Jun. 14th, 2006

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Well, I'm coming off of a disappointment last night when the Mavs lost their 13 point lead in the last six minutes of Finals Game 3 last night.  My beloved Dirk went 10-12 at the free throw line, which is awesome; unfortunately, one of those that he missed would have tied the team up at the last second and sent them into overtime.  He's understandably crushed but I'm sure Avery Johnson is going to kick their butts from here to Dallas to get them back into shape.  While I would have loved for a sweep, this makes for a more interesting series.  

Of course, those of you non-basketball enthusiasts are going, "Dirk who?"  "Nowitski-wha?" 

Well, my dear friend, I'm glad you asked!! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictorial evidence of Nowitzki's awesomeness.  The wait is on for Game Four...
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Ok, so ESPN2 is a wacky place to hang.  I just finished watching my fave team Germany beat Poland 1-0 in the World Cup (poor Poland hasn't beaten Germany in 85 years!!!).  My beloved Jurgen Klinsmann, whom I remember watching so fondly in the 1994 World Cup, is now their general manager, so I got to see him jumping up and down at their win as if he had scored the winning goal (which was a hot one!).  Nice job, Germany! They now lead their Group (or bracket, so to speak) with 2 wins, equalling 6 points.   Sehr gut!

I was screwing around online so I left it on that channel.  What do I see coming on next? Lacrosse? Sport fishing? Bocci?

Nope.  Dominoes.  Championship Dominoes, complete with commentary like this gem: ""In order to play competitive domino, your brain has to be fit."

I'm dead serious.  Now they're showing 'highlights' (I guess!) of the 2005 World Championship Domino Tournament.  No, I'm not shitting you. 

Don't they have surfing or (god forbid!) FENCING to show? Nope, only dominoes, apparently. Hell, even PING-PONG is better than this! What's next, Full-contact Scrabble?!?! 

I'm with you, Gilbert Gottfried: this is definitely the "WTF?! Moment of the Day"!


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