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I suppose that I'm primarily directing this to [personal profile] penumbren and [profile] faerie_lissa416, the music uploading goddesses extraordinaire, but if there's anyone out there with insight, I'm all ears.

I have created a fanmix and want to zip it up.  I think I've attempted to zip up files before, but my problem seems to be compression.  This one is going to be 20ish songs and I suspect I need to find a way to compress that.  Any advice? What do you all use? Just Winrar? Anyone out there use Winzip? 

Where's that HALP cat macro when I need it?

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I'm sorry, but I just had to pimp out my new header.  Wow that rules. 
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Wow...I'm finally home.  The train ride was nice, the stay overall was very nice, but home never looked so good.  My body is pretty achy and I'm definitely pretty scuzzy, but otherwise, I'm alright.  I made it through my first official work convention and I would have to say it was a great experience. 

Regardless, I'm glad to be home.  What I am NOT glad about is the fact that my stupid VCR decided not to tape Criminal Minds for me on Wednesday even though I had programmed it perfectly.  NOT happy.  Hopefully there will be a rerun on tonight.  

Puff was very happy to see me and put my feet to sleep last night.  What a darlin'. 

Random thoughts: don't you hate it when they start tweaking one of your favorite animated series?  For example, being the dorkus that I am, I started really getting back into the NInja Turtles on Saturday morning.  Call me nostalgic, but it was kinda neat to see a series that had such a good run in the 80's revived for the millenium.  Now, it was starting to get really dark and good when I was watching it.  I come back to it again after a few months and they've revamped the damn thing by redoing (or crapifying, really) the animation style and putting the turtles in the friggen FUTURE! WTF?!?!

And what IS it about modern animation styles being all geometric?  What ever happened to good ol' school Disney realism?!  CLEARLY Pixar understands the value of making things look realistic still! What's up with 2D animation?  I think it all started with Aladdin...that was when Disney really started going more angular in their portrayal of faces.  Nowadays you can't turn on Cartoon Network without seeing the inside of a geometry lesson in the faces of all the characters!  

Sorry for the intensity, folks, but this is something that's disturbed me for a long time now, and deserves a GIlbert Gottfriend "WTF?!" for the day. 
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So, today I travel to Philly.   Pretty cool considering I like the train.  I'm planning on cutting out early today to head to Union and perhaps get some shoe shopping in before my 4pm.  Considering I'm doing nothing more constructive at work than teaching myself German and playing waay too many rousing games of Spider Solitaire, I think leaving early would be a good thing. 

I'm strangely nervous about taking a cab.  I have no idea why except that its been years since I've been forced to catch one.  I guess its the stress of having to stick out your hand, leg, whatever and pray that some poor cabbie is going to pull over.  Strangely tense way to travel, I feel.  I also have to remember to get itemized receipts of EVERYTHING so I can get refunded for the 9 days I'm spending up here.  Crazy. 

I've also heard conflicting reports of how this convention is going to be; there are those who are trying to poison my mind with the amount of work, inter-office/officer drama, and the like while others talk to me of nights out on the town with cool coworkers, karaoke, and much much booze.  I know it makes me sound like a total alcoholic, but they better be right with the booze. 

Other random thoughts before I ride off into the Philadelphia sunset:

