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OH my GOD.  I have NEVER seen that man looking so radiant.  So beautiful.  WOW.

I'll admit, I got teary eyed.  It's so great to have him back.

And LOL@him shooting on Randy's boring personality and robotic voice.  GOD I missed you, Chris.

I know Chris would be proud of you right now. 
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Well, I just came back from an awesome weekend with some of my favorite folks!  Thursday night with Casey, John, and a Blue Goose, Friday buying/watching tons of Heroes with Casey, Saturday night celebrating Benny boys birthday, Sunday night with Sefton watching Advent Children and playing X-Men Legends II and SW: Battlefront II, and Monday night with Katdawg and Jennnn roasting brats, LOLing at Facebook, and watching Heroes.  Awesome.  A busy weekend, but one filled with much needed connection, silliness, and good times.

Some brief shoutouts:

Katdawg? Save the Chef Garcia Chips; Save the World! It's your destiny! Don't make me jump off of a high school swingset to prove it to you.  For sheazy.

Seftydawg? I swear the next time you're Yoda and I'm Vader, I'm kicking your ass, Galactic Civil War style!, dawg? I'm waiting for you to start doing flips over your neighbors fences like in Hot Fuzz!

Lots of cuts for my lovely watchers out there!

[personal profile] arctic_silence, plzcontinues2BpostingrandomFFsexinessonmyentriezkthanxILU!!! *tackles you*

More later, methinks. 

UPDATE:  Two bits of weirdness.  

1) This link is fantastic.  "The Five Most Hilarious Movie Sex Acts" Nuff said.  #1 is so damn true, though.

2) I just saw an ad on the LJ home page that read: "Get your Mobile Goat on!"   Ewz.  It sounds like LJ is promoting bestiality and/or bestial voyeurism. Gross.
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Hallo, my dear ones!

Now that Harry Potter 7 has been read, I feel safe coming back to the internets.  It looks like my instincts to not belong to or visit any HP communities on LJ was a smart one; upon later perusal, I kept finding entries in big bold flashing text that warned of trolls coming on and spoiling things for anyone who happened to have said communities on their flist.  After all my years on this great Intarweb of ours, and I'm still amazed at the levels of douchebaggery to which people will stoop.  At any rate, I found be one of the greatest works of art of our time.  A true masterpiece perfectly weaving plot and emotion, with Rowling conducting both elements as if it were the greatest orchestra on the face of the earth.  I've been interested to check out various reviews on my flist and have enjoyed seeing the quibbles that people have, most of which center on the somewhat-throw away nature of the Epilogue.  Perhaps I am not the most acerbic critic in the world, but it is truly difficult for me to find fault with this book.  I'll probably collect my thoughts sometime this week or weekend and throw them down in here somewhere, but right now, I think I'll just bask in the glory for a while.

In other news, work has been insane.  I haven't really had the time to come on here and play because the pace of my workplace in summer could rival that of NASCAR.  It usually leaves me worn out and exhausted by the time I come home, so I've mostly been resting and keeping fairly unplugged.  I think I'm sufficiently recharged though...

I've also had to take a break from wrestling for a bit.  I suppose I thought I was over all the stuff that happened with Benoit...but...its been harder for me to come back than I thought I would.  Perhaps I feel now that my trust is truly shaken, and its hard for me to enjoy it knowing what I know.  Perhaps its just the fact that the writing/booking for all wrestling across the board seems limp and uninspired.  I still love it, though, and will probably be back to watching regularly around Summerslam for a certain someone's return. 

I'm sure I'll have more to say later.  Until then, its time to listen to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter!
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...before I let this topic go gently into that good night.    I think I'm going to follow in the footsteps of [personal profile] lalaith86  and make one last post about this topic before moving on with my life.  Like she said, I just have to.  It's affecting my sleep, my mood, my work, and now, more importantly, my interactions with some of my best friends in the business because of differing viewpoints on the wrestler, the man, his actions, and their possible motivations.  

