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Alright my dear flist.  I have a puzzle for you all to ponder.  A snippet to analyze.

"What is Love?
The need to emerge from oneself.
Man is an animal which adores.
To adore is to sacrifice and prostitute oneself.
Thus all Love is prostitution."



May. 21st, 2006 05:15 pm
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I have officially graduated.   

Master's of Arts.   

Wow.  =^)

And to celebrate, I bring you this ecstasy of viewing pleasure.
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I love finding things like this.  It really demonstrates the power of literature to change lives. 

Take a look.  Its a short read and its written by our beloved Hugh Laurie himself!  

It makes me make google eyes at Hugh much like Wilson is doing in my icon...

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Well, its been an awesome day! I have done damn all other than go through the episodes from House Season One on DVD! Incredible stuff...I've been laughing, crying, mooning over how great House and Wilson's relationship is...For me, its gotta be up there with Kirk and Spock. Absolute crack for my soul.

In other news, I finished up yesterday. 'Finished up what, H?' you might say...'With everything!' I would respond.

That's right, ladies and jellyspoons (20 pts for those of you who get the reference); I finished up the last exams and requirements for my graduate school career. As cliche as it seems, it feels like I just got here yesterday. I think about what I've accomplished and more importantly, what I've learned. It feels good to have a Master's Degree...and I have to say, I think I feel a lot more pressure to actually use this damn thing. My opinions on what is considered good teaching has completely changed. I think my classmates and I have an edge...might even change lives...Now, all I need is a job...especially now considering making rent is hard enough and I'm looking at a $75 a month increase starting in August when my lease starts over. Wonderful. Makes you understand why people put themselves through the hell of Med school when you remember how much money they make...

Hmmm, H.M., BA, MA, MD? HA, that would own. Well, maybe PhD one day...we'll see. But for right now, I'll settle for walking the Lawn on May 21st. *smile*

In other random news, if the girls next door don't stop using that damn BoostMobile/cell phone/walkie talkie chirp, I think I'm going to go 'bird' hunting. Why people use walkie talkies instead of regular cell phones I have no idea.

(P.S. HAHAHA, I didn't even mean to pun with my title! Just ripped it from one of my favorite Better Than Ezra songs...haha, awesome.
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Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when I could quote Baudelaire again without thinking of thesis!

It's a lovely day outside and I've gotten a hell of a lot accomplished this weekend. My cat Puff was abso-friggen-lutely adorable last night and I got to do a lot of retail therapy at the huge mall in Short Pump, Richmond yesterday as a treat for a great semester. Awesome.

Now that classes are over, I hope to have more exciting posts on here. Either way, you all rule big time. Hugs to all who are going through tough times out there. Wilson here is rocking out for you.

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It's done. I got the signatures I needed back, ran to the graduate office, was told that I needed to change my margins, got pissed, slammed some doors, made the changes, reprinted all 74 pages of it, went back, got the forms, took it to the printers, spent some money to get it officially bound and turned in, turned in the receipt to the grad office again and...Done.

I'm officially going to graduate now. With a Masters Degree.


**Does a happy dance, some cartwheels, some handsprings, etc**


(P.S. See? Even Agent Smith is happy for me!!)
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Update: It should hopefully be back to me tomorrow. Whether or not I make the Monday deadline depends on the changes.

In good news for yours truly, I have a phone interview with a potential employer tomorrow. I'm somewhat nervous about it, really. I'm not quite sure about the questions they'll ask me and I've never done an interview over the phone before. All the same, it will be fun just sitting on my couch and drinking tea in my jammies during the interview! Hmm...maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all!

I'm planning getting back to writing for pleasure! What a concept! I'll probably start off with some fan-based writing for pleasure's sake before I get into anything heavy. A part of me does love scholarly writing, but after next week, I don't want to see or do any for a very long time. It's extracurricularific!!

After I get my gift card from my rental office, I'll probably head out and pick up the first season of House on DVD. I've been dying to catch the episodes I've missed now that I'm firmly entrenched in the second season! Keen. I'll also be able to pick up my dry-cleaning that's been waiting for several weeks now.

One more week. Hard to believe it!
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I did it. It's done. Finally done.

It hasn't sunken in yet that its finished. I'm starting to feel the first strains of relief and elation coming upon me but until I physically turn it in to my graduate directors box, it wont be through for me.

I really cant believe it. Its done. Wow.

48 pages of writing, 22 pages of appendix and 38 footnotes later I'm done.


To the shower. And then to a long weekend at home with nothing but me, Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, and all my other fandoms that bring me absurd amounts of joy.

Love to all who supported me through this. I seriously couldn't have done it without you.



Apr. 12th, 2006 03:28 am
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Dear Goddess ISIS, YES, a breakthrough!!!

It only took until 3:30am for it to come!!

OH, blessed be.

Come here, Inspiration, you divine slut.