  • Nicholas Cage has become the new Ben Stiller of movies.  I seriously see this man EVERYwhere now! First in World Trade Center and now in a remake of The Wicker Man.  This, of course, doesn't cover Ghostrider, which is coming out within the year, I think.  Hey, you can't fault the man for getting a lot of work.  He also seems to be getting better looking...
  • Floyd Landis has screwed himself (and the US) over royally.  I really can't believe he failed both of those tests.  It was bad enough that the French were attempting to demonize Lance Armstrong; at least they failed with him, but stupid Landis proved them right.  And here I was loving the fact that the past 8 TdFrances had been won by Americans.  Nice job, dorkus. 
  • Basketball season needs to start.  Right now.  All due respect to my dear [profile] phantom_hpuff but baseball just doesn't do it for me like it used to.  Hell, even football doesn't do it for me anymore.  Perhaps its all the scandal surrounding excessive juicing in the Major Leagues.  Or perhaps its A-Rod's ridiculous salary.  For whatever reason, its just not there for me no matter the combined hotness of the younger players on the Mets.  I'd give anything to be able to see Dirk's games in Germany against Canada or against China coming up this next week.  Good luck baby!! Whooo!!
  • House needs to start. Right Now.  I'm starting to go through House withdrawal.  All these stupid rumors about House and Cameron and his leg being healed etc. just needs to be replaced with the real thing.  I really wonder if they would ever get House and Wilson together or whether or not that would just be too much for Fox at an 8pm time slot on Tuesday nights...
  • Denny Crane.  Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs.  Denny Crane. Name's on the door.  Nuff said.  This man has got to win again this year; he's just to damn brilliant not to.  I still can't believe that Spader didn't get nominated, but then again, neither did Hugh Laurie.  Bunch of crackheads on the Emmy committee, I tell you. 
  • In less than a month, I'm going to meet Denny Crane/Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.  In Chicago.  On the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek.  Holy friggen crap.  Less than a MONTH, people!!! *faints*

Ok, I think that's a pretty good update.  I may have intarweb access when I get to Philly and if so, I'll let you all know the craziness that is a convention with over 3000 postal workers attending from all over the US.  

**Random Update** HO man, Fencest breakups are really bad sometimes; it sucks worse when you're friends with them both. [profile] theevilearl, I'm sorry things are going so nuts.  Is there anything I can do?

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Ok, so ESPN2 is a wacky place to hang.  I just finished watching my fave team Germany beat Poland 1-0 in the World Cup (poor Poland hasn't beaten Germany in 85 years!!!).  My beloved Jurgen Klinsmann, whom I remember watching so fondly in the 1994 World Cup, is now their general manager, so I got to see him jumping up and down at their win as if he had scored the winning goal (which was a hot one!).  Nice job, Germany! They now lead their Group (or bracket, so to speak) with 2 wins, equalling 6 points.   Sehr gut!

I was screwing around online so I left it on that channel.  What do I see coming on next? Lacrosse? Sport fishing? Bocci?

Nope.  Dominoes.  Championship Dominoes, complete with commentary like this gem: ""In order to play competitive domino, your brain has to be fit."

I'm dead serious.  Now they're showing 'highlights' (I guess!) of the 2005 World Championship Domino Tournament.  No, I'm not shitting you. 

Don't they have surfing or (god forbid!) FENCING to show? Nope, only dominoes, apparently. Hell, even PING-PONG is better than this! What's next, Full-contact Scrabble?!?! 

I'm with you, Gilbert Gottfried: this is definitely the "WTF?! Moment of the Day"!
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My icon!!

*gigglesnort x 200* 

I mean, WTF?!?!?   The Lulz just keep on coming.  If ANYONE out there knows who made this thing, please let me know.  They deserve mad credit. 

Yes, I know that we here at the Society for the Easily Amused are well, easily amused.  But this thing makes me laugh every time!

In other news, my beloved Caveman helped pull in another victory for the Mavs tonight!! Awesome!  Yes, I am indeed a groupie of Dirk Nowitzki and damn proud of it too.  Props also go to Terry and Howard for being their usual awesome selves.   Suweet!!
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Sorry if I'm cluttering up your flists with my mad posting, but tough! ;^) This stuff here is too cool not to share! 

So, [profile] lucia_tanaka posted to  [community profile] house_wilson with an excellent website where you can create your own motivational posters!  It's really too excellent and I've already gone nuts with it. 

Check it out: 

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Well, I just cancelled my MySpace account. I honestly only set it up so that I could receive updates on a favorite band of mine. I also thought that I might find some people online from high school that I would want to contact. What really happenened was that the band didn't post or do any updates and I ended up being a glorified lurker than using MySpace for any sort of contact. This one dude started talking to me/friended me that I wasn't that interested in, so I figured, what am I doing this for?

I didn't use it to make new acquaintances with awesome people who have similar interests; that's what LJ is for! I was also concerned about internet security on just has a sketchier feel to it than it would really be the perfect place for sex offenders and other unsavory types to troll the vast variety of drunken looking, barely clothed, high school coeds that I found on there even from MY old high school. Thats another thing; it seemed like everyone I couldn't STAND in HS had a myspace account.

