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It's hilarious looking at my last (from what was my LJ) entry and asking about abandoning LJ for lovelier shores....WELP! Here we are! Amazing how easy it is to abandon a long-used platform when bigotry and discrimination rears its ugly head there. I guess this is legit goodbye, LJ.  You were a nice platform for many years. I hope you enjoy only having GRRM for a user these days. 

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Help RicRoll the Mets!!

This is absolutely amazing.

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For those of you who haven't seen it, quite possibly the funniest 6:20 you'll see this year.

Seriously, watch it.  I had tears in my eyes.

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Everyone reading this right now should go out and acquire a copy of Danny Elfman's solo album "So Lo".  I have been listening to it non-stop, especially "Gratitude" and "It Only Makes Me Laugh".  I worshipped him before; it has since increased in intensity.  I firmly believe that there is nothing that this man cannot do and cannot stress how awesome and fun this album is. 

More evidence of of his awesomeness, taken from Wiki: 

"After the release of Batman, Elfman reacted to comments in Keyboard Magazine wherein Micah Rubenstein conjectured that a rock musician like Elfman, not classically trained, probably didn't even write out the musical score to Batman. Speaking on behalf of "the many musicians, composers, and arrangers who lack formal education," Keyboard published an open letter by Elfman in March 1990. Elfman referred to Rubenstein's comments as a growing "musical elitism," stating he worked 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month and a half to write the Batman score, and calling Rubenstein a "dumb fuck" for supposing that Elfman didn't write down his scores: "...I actually wrote it down - I will not sit back passively and allow myself to be discredited for the work I did by an idiot who mistakenly thinks that I lazily hire people to do it for me, or that only a conservatory can produce a real film composer."[4] "


In other news, I had to take, Scooter, my 2000 Beetle, in for some diagnostics after the Engine/MIL light (or as I call it, the OMGWTFBBQ!light) went on Saturday and remained on.  So, my friendly V-Dub technician calls me up this morning and tells me that my air compressor is basically splitting in half, but that they can basically weld it back together to the tune of ~$300 rather than me buying a totally new part to the tune of ~$700+.  Yeah, I'll take what's behind Door #1 plzkthnx.  Oh well.  For an 8 year old car, I've been really proud of his performance thus far.  

I loved having Monday off to recharge.  I could honestly use ONE more day of sleep but am thankful for having the three day weekend anyway.  It gave me a chance to find some badly needed perspective, for which I am doubly thankful.

Love to all. Mwah!

P.S. For my wrasslin' fans who happened to catch RAW last night.  I love him dearly, but poor Shawn cannot WOOOO to save his life. 



Feb. 18th, 2008 11:02 am
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I hate Vista with the passion of a thousand suns.

That is all.


Feb. 9th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Music Meme!

Feb. 2nd, 2008 03:51 pm
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Yanked from everyone!

Put playlist on shuffle and answer the following questions:

Song 1: Breaking Benjamin - You
1. How did you discover this song?: I've heard it maybe once before since I DLed the album.
2. Is this a good dancing song?: Not at all.  Its quite melancholy. 
3. Have you seen this band live?: No, and I wonder how they'd be in person.  Their music is really great for moody, angry nights but I wonder how the concert atmosphere would be.


Jan. 31st, 2008 01:16 pm
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Don't you hate it when you're at work, starting to feel feverish, mildly nauseous, and just crappy in general, but the illness hasn't actually manifested enough for it to be worth an excuse to your boss? 

It also doesn't help that said boss has been working all month with a sinus infection without complaining. 

Oy.  Thank the Maker its Impact Thursday!

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 Kyped from [profile] baka_sensei:

1. Go to The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2. Go to Random quotations: The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3. Go to flickr's "explore the last seven days" Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

MY BAND"S ALBUM:  Eran: Which Way It's Coming
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So, last night I came upstairs to tell my thirteen-year-old cousin to go to bed and I noticed that she had Power Rangers: Dino Thunder on.  I said, "Oh cool, I used to watch PR all the time! Tommy the Green Ranger was the hottest thing around!" (He totally still is.  Mrawr.)

Her response: "Haha, that's funny.  Isn't he like, 40 now?"


(No, actually he's 34.  So much for not feeling like I'm getting too old for these young whippersnappers today! *laughing shrug*)
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"...Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

I shall always remember you this way, sweet Prince.

I'll remember a time when a much younger version of myself fell head over heels in love with a ruggedly handsome Celtic Prince, destined to lead his people.  I would grow to admire you as you took on fun roles like A Knights Tale and 10 Things I Hate about You and then love you even more as Ennis Del Mar and eventually, the Joker.  It wasn't easy to try to sway my allegiance to Jack Nicholson, but you could have pulled it off.

