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OK, so my icon says it all. 

LOOK at this.  I posted it before I had superuberultra high res closeup photos.  


My FF ladies on the flist...what am I gonna do?!  This is better than gorgeous.  

FUCK you, Kotobukiya.  F to the U to the C and the K-U, you talented beeotches.


P.S. My previous post has 47 comments, most of them lascivious in nature.  I love you guys.

P.P.S.  More wank in the House fandom.  This time, it's about plagiarism.  MAJOR plagiarism.  We're talking around 6-10 different authors' stories plus popular webcomics from BNFs posted on a Myspace.  WOW.  Another Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment.  Seriously, this is why I don't post more of my fic.  Not that its great enough to get stolen, but still; the paranoia, anger, and indignation resulting from a theft of that kind would drive me batshit.  Screw that noise. She even responded and didn't deny that she did any of it.  Not sure whether I'm glad she's not making garbage up, or whether its even more pathetic.  Baffling, ladies and germs.  Baffling.    

P.P.P.S. A further apology/retraction from the guilty party.  Even if you're not into the House fandom, I think its a fascinating study into the nature of forgiveness, no? Or at least, the forgiveness of those people who weren't so directly affected (i.e., the majority of the authors from whom she stole are keeping mighty silent on these apology-posts of hers....).

EDIT: WOW, I love Fandom Wank.  Seriously, that site is AMAzing.  All the wank I missed/ignored even as a member of [community profile] house_wilson!! For shame!

I was also endlessly amused when I went to the Wank Archives and "Searched by Topic".  the usual stuff was there.  LOTR (Movie and RPS combined) was about 200 entries or less.  I was shocked that Star Trek only had 17 entries!!  Guess all the Trekkies embraced Roddenberry's vision.  Final Fantasy: 42 entries.  Meh, I could see it.  There's enough to argue about in there. Conan O'Brien: 3 entries (WTF?)  And then...the Holy Grail of ALL fanwank...

Harry Potter: 462 entries.

Why am I NOT surprised.
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No, despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter.

Yes, I'm going to give you all a moment to absorb the immensity of that statement.   ;^)

Many of you who know me in RL, and those of you who are starting to get to know me more on here know me to be a collector of sorts.  I add the "of sorts" qualification on there because I'm very picky about what I collect.   For example, I collect many things relating to Catwoman, but it doesn't mean I collect 'em all.  Of all the zillions of statues/figures out there of my beloved Ms. Kyle, I have only a select few, including the gorgeous Catwoman Barbie, the Knightsend CW, The Long Halloween CW, and so forth.  There are tons more out there, but I'm not so compulsive as to collect just for the sake of it.   That being said, that's not to say I'm not obscenely tempted at times....Gorgeous artisans like Bowen Statues, Diamond Select, Kotobukyia, DC Direct, Master Replicas, WDCC, and so forth taunt me on a weekly basis with new and beautiful collectors items, statues, props, etc. 

Needless to say, eBay is, more often than not, my own personal apple. 

Take this for example.  It's not even out yet.  But its beautiful.  Probably one of the most gorgeous statues of my Jeannie that I've seen in a long time (and believe me, I've seen a LOT!).  I even think I like it better than the Bowen version that I've had my eye on for some time, constantly debating over whether or not my dislike of the facial sculpt can be set aside for the beauty of the motion and the actual framing of the figure itself.  I wont even go into how Bowen himself is an asshole for tormenting me not just with Phoenix, but with the Dark Phoenix variant, which may be even more beautiful than the original.

Or, perhaps of some interest to [personal profile] penumbren, this.  Something that I should have taken advantage of back in 2004 when it came out.  Of course, I was just starting my first year of two as a poor graduate student, but I regret not having this gorgeous remake.  Why Prime has Megatron with him in gun form, I'll never know, but it still reeks of awesomeness.   This is also a dilemma for me, as Soundwave has always been my favorite Decepticon.   As with the figure I mentioned above, I have had the pleasure of seeing this toy in person, as my friend Casey's brother was able to get a hold of one as a gift for a friend.  It's gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous.  *sigh*   

Oh, yeah, and I want him too.  =^)  Almost two inches long and as cute as a button. 

Collecting is a dangerous game.  Its also lucrative for the sellers.  I love sorting the fields on eBay from "Highest Price" to lowest, just to see how much some of this stuff was going for.  I saw a G1 Devastator MIB going for almost $3000.  Amazing, I tell you.  I'm glad I'm not THAT compulsive! ;^)  I dunno.  This starts stirring up the English Major in me...maybe I'll make an entry about the nature of collecting sometime soon....

Well, at least I don't collect Tribbles like Kirk does! *points to icon*


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:47 pm
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I promised pictures from my new digital camera, so here they are!

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Firstly, ya'll biscuitheads need to go watch this before mah album drops next Sursdai. 

No, seriously.  Go watch it. Now!

Next on your list for viewing pleasure is this gem of an episode from the 2003 TMNT series.  It's meet Casey Jones, and I must have watched it three times last night.  So many good parts and just...hilarity.  Fun times, good writing, excellent characterization and well, just watch. 

Favorite moments: Raph's primal yell at the beginning after he breaks, Casey's badassity, and Leo's perfection of his split kick.  Seriously, if nothing else, the split kick scene is gold. 

Edit: BLAST! I was hoping to post a youtube link to no avail.  I'll see if I can upload the clip from my DVD.  It's so choice.

Thirdly, some potential retail therapy that may be of interest to other sword/weapon afficcionnados on my flist!


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