8 kids but I wish I was the nineth because he's so damn funny and awesome.  So, Laurie, Ron, and I got out on the dance floor and were really tearing it up.  What happens next, you say? 

Fear not, gentle reader...the best is yet to come!

So, one of the members of the band that was playing came down to the floor and started handing out hats to a select few of us.  Once I saw the one they gave to me, I knew exactly what was up.  I was given an Indian headdress while my buddy Ron was given a leather cop hat...Now, when a cover band gives out one of those, you know what song they're going to do...

Yup, you guessed it.  YMCA.  So, Ron, myself, another coworker Tad, and two other guys were dragged onstage to dance, gyrate, and make general asses of ourselves.  Needless to say, it was fun and the videos on all the cameras and camera phones will be used as blackmail for years to come.  One of the Exec VPs came up to me and said, "We've got a real wild thing on our hands!"   Hehe.  Yeah.  I rule.

The backlash of that, however, came from one of the officers, who shall remain nameless, who came up to me and asked, "Oh, do we need to get you a pole?"  I was so shocked that she would say something so nasty that any hope I had for a snappy comeback was squashed.  I opted for the classy, relaxed, joking response, something along the lines of "Well, I did just come off from dancing to YMCA! I got to be a gay man for a night"  or something stupid like that.   I should have said something like, "No worries, Horse-Face; we'll just get the one out of your office!"  But then I probably would have been fired or something like that, so I let it roll off.  It still pissed me off, though.  Seriously, the bitch doesn't even know me!  Whatever.  

So, now I'm infamous.  Pretty cool, actually.  Other than that, work has been constant and the alcohol has been FLOWIN'.  These guys really know how to party!  Or, well...if not party, at least drink!

On the downside, I'm still having to search for someone to take my apartment since the last dude bailed on me.  I'll probably have to put up 25 bucks to put an ad on the net.  Whatever I've got to do to get this done, I guess.  Either way, its still an annoyance but I'm working to deal with it the best I can.  

I must remember to download Morris Day and the Time when I get back to my computer.  I do so love that song. 
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If I more badge...I'm going to go postal...


I gotta get out of here. 

Oh man. 

Gotta go.  5pm on a Sunday and I've been here since 8am.  Oh Lord.
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You know when you have one of those days that just feels bad but you have NO idea why you're just so wound up?  Yeah, today was one of those.  I slept well, had a great night last night with one of the best cousins in the world, and as I was walking in to work today, I swear I felt like I was going know, like a serial killer.  I have no idea why I just had this Matrix-y intensity and desire just to go postal on a punching bag or something.  Who the hell knows.  Either way, I'm cooling off from whatever was doing whatever to my psyche.  Even [profile] tideturner told me that things were tense in his office, like this sort of tension is some sort of plague spreading throughout the US. 

Have you ever had one of those moments when you're getting all intense and you think of an exclamation from a movie that describes your state of mind...and while it fits, it just makes you giggle at the same time?  Yeah, I totally had one of those....My quote is from the 40 year old Virgin and its my subject header.  All I could think of was that little Indian man playing poker and screaming "This is bullshit of Bullshits!"  

And then I just started giggling like a manic.  So, whenever you're feeling down, just think "Bullshit of Bullshits!!" You'll feel better.  Trust me.

Either that, or think of Captain Jack Sparrow.  That also does the trick.  

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Ok, so ESPN2 is a wacky place to hang.  I just finished watching my fave team Germany beat Poland 1-0 in the World Cup (poor Poland hasn't beaten Germany in 85 years!!!).  My beloved Jurgen Klinsmann, whom I remember watching so fondly in the 1994 World Cup, is now their general manager, so I got to see him jumping up and down at their win as if he had scored the winning goal (which was a hot one!).  Nice job, Germany! They now lead their Group (or bracket, so to speak) with 2 wins, equalling 6 points.   Sehr gut!

I was screwing around online so I left it on that channel.  What do I see coming on next? Lacrosse? Sport fishing? Bocci?

Nope.  Dominoes.  Championship Dominoes, complete with commentary like this gem: ""In order to play competitive domino, your brain has to be fit."

I'm dead serious.  Now they're showing 'highlights' (I guess!) of the 2005 World Championship Domino Tournament.  No, I'm not shitting you. 

Don't they have surfing or (god forbid!) FENCING to show? Nope, only dominoes, apparently. Hell, even PING-PONG is better than this! What's next, Full-contact Scrabble?!?! 

I'm with you, Gilbert Gottfried: this is definitely the "WTF?! Moment of the Day"!
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Ok, so get this. I'm perfectly ready to head to this interview, leaving half an hour ahead of time, etc. I get into my car, totally prepared to rock this interview out when I recognize that something isn't working right. I'm pushing in the breaks but the stick won't move out of park. I try this several more times, pushing in the brake harder and harder each time, tapping it, pressing it to no avail...My car won't move out of park. Then I look at my dash and the "EPC" (or Electronic Power Control) light is on. I'm thinking, Oh shit. So, basically my car's electronic system isn't recognizing that I'm pushing in the brakes. Fucking awesome.  So, now I get to have my car towed somewhere and pay out the ass to get my beloved car fixed.  I'm telling you, car troubles are right behind computer issues when it comes to the most aggravating technological problems.

And also,
And yesterday, my bonehead self forgot to sign my federal tax forms (I self-prepared this time)...cause I'm a bonehead.  So, that returns going to be a little later in coming.

So, 1pm on Tuesday. Interview: take two.  Can you tell how thrilled I am that this is their first impression of me? I know its beyond my control and that at this point, I'm just annoyed and whining, but damn, the timing could not have been worse on this, considering that I was going to drive home late tonight for Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday (which happen to fall on the same day).  

ARGH!  Ah well, Life's annoying sometimes.  Especially when you're all dolled up in a hot suit, primped, and primed to knock them dead.  Since I won't be knocking them dead until after this weekend, I will implement my current two solutions to life's annoying problems: more House and more wine.  Preferably both together.  

And a Big Mac...because its a greased-lightnin' kinda day!!


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