I didn't know you.  Maybe its inappropriate for me to mourn.  Yet, you were young and full of life and should have had many more years on this earth.  I think that is worth mourning that someone only 2 years my senior left this earth so young for any reason.  I choose to remember you this way. 

"I know your life on earth was troubled
And only you could know the pain
You weren't afraid to face the devil
You were no stranger to the rain

Go rest high on that mountain
Son, you work on earth is done
Go to heaven a shoutin'
Love for the Father and Son"
~Vince Gill: Go rest High on That Mountain
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LOOK at the new Enterprise from the upcoming Star Trek XI:

I think I'm getting a lil choked up.  That's just BEAUTIFUL.

Between the remastered TOS, the DS9 novel relauch, and the upcoming movie, its never been a better time to be a Trek fan.
phoenixastraea: (Mah Bazookah Face) MUST read this link.  Now.  No, not later, I mean right now.  It goes into glorious detail about the shitty new Miller/Lee Batman and Robin All Star Series (i.e., the series that brought you the infamous "I'm the Goddamn Batman" quote).   I only own the first two issues and stopped because honestly, they sucked.  But read this because I haven't laughed so hard at an article in a long time. 

Four Words: Dick Grayson: Age Twelve.

Seriously, check it out.

UPDATE: Here's the follow up link for the next few issues.  Seriously awful garbage.  I think Miller HAS to be doing this as a great FU to the fans, to DC, to whomever, because I KNOW he has to know that this is utter garbage. 
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So, when I was coming back from lunch today, I saw THE most beautiful man getting in and out of the elevator.  6'3", shaved head, muscular and dressed in an all white tracksuit.  For my rasslin' ladies, think of Tomko's build but with Angel's face.  WOW.  I told me coworker I wanted to take a bite out of him; dirty up that tracksuit a bit.  Whew.  *fans self*

Also, a fun meme from  [profile] hurrigirl

1. In a street brawl, who do you think would win Lady Jaye or the Baroness?

Ohhh, Baroness no question.  No offense to Lady Jaye or Scarlett lovers, but Baroness aka Anastasia DeCobray, was one badass chick. 

I also made a kickass Baroness for Halloween. ;^)

Yes, Cobra Commander is shilling dish soap; it's why I had to bust some caps.  My glasses were giving off glare, hence why I'm not wearing them. Wow, our costumes were awesome. Baroness doesn't take crap from ANYONE, certainly not Cobra Commander.

2. Who is your favorite comic book hero/heroine?

OH Lawd, this is really a tough one.  For men, it's easy: Batman.  Hands down.  He is beautiful in so many ways; character development, motivation, looks, achievement.  CLOSE CLOSE Second Place is Wolverine.  My Logan.  OH man, how amazing.  My brutal, intelligent, crafty, athletic, berserker rage machine.  Oh, and his eternal, angst-ridden love for Jeannie gets me every time. *Happy Sigh* Third place has to go to Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.  In many ways, Batman and Hal are alike in how powerful they are, the pain they've gone through, and how they're ('scuse the pun) the best at what they do.  They differ in that, as beautifully put in Green Lantern: Rebirth (A MUST READ), Batman uses the darkness to get his job done, manipulating fear to his whims while Hal is all about the light: the green light of courage that opposes the yellow infection aka fear, as embodied in Parallax.  

As for my lovely heroines, I'd have to say it's an even tie between Catwoman and Phoenix.  Both powerfully independent women, both prone to both good and evil behavior as well as a love/hate relationship with their identity.  For Phoenix, it's the difficulties inherent in being an avatar for an amoral Elemental/Cosmic power; for Selina, it's the conflict between the sides of good and evil and the people in her life who wish she would choose.  Even so, both women have very rich, complex personalities: it's all about the Beauty of Gray with these women.  I love them for it. 

(I've also cosplayed them as well and may do CW again for this coming Halloween.)

3. If you could have any super hero's powers, whose would you want?
Probably Phoenix's; maybe it's cheese, but hey, she's a Cosmic Force! How can you beat that? She has total molecular control over herself and her universe (and multiple universes whenever she decides to fly out and see them).  Creation, destruction, telepathy, telekinesis, flying, healing, extreme ass-kicking.  It's all there. 

4. When did you start writing?

Probably when I was in elementary school.  It started off with the usual: crappy love poems, emo journal entries, etc but then it branched off into the fandoms that I love to this day.  It was around high school where I started writing lengthy fanfics that to this day, I haven't gotten around to finishing.  Possibly becaue they need to be almost totally redone! =^)

5. And my uber-serious question: Peanut Butter - Creamy or crunchy?

Creamy.  Jif.  Shaken, not stirred.  ;^)  PEANUT BUTTAH R SRS BZNSS.
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...may it be HOT AND SPICY!!!