Have at thee!!

**Update at 6:43am**

Wow. I think it's been years since I stayed up late enough to watch the sun come up in the morning! Too bad its overcast...


Apr. 10th, 2006 12:47 pm
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Ok, so I definitely feel woozy. My four and five day sprint of staying up 'til about 4am or 6am has finally caught up with me. I meant to get up around 9:30am and my body finally shot me outta bed at 11:15am, just enough time to miss the shuttle and get to work late. Gott in Himmel.

I have no recollection of turning off my alarm or hitting the snooze. I'm sure I did, but such memories have since been erased. I swear to God we should NOT be held responsible for our subconscious...I *wanted* to get up early...I swear I did...My mind just had other plans...

Yeah, I know that excuse wont hold up in court. So sue me.

At any rate, its a waiting game now. I also have stuff due in my other classes...we'll see if THOSE get done! Yeah, right.

At any rate, back to work, I guess.
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I'm Captain Hook. This thesis is the Alligator. I can hear it sneaking up on me, waiting to snare me.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

4.5 hours. Jesus H. Christ.

The good news is that this is getting really good. I mean, good. I'm finally feeling good about this beast. If only that damn clock would stop ticking...

**Update, with 1.5 hours to go**

Wow. I just completed some SERIOUS overhauls, and for the first time in a long time, I actually got a shiver up my spine, my stuff was so good. I might actually be proud of this thing when I finish it.

Gotta keep movin', gotta keep movin'.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.


I ended up turning it in around 7:30pm. I had just maxed out. I'm a little worried about not having enough word space left for what I need to do, but we'll see how that progresses. I took the rest of the night off (since I was up last night until 6am doing this stuff) and ended up dling LOTR screencaps for my Elrond icon-making spree that will happen as soon as all this other stuff gets completed. I have class from 7pm to 10pm tomorrow and work tomorrow and feel too stressed out to go, but I know I have to. God, I need this week to be over. < /whine>
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As I double checked my word count on my thesis tonight, I was reminded of something Samwise Gamgee said in "Fellowship of the Ring":

"This is it...If I make one step past this point, I will have gone farther than I have ever gone away from home."

I've surpassed 12k words on my thesis. I still have a ways to go, but this has definitely surpassed anything I have done in my life. It's been stressful and I'll be thrilled when its done, but its been an interesting ride and its amazing that I actually had this much to say and more.

And the road goes ever on and on...
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OH shit. This is getting good. Real good. I think I'm onto something good with my thesis. Hmmm. Hmm...

I feel like that incredible moment in "The Hours" where Virginia Woolf calls down to her husband to say that she's got a sentence. Anticipation. Of something that could be great. Awesome.

In less exciting news, it looks like the yellowjackets are back at work hovering around my porch. I expect to find zillions of bee corpses littering my windowsill again as they rebuild their mansions inside my apt. walls. Awesome.

My cat is so damn cute. And what good taste, hanging out in my leather chair with my Leonardo ninja turtle pillow behind her. Yeah, I got MAD class. ;^)

Thought I would also put The Matrix on in the background so Hugo could talk me through my research and writing. No dice. Got sucked up in that incredible opening again and turned it off. It's still one of the best movies ever made. And still too distracting to get any work done. Damn. Oh well, at least I'm not sick of it, considering I saw it in the theatre 7+ times and countless additional times on my DVD player.

Trinity, I love you. You're still my hero. The other two movies don't exist for me, so you're still kicking butt in my mind. You go, girl.

Although my Hugo-obsession, which I'm sure you all are fed up with now, will undoubtedly make me view Agent Smith somewhat differently this time around.

More later. Hugs to all; I know we all have a lot going on.
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V for Vendetta: Who are you? - updated

You are V. Your vision is virtuous and vivid. Enough with the alliteration though. You are the main character. You're the lead, but you're also everyone in the world personified. Your dream is for true freedom, to allow the world to express themselves without harm, domination or tyranny. Well done! You have big dreams, big desires, big hopes and even bigger actions.
Take this quiz!

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| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Oh, and I'm at 7000 words (out of a possible 10-15k) on Draft #3. Awesome.
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Well, I had totally forgotten that today was April Fools day until I saw that has been turned completely upside down! Very funny.

Oh, and another joke on me...I don't have a job yet, but yesterday was the last day to renew. I'm hopefully going to be able to squeak in today, but I was also hoping to save some money and move next door. No luck there, either since the girl renewed without telling any of her roommates and leading us all to think that I might be their new roommate. Lame.

Oh, and my 10 day countdown to finishing my thesis starts now. 10 days. I can do it.
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Technically, I'm at the halfway mark in the required word count for my revised thesis!! I haven't even gotten into the depths of the poems themselves, but I'm feeling good about what I've got so far, (i.e., setting up context and background for my evidence). Feeling good. It's coming slow but I'm still feeling good.