People are desperately looking for ways to cope.  Short of pretending none of this happened, I support any and all ways for people to deal with this, whether I agree with them or not.  Unfortunately, what should be bringing us all together to comfort each other is starting to rip us apart.  Forums are crashing and their members are starting flame wars.  I've noticed or heard about people making nasty comments on personal journals or in communities, saying that "this post disgusts me" and make other such comments directly attacking the speaker without even comprehending what is being said.  This....this sort of garbage HAS to stop.  I know a lot of these occurences are isolated but they disgust me nonetheless.  For anyone that this has happened to, who has been proverbially kicked when they were down and in pain, you get Double-Stuf hugs from me.  

My bottom line: my buddy [personal profile] greyjedisaid on one of my posts that the man died twice: once as a man and another time as a hero.  I think nothing sums it up quite so well.  We're all in deep mourning.  Some of us have moved on to indignant rage and hopefully, on from there, through the grace of Time and other factors, to peace and understanding.  Again, we may not even find understanding; if that is the case I hope we still can find a measure of peace; something to numb the nightmarish horror of the past few days.  Of monstrous details that refuse to be burned from our minds no matter how much we try to refocus ourselves.  I wish I could wake up and forget: I can't.  At the risk of starting another potential shit-storm, I'll say that I'm angry at the lives that have been ruined by this.  I'm angry at the horrible undermining of trust and memory for those who knew him and loved him;  the second-guessing and horrible speculation of what might have been or what should have been or what could have been done to prevent this, if anything.  My heart goes out most especially to people like Dean Malenko, Chavo, Edge, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and of course, his two surviving kids; I can't imagine what it must be like for them.  Then you have the most potent tragedy for us as fans, of not being able to forget when you most want to; when dark thoughts and reminders pop up when you most want to remember and respect him for his talent and the great things he did accomplish.  Perhaps time will allow us to have that again; right now, I'm not there.  I'm angry.  Enraged, really, at the pointless loss of life and about this horrible stain left on 10 years of beautiful memories that I had.  That we all had.  And other things that I will not go into here.

Like I said before, we're a family; perhaps a dysfunctional one, but a close-knit one nonetheless.  I love you all.  If you want to talk about it, like Sila suggested in her post, lets do it here.  I, for one, will be trying to recompose myself and move on to my other obsessions.  Nice to have fixations, eh? (Pen, I'm looking at you! ;^)  As it is, I've got a nice TMNT fic in the works (non-slash) that I'm gonna use as distraction. 

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I'm sorry for seemingly posting every hour on the hour.  Guess I need another outlet.  I'm also trying to post helpful links. 

Well, here's one more...but to an article that says just what I'm feeling.

Thank you, Scott Hudson, for putting your anger and grief into such lovely words.
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Go to  They have it.

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Remember him this way, my friends.

We're all in terrible pain over this.  I'm LOSING it watching JBL tear up, watching these beautiful matches, watching him tell a story in the ring...watching him throw on that Crippler Crossface....things we wont see again.

But remember him this way. 

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Happy Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooooooooooou!! WOOO!!

In honor of a most excellent day, as a humble humble gift, I bring you hilarity!

Enjoy, hon, and have an awesome day! =^)

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So, being a technical writer for a Government subcontractor allows me to pore over countless pages filled with lots and lots of uppercase letters, seemingly strung together with very little rhyme or reason.  In any given day, I may type the following in an email:

"I was looking over the RFI for IMCS II and think that the PP quals that we should use would include RSAF, SPPN, AETC, KAFB, IBDSS, and CETS.  I'll get the PPQs to the POCs by COB today. "

Yes, ladies and jellyspoons, I actually wrote that to someone today and whats more, they understood every 'word'. 

So, that being said, I started thinking of other acronyms that I've come across.  My favorite has to be from the [profile] ghostriderfans community ([pimp]which everyone should join!![/pimp]) where [personal profile] jadeblood and [profile] kazuldragonfyre came up with an excellent acronym for Sam Elliot's character: GOPCGR which stands for

Yeah, flippin awesome I say! 