With all this in mind, I bid sketchy Tom goodbye. And, I think I feel more at ease for it.

Am I wrong in my feelings about MySpace? Have I been unjustly prejudiced by the media? Thoughts?

In other news, I did my teaching project on Monday and it went remarkably well. I was teaching a part of my lesson plan on detective fiction, which I had so cleverly titled "CSI: London". I even presented myself as an Inspector from Scotland Yard, complete with ID (i.e., a passport doctored up with tape and paper). It could have bombed but it went very well. So, yea! The second of these two projects will be done on Thursday and is a thousand times less intimidating than this one. Whoever thought that ten minutes of your life could be so nerve-wracking!! =^)
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Ok, all: I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to this stuff, but I keep seeing all you people with beautiful LJ layouts with these lucious large headers and goldurnit, I want one!! I like my layout, but I'm kinda achin for a change too.

For those of you who have these ljs, what layout do you use for the three column set up (kinda like I have) but with the large header at the top?

Help! Anybody with mad skillz?


Apr. 19th, 2006 09:58 pm
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Well, I thought I would test out this new version of LJ. I like the extra pics. That makes me happy. The ads aren't as annoying as I thought they would be, but we'll see how long this lasts.

Apologies to those who hate ads. I hope that wont keep you away from my journal.

Update: OH snap, check out my sexy mood set!! Jadeblood, this ones for you!
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First of all, I think we should all have a moment of silence for the death of Christopher Reeve's widow, who died of lung cancer at 44.   Lois is on her way, Superman. 

Secondly, I'm still waiting with baited breath for news from the school system that I applied to.  I still have some recommendations outstanding, but I'm hoping that it wont work too much against me.  The main recommendation is already in.  I'm also worried that my lack of official teaching experience is going to work against me.  I truly believe that any application for a job or graduate school just serves to tell you how much you DIDN'T do rather than be a true showcase of how damn hard you worked all year.  Those little bits of data are transformed into a number three digits and one decimal place long.  ARGH!

As I always say, power of positive thought.  And speaking of positive thought...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out today on DVD! WOOHOO!  In honor of that, I put a sexy new icon up.  *Quagmire style*  Heh. Hehe.  Alll riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. OHOOHOH!! The X3 Trailer came out last night!! Go see it at It's seriously great. 

I've decided to really nail down my thesis focus today.  Its been evolving slowly into something more substantial.  It has to...because I told my advisor I would have half of it done and turned in to her for review exactly a WEEK from now. 

*Imperial Theme plays* 

Wait! Thats what I don't have!! Darth VADER icons!! 

Let the procrastinating begin....;^)

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Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see...

Yeah, just go watch this right now.  I mean it: Right Now!!

Trust me, it will make your day. Perhaps, even your week.


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Well, after looking at these reviews...maybe I'll just save myself the trouble...

Check 'em out; they're quite enlightening...and may have just aided Glenn in his quest to save me a poo load of money...It looks like I'll be looking into getting myself a Creative or iRiver mp3 player instead...

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Ok, so its been a long time since I've felt any big surges of consumer fever...until I broke my CD player.  When it comes to maintaining my zen-ness while walking to class, I find I really need the soothing beats of Rob Zombie, Lifehouse, or Janet Jackson to help me show those professors what's what around here.   Since I dropped my trusty Sony player for the last time, I've debated on continuing on my luddite trend of avoiding mp3 technology that I've followed ever since the collapse of Napster...or getting with the program and converting all my music into mp3s for an iPod just like every other supertrendy kid around this 'burg.  Sounds like a plan, right?  Wrong.  

Try "too damn expensive".  Why do those damn things have to be over a hundred dollars?!  Sure, I could get just a regular Sony mp3 player that doesnt have the catchy looks of an iPod, but I really do like the design and the efficiency of carrying around all my music in something the size of my palm (or smaller!). 

Its not logical.  Its not reasonable.  It's not even affordable.  But the craving is driving me CRAZY!!!

*shakes her fists at the heavens* CURSE YOU, APPLE!!! 

(In other randomness, if Puff could be converted into an iPod, she could be an iPuff!)</P


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