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...may it be HOT AND SPICY!!!

Curry Man wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy belated Hannukah, and Happy Yule!  Have a blessed season, my lovelies.  I love you all.

And Curry Man does too.
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I did not need to see Kurt Angle's banana hammock.

That is all.

Oh, and I also think the reunion of XXX is stupid as shit.  From what little I've seen, TNA has started a new Olympic Sport: Shark Hurdles.
phoenixastraea: (Leo by morning) are some gifs of Daniels dancing around in his underwear. 

My reaction? 

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So, this turned into an awesome night.   I was organizing my DVD's tonight and I really wanted my Gparents to watch the V speech from V for Vendetta.  They were so amazed by it that they wanted to watch the whole thing right then and there.

Now, you have to understand; my gparents are very right wing; Christian, Republican, the works.  They're really incredible people but I wasn't sure how they'd react to all the anarchy etc.  Either way, they wanted to see it and I was more than happy to oblige them.

And they absolutely loved it.  They adored the entire thing and want to see it again.  Gdad thought that Natalie Portman should have won an award for her performance and Gma said that she thought she was crazy when she thought she saw expressions in the mask.  They were as compelled by it as I was and when I sat there and discussed the matter of people dismissing the film as "a terrorist movie", my grandfather said, "Well then they clearly have no idea what the movie is about and have no desire to see the truth".

Yeah, I nearly cried. 

Damn, they rule.  They saw how much there was to the film and were very moved by it.  No matter how many times I see this film, it still has the power to move me.  And others.

So, ladies and gents; continue to spread the gospel of V...its been over a year and we're still gaining converts. 

In wrestling news, the TNA Primetime show was absolutely incredible.  They've got to expand it to two hours. 
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Chris Daniels and AJ Styles (TNA Wrestling Gods) in a dance-off.  

Lord Almighty this is amazing. 

In other news, UVA SPANKED Duke today 52-0!! They managed -21 yards rushing.  Yes, you heard me...that's no typo.  That's a NEGATIVE sign, beeotch!! That's called being sacked, pushed back, slammed, and OWNED!!  HOOWahh!

Ummm, what else.  OH yes, I am in love with Paul London. 

Alright, that's enough fangirling for me right now!  More later, I promise.  =^)


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