Curry Man wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy belated Hannukah, and Happy Yule!  Have a blessed season, my lovelies.  I love you all.

And Curry Man does too.
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...that I kinda liked Tin Man!  I LOVE Alan Cumming as Glitch the Scarecrow, and considering the Tin Man was always my favorite character, its kinda fun to see him all sexied up in this.

The "Wicked Witch" leaves a LOT to be desired but I'm a big fan of the chick playing D.G.  Judging by her last name, Deschanel, I wonder if she's the sister of Emily aka "Bones".  Anyone know? There's certainly a striking resemblance, even if they're not sisters.
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First of all, I hope all of my US friends had a delightful Thanksgiving; I'm very thankful for each and every one of you reading this right now and hope that you had wonderful times with your friends and family.  For all of my overseas friends, I just hope that you had a fantastic day! =^)

I've been so terribly busy of late.  Lots of good social times with friends and family.  I'm glad that I have today just to relax and get my room in order, since, to quote Egon, "it looks like a demilitarized zone".   I apologize if I've been bad at commenting recently; I hope to catch up on comments soon.

Next, I wanted to wish  [profile] acebaretta the best birthday possible!  I hope you had a fantastic day yesterday.  Love you lots, buddy.

[personal profile] jadeblood: I saw this and thought that you might die of squee:

[personal profile] penumbren? I hate you for introducing me to this sexy store. ;^D

I also entered myself into a Sylar fic challenge.  I got the prompt back, and I'm not terribly sure what to do with it of late.  I need to sit down and make some notes.  I think I have a bit of time, but at the same time, its my first deadlined challenge that was longer than an haiku challenge and its somewhat intimidating! =^X 

Also, does anyone have any good screenshots or pics of Jericho's return? I've been trying to save the ones off of but for some reason, its not working for me.

More later, me lovelies.  *hugs the flist*
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OH my GOD.  I have NEVER seen that man looking so radiant.  So beautiful.  WOW.

I'll admit, I got teary eyed.  It's so great to have him back.

And LOL@him shooting on Randy's boring personality and robotic voice.  GOD I missed you, Chris.

I know Chris would be proud of you right now. 
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So, I just had a once in a lifetime experience; I got to see The Menagerie from Star Trek: TOS on the big screen -- all two glorious hours of it.  It was, needless to say, an incredible experience.  Number one, the theatre was filled with fans, which was fantastic.  Before Sefton and I went in, there was a 6 year old girl with her dad entering the theatre.  That really made my heart swell.  It started off with a fantastic intro by Eugene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy's son, who was clearly so excited to bring his father's creative genius and legacy to the High Def big screen. There were fantastic interviews with the whizmasters who remastered the thing, all the way down to retouching schmutz on the actors faces!  They even remastered the sound and rerecorded the music.  Unbelievable. 

Long story short, they maintained the integrity of the original series while enhancing the space scenes through CGI and other special effects.  The result its, in a word, breathtaking.  It is the anti-Lucas, who remastered his original trilogy and IMHO, fucked it up royally.  The first DVD release was good, but when you see it side by side with the remastered version, the colors pop, the contrast and clarity are more striking, and the ship...My GOD, the ship....My glorious Enterprise...(no bloody A, B, C, or D!)...

I could go on ad nauseum about the effects but well, I thought you all would rather see for yourself.

I'm sorry; maybe I'm just a huge sap...but I can't see that ship or hear that music without getting teary-eyed. 

Oh, [personal profile] penumbren , dear friend.  We are so so terribly doomed. *multiple headdesks*
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So, my buddy Ben and I were Gchatting about Sylar's currently depowered state.  While doing so, Ben comes up with this little nugget of awesome upon relating it to fables: 

Ben: i say give it a few more episodes. 
they havent fully played out the stranded scorpion storyline.
You know the tale, right?
of the scorpion who tells the turtle:  hey hoss, i need help across the river. let me go with you.
The turtle says 'n-bomb please, you'll kill my ass dead'.
Naw hoss, i'll be good. promise.
What the eff-ever man.  fine be a bitch. hop on
halfway across, the scorpion pops a cap right in the turtle's ass
sorry  man, its my nature
and thats sylar. 

LOLZ Amazing.  Simply amazing.

In other news, I changed my email to my yahoo account.  For those of you who have responded to any of my LJ comments or posts and I have not gotten back to you, forgive me; I have no idea how long this has been going on but I promise I'll get to your comments.



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