Other excellent acronyms come from these uberawesome fic ratings by [personal profile] empressive:

Ratings for Content:
NLTOYM - Not Likely To Offend Your Mother. This means the story is pretty tame, most likely a PG-13ish rating.
HSFB - Holy Smut-Fic, Batman! Another rating for extreme porn in a story.
Ratings for Oddness:
FS - Fucking Strange
RFS- Really Fucking Strange
RVFS- Really Very Fucking Strange
WTF- What The Fuck
Ratings for Fluff:
FF- Fucking Fluffy
FLS- Fluffy Like Sheep
Other Ratings:
HFS- Holy Fucking Sad
MBJC- Makes Baby Jesus Cry
YGIAGAM-- Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

LOL I have to say HSFB and MBJC are too gold for words.  I wanna write fic just so that I can use those ratings.

In other random news, I got my DX DVD/T shirt combo today along with my RVD DVD (MORE ACRONYMS!!!!11 Even HHHBK!) and the DX playing cards, which are so awesome I can't even stand it.   For anyone who's watched the DX DVD, is the "Stan" skit in there?  I didn't see it listed...
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You know what's a great way to start a day, besides freezing your tits off in -100 degree temperature winds when you've clearly chosen the wrong coat to wear? Getting into a metro car, finding a good seat, then realizing in between bouts of absolute exhaustion that you smell the stale, sickly sweet smell of vomit somewhere in your vicinity? Yeah, that was me. Of course, I didn't realize that said not-so-mystery stain was right under my feet until I got up to move. Fan-friggen-tastic. My buddy Ron here at work had a great term for what happens when people come back from the bars and barf on the trains: "heavin' and ho-in'"! HA! Oh lordy lordy.

In much better news, I'm heading with my Gdad to the Mav's game tonight! Sweet! We'll see if I can get any photos of my lovely Dirk and the boys tonight! I also spent the entire weekend being a bum, catching up with Casey and reading a ton of X-Men trade paperbacks. Score.

The Quotemaster of the Day?

Joey Styles, who brings us these nuggets of glory:

(From his "I Quit" speech): ...So I get J.R’s spot, and from week one, week after week, I got an ongoing lecture about the differences in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. I’m not allowed to say pro wrestling, I’m not allowed to say wrestler! I have to say Sports Entertainment and refer to the wrestlers as Superstars. I’m told to deliberately ignore the moves and the holds during the matches so I can tell stories. Well, ignoring the moves and the holds is damn insulting to the athletes, the wrestlers, not the entertainers, who leave their families 300 days a year to apply their craft in that ring!

Well, you know what? I am SICK of sports entertainment. I am sick of male cheerleaders. I am sick of boogers and bathroom humor and semen. And I am sick of our chairman, who likes to talk about his own semen, he mocks God - HE MOCKS GOD!!! - and makes out with the divas all to feed his own insatiable ego. I am sick of Sports Entertainment and most of all I’m sick of you fans who actually buy into this crap, this Sports Entertainment circus! I never needed this job, and I don’t want this job anymore.

On a lighter (but equally as awesome) note:

"There has been an outbreak of Technical Wrestling here tonight at the ECW Arena... and New Jack hits Sandman upside the head with a chair and ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!"


"The winner of this matchup will go into the Extreme Elimination Chamber with Rob Van Dam--WHAT THE HELL IS AN EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER?!?!"
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...Robot Chicken, Roddy Piper, and Hogan's Heros.

[Error: unknown template 'video']

Trust me on this one.   Special appearances by Sargeant Schultz, Hitler, a flaming chair, and a whole bunch of Slim Jims.   Yeah, its genius, especially since Hogan and Roddy do their own voices. 

Oh, and this icon rules all.

In more sobering news, my beloved "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.  I'm really upset by this news, but if anyone can kick cancers ass, it's Roddy.   He's been nothing but a fighter his whole life so I'm praying for strength for him.  I wanna see him on the pipes again in the ring, kicking people's butts in Piper's Pit...*sniff*  So, Roddy, I guess the above video just makes me smile; just when cancer gives the answers, Roddy changes the questions. 
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Last night I had a really great dinner with my buddy Josh, in which we ended up talking about our current life situation.  He also mentioned that my LJ has been totally uninteresting to him because of all my wrestling markout moments, so I figured it would be a good time to oblige him.  ;^)  I hadn't vented about RL stuff on here in a while anyway.