Just gotta make it to the 10th. On the 10th, somehow this will all almost be done. (I just corrected this because I thought I had until the 15th. Apparently, I do not. Fun, indeed.)

And then its the 1st. I've got this. I can do this. WOOT!

Sucks that I do my best work at like, makes for very difficult mornings. Ugh.

I'm also watching Chuck Norris kick the shit out of people on "Walker, Texas Ranger". Totally awesome. I truly believe he could kill an entire city with just his tornado kicks. Seriously.
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First off, I would like everyone to take a moment and worship my new icon.  Mad kudos and credit go to [profile] persian_dust for the animated hilarity that is V (as a chibi egg) taking out the stickish fascist government.  Genius. 

Today I turned in a seriously reworked intro to my thesis.  I had hoped to have had about 20 more pages of it written by now, but thats how the writing process goes; I practically redid it from scratch.  I used to be the speediest of writers; unfortunately, this isn't just any old project that I can bullshit on my way to class and have it be a work of art.  I really want to be proud of this.  I think I'm onto something with my topic and I only hope that I don't reveal too many inconsistancies in my argument as I work my way through my literary evidence.  I could really use one more semester.  Alas, I have about a month instead.  It is comforting to know that so many of my compadres in the department are in the same boat; helps make me feel like less of a bonehead.  Ah well, I'm still the Ace! I can do it!!  But not until tomorrow since I'm burnt out from this weekend.  I'll attack it with fresh eyes tomorrow. 

*Top Gun music starts playing*

In other noteworthy events, I started reading part one of four graphic novels in a series called "The Sleeper".  Neat premise, actually and a fun, quick read.  I guess I should cut this in case anyone actually wants to read it. 
And back to reality.  I'm disappointed that this "Inside Man" has knocked V out of first place.  Many of us have discussed potential reasons and we seemed to agree that it boiled down to a bad opening slot (not at the movie mecca months around Summer or Winter) and the prejudice that may be keeping more people away from the movie (i.e., people that call it a "terrorist movie").  I mean, thats pretty much like calling Brokeback Mountain a "gay cowboy movie".  Reductive, dismissive, and largely inaccurate.  I have also heard tell of boneheads out there that refuse to see it because they think that its there as an anti-Bush flick. Come ON, folks!  Michael Moore is NOT the long lost brother of the Wachowski's.   Hell, its more a commentary on Thatcherian England and the political context of when it was written (back in the 80s!); whether it has pertinence today is due to the power and prescience of its subject matter and the continuing applicability of its message.  *shrug* I could go on with this rant, but I feel that many others have already done it with greater zeal and precision in the many V communities that have sprouted up since the movie's opening weekend. 

Someone also brought up a fascinating point about the attraction of V to women.  I think [personal profile] jadeblood perfectly conveyed my feelings on the subject but I may analyze this phenomenon further in another post.  If you're at all interested, check out the discussion here.

Until then, enjoy the icon.  More later.
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In the midst of all this gloriously fun V-obsession, I'm finally finding time to polish this 3rd draft of my thesis. I must say, its looking pretty darn good. I might actually be able to pull this thing off after all (she said hopefully!).

Ad nauseum

Mar. 9th, 2006 11:24 am
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To quote Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride", I hate waiting.

For the most part, I think I'm a really patient person. Sitting alone with a book does not bother me. Having quiet time doesn't bother me. I am, however, bothered when I have multiple threads of life that must wait for one or more events to come to fruition before they can be tied up. Such is the case now. The past week I have done nothing but work and whine here on Livejournal and to anyone who will listen. I'm tired of doing that. Hell, I just did it again.

So, on a positive note, I'm sitting here today, finishing up the last few bits of research I think I must do before I pound out 20 pages by Tuesday. I can do it. I will do it. I must do it. I will feel better after having done it.

I also find myself daydreaming about Xmen. I blame the trailer for my current distraction. The fact that anyone dared to tackle the Phoenix Saga in a movie amazes me and therefore, I have high hopes for the movie. It may indeed turn out to be a Whedon/Claremont quickie, but I hope they make the most of it. Simply put, I admire Phoenix more than any other character due to the immense power she wields, what she must overcome to retain some continuity and unity of identity, and that she does it all for the nookie.

Just kidding on that last one. She has, however, made great sacrifices for the greater good and has retained the love of her friends through it all. The evolution of her character has been one of the greatest I think in Marvel history. She is the ultimate woman: friend, lover, mother, wife, widow, divorcee, unique (don't even mention cloning; I'm overlooking that for simplicities sake), independent, powerful, vulnerable, angry, sad, fulfilled, energized, weak, and goddess-like all in one. And men fight over her CONSTANTLY. Heh heh. Cool.

At any rate, I hope to channel some of that power today and Phoenix Force the EF outta this research/thesis.

Time to fire it up.


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