In all seriousness, it made me think of something that a friend of mine posted on his MySpace bulletin about a quarter life crises.  I may reproduce it here if I get a chance, but it basically talked about the horrible, liminal phase that many of us are going through right now.  Truly, it seems like one of the worst transition phases  that we can go through because the rest of our lives are looming ahead of us right at this very minute.  Not high school, not college.  Life.  And its fucking scary. 

I remember feeling something similar to this when I graduated from undergrad.  I got out, had a decent job in the government business and was earning a fairly decent amount of cash when I started feeling my soul slipping away.  So, I did the natural thing; I went back to grad school to find it again among the hallowed halls of my beloved alma mater, UVA also known as the best fucking university in the world.  (/pride moment).  I started to find it again; part of it was having my own apartment at a ridiculously reasonable rate, having it furnished like I could live there forever, earning my Masters Degree and feeling like I had some direction for once.   The more education classes I took, the more I felt like I could do something with this degree and make a difference in my life and in others'.  Then, before I knew it, two years was up and I'm left with a stellar piece of paper in my hands, a great thesis (if I do say so myself) and so much debt that I could cry. what?  After busting my ass to find a teaching job (competing with other UVA grads who were certified) to no avail, I boomerang home where I get to see my wonderful family more often, but find myself a wreck again.   Where am I going? What the fridge am I going to do with myself?  I feel like I still need to figure myself out...that I've gone head over heels in a sensory deprivation chamber and I'm fighting to find the light again, find my balance.  

There are moments when I feel absolutely confident and secure; those are counterbalanced by the moments when I hit absolute rock bottom, hating myself, my place in life, my looks, my faults, my debts, my restrictions, and every other superficial thing there is to be upset/irritated/angry about.  I hear about every other person from my high school class either getting engaged, getting married, or having kids and it freaks the shit out of me.  I've had my chances, to be sure...and I wasn't ready, but I can't help feeling the pressure, knowing that I'm here at 25 and people I know are living the dream with the love of their life (possibly), secure jobs, double incomes, and 2.5 kids.  I wonder if I'll ever be able to get my shit together, because it sure don't feel like that right now.  

I think Josh summed it up perfectly last night;  "[we're] fucking smart, single, confused, and living at home".  

Hey, at least we've got each other...because I don't know about you all, but nearly everyone I've talked to feels something similar.   I suppose we can be grateful for the small favors...
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Ok, can I tell you how happy this makes me?

I am PRAYING they keep him around for as long as possible, either with Flair or not.

In other news, I'm heading to see RAW when it comes to DC in December!! WOOOT!!!!   I'm actually really irritated with myself; no matter how often I check for tickets for events to be in my area, for some stupid reason, either the schedule hadn't been updated to include December events or I didn't adjust the TIcketmaster schedule to go past November.  ANyhoo, I would have shelled out the $60 for floor seats, but as it is, I may try to get there early and see what the scalpers have to offer me or perhaps even see if I can upgrade the tickets at the box office.  At any rate, I'm going to be there...which makes me an extremely happy girl.... and will hopefully get to see Hot Rod, Jeff Hardy, and DX up close and personal. 

AND I get to use my absolutely incredible sign idea and see if it will get on SOTW.  [profile] bluerosefairy thinks that it might.  ;^)

I might also make a second sign that says: "Wrestlemania 23: HBK v Stan!!"

Again, I say WOOT and happy early Christmas to me!
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Well, I suppose I'm the lamest of the lame to ever lame, but I'm chilling inside on a Friday night watching Smackdown.  So far, the show's been halfway decent.  Unfortunately, I have very little interest in most of the SD stars.   Granted, there are a few shining stars on the roster, like Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit, Kennedy, the Hooliganz, Taker, Sugar Shane (I MEAN) Gregory Helms, and Jimmy Wang Yang.  I also enjoy Finlay and Rey Mysterio.  There's a heck of a lot of good talent on SD but I just haven't been made to care about their characters or the storylines.  Batista's fine (and is apparently still way over), but he's kinda non-descript to me as champ; on the other hand, I'm just dying for him to get it back from 'King' Booker.  Lashley seems pretty talented, but again, he's another hoss on the roster that hasn't really sparked my interest as a personality.   The guys I mentioned as the stars have a lot of charisma about them and always put on a good show. 

Then you have MVP.  The Miz (who might actually be a pretty decent heel, but I haven't seen him wrestle in weeks), the atrocious Divas, and...God almighty...the Boogeyman.  I'm sorry, but they should have kept his ass fired.  Does PETA's protective power extend to worms because I'm disgusted EVERY single time I seem him eat them live.  I know that his job is to be revolting, but for the love of PETA, STOP him!  Yuck! 

Its kinda funny that when I've gotten bored with the SD matches tonight, I've been watching my Rockers vs Haku/Barbarian at WM 7 video.  Damn, I do miss the Rockers, Gary Glitter outfits, mullets and all.  They were still hot, physically and athletically.  Tag Team specialists indeed.  I see echoes of them in the Hooliganz; similar high flying styles, athleticism, good looks, etc. 

I've also contemplated going to Survivor Series, considering that good tickets still seem to be available and the E also seems to be getting back to its roots and booking Survivor Series as *gasp* a series of Survivor Series matches!  Amazing.  Pros?  Many, including seeing Team DX and the Hardyz Reunion live and up close.  Cons: It's right after Thanksgiving, I'd have to train up to PA by myself, spent pooploads of money on cabs/food/tickets that I really don't have at the moment, and then find my way back home safely at like, 4 in the morning or whenever the event would let out.  I also have family coming in from FL for Thanksgiving.  Close family.  *sigh*  I suppose I should just order it on PPV and watch it in the comfort of my own home...but its so rare that the PPV's are on the East Coast....and the booking of the matches makes it SO. DAMN.  TEMPTING. 

What would you all do?

I'll try to placate my frustrations with tonight's Pic.  I've also played around with Photoshop and made a new header.  Slowly but surely....

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Good news: My thesis came in the mail  yesterday!  Wow, it really feels like an accomplishment.  Bad News:  I think my grandparents threw away my DX car decal.  Irritating.

Anyway, I decided that this video was appropriate for today, the anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob!  Absolute hilarity.

Edit: I just saw the Spiderman 3 Trailer. 

Two words: HOLY SHIT!!!!

I seriously have chills going up and down my spine.  Holy shit, this could potentially beat the excellence of Spidey 2.  Don't even get me started on the symbiont...

[Error: unknown template 'video']
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OK, so I posted a while ago about the heinosity of being fired over text message. 

Well, ladies and jellyspoons, I got one better for you: being divorced over text. 

Yes, that is correct; text.  Britney Spears divorced Kevin Federline via text message.  Witness the trainwreck here.  

So, instead of UR FIRD LOL SUCKS 2BU, we've got LOL ZOMG UR DIVORCD! SUCKS 2BU :(

Normally, I could care less about these uber-celebrities lifestyles, but this is bad even for these two. 

Also, there's a thread on WrestleCrap about the E possibly pulling another Arquette with this K-Fed disaster.  Go ahead, call me a Cena-hater or what you will, but the title has got to go to someone who is going to give it the respect it deserves. 

My vote?  HBK.  Yes, total no brainer, but its been four years and I'm dying for him to have a title run again.  

Any other contenders in your opinion, oh dear wrassling flist? 

And it looks like they've announced the second Survivor Series Match:  Cena/Kane/Lashley/Sabu/RVD v Show/Test/MVP/Umaga/Finley.  

Now, I'm all about them actually having more than one Survivor Series match for *gasp* Survivor Series, but where the front door is the logic in THIS match?!  *bangs head on desk* 

To counteract all this insanity, I've gotta start back up with our daily dose of pic excellence. 

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