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Playoffs be damned; I'm still so proud of this man right here

No matter what others may say, they made the right choice.  He had a hell of a season and no matter what, he's my MVP. 
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Shit.  That didn't help in the slightest. Goddamnit.
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So, as I feared, the first Mav's game I attend is the one that ends their winning streak.  Figures.  What can I say? Arenas played like his life depended on it and the Mavs played sloppy ball.  It was also the devils luck; the Wizards made shots that they had no business making and the Mavs couldn't hit a damn thing.  I did, however, have an incredible time at the game and got some shots of the boys.  Hopefully, I'll upload those soon. 

Bit of hilarious irony for the day?  Gil Arenas played the game of his life, making incerdible shots and scoring 38 points on his homecourt here in Washington, DC and who gets a huge photo in the front page of the Sports section in the Wash. Post? 

You guessed it: my Dirk. 

The germans have an excellent term...its called "schadenfreude"...heheheh

In other news, ZOMG Klinsmann is coming to the US!!!  Criminy, this is going to be AWFUL for me...I'm gonna wanna root for the German National Team...but that means rooting against Klinsi now!! ARGH!

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*Warning: the following post includes gloating, unsportsmanlike behavior, and a blatent disregard for internet etiquette. You have been warned*

HAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! Eat shit and DIE, Heat!!!

Miami Heat keep rings, get humiliated. 

HAHAHA, it's ON now!! And Mavericks fans around the world rejoiced.

And speaking of Mavericks fans, I just got tickets to the Dec 4th Mavericks game here in DC, with excellent seats to boot!! WOOhooo!!  Yes, it's probably sacrilegious that I'm going to support the Mavericks at a Wizards game here in DC, but I can't wait to see them in action!

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Ok, things that make you go Hmmmm.....

1.  Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Marvel's Hollywood adaptation of Iron Man.  Not quite sure what to think about this one.  On one hand, I'm pleased that they didn't just get some young, inexperienced, upshot actor to play the intelligent and conflicted tycoon and hero.  I'm not quite sure that Downey is the man.  Perhaps he will surprise me.  For now, this gets a Hmmmm.  

2. Chris Nolan's confirmation of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight  Again, this was pretty much a giveaway; however, it sounds like he's already cast the thing and is waiting to make an uber-reveal.  Again, if it's Jake Gyllenhaal, I think I'll go Armageddon on someone.  Brokeback Arkham indeed.  Again, hmmmmm.

3.  Three, count 'em, THREE alternate endings for X-3.  Now, listen folks.  I know we all like all the extra footage, deleted scenes, crappy commentary, and bloopers that modern DVD has to offer us...but three alternate endings absolutely SMACKS of either poor editing or indecision.  I'd be willing to put good money down on the fact that there's going to be something showing Jeannie's resurrection in there.  As to the other two, who the hell knows?  Professor X comes back as Bald Phoenix?  (You all SO think I'm joking on this, but I'm not; its actually in the comics that Prof. X hosted the Phoenix Force once and became Bald Phoenix.  Gag.)  Does the Juggernaut come back and start a relationship with Rogue?  WTF could be going on in three alternate endings?  Hmmmmm.  

I'm sure I'll have more to add later, but that's certainly enough to Hmmmm about for now.  

Other news:  they've released new pre-season promo photos of Dirk and the Mavs.  I won't totally picspam you, but these three are SOOO choice.  

OH, and as promised, the LOLZ!!

I am mesmerized by this.  Holy crap, I can't stop laughing..."Tell 'em BOROMIR SENT YA!!"
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...on the Nowitzki front!  It came out just a few days ago that the Mav's have extended my dear Dirk's contract through the 2010-2011 season.  

Why yes, my dear Dirk is worth $60 million.  I wholeheartedly agree.  *big smiles*

In other news, I've headed back to practice and as much as my muscles are screaming at me, I'm feeling pretty darn good.  I've needed to get back in shape for a long time.  I've needed to get back to club for a while and it feels good to pick up a sabre again and do it...for me.   Coaching has been one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life, but it is hard to find time for your own training when you're involved with everyone else.  I do miss the VFC and hope to get back there sometime soon. work.  It feels strange to have family and friends ask about your day and all you can really say to them is...its fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary happens, nothing unusual.  Nothing exciting.  I'm happy that I'm getting money...but its time for a career change.  Actually, its time to get a career rather than simply being content with a job. 

In other fandom news, I'm really wondering where they're going with the new House season.  This past episode felt more like the House of old, but I am concerned with what they're doing to my House/Wilson relationship.  They screwed around a bit with the trust between those two...and are hinting very strongly at some House/Cameron link, which is not appealing to me in the least.  I'd rather see him with the 17 year old girl rather than Cameron.  Ugh...I wonder if any series would have the cajones to defy convention and get two characters like that together.  The closest we got was with WIllow and Tara, and they found a way to recontain her lesbianism and reinscribe her within a heterosexual world view with Tara's death and Willow's salvation via Xander.   I wonder if they'd even dare it with two men, much less the primary male friendship in the series.  I know I could probably get criticized for seeing certain series through slash-colored lenses, but hell, its practically canon with those two.  Or at least, it was more so last season...Either way, I'm eager to see what develops.  

Also, WTF is up with murders being committed in Colorado schools?  This shit is unbelievable considering heightened security.  Seriously, if I was a kid in high school today, I'd want to be packing so much heat it wouldn't even be funny. 

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Man, I definitely have Cat Power in my head and V for Vendetta on the brain. I watched it again recently...God, that movie still gives me chills.  Casey even made me an mp3 of this one sexy moment where V is talking about how much he loves "The Count of Monte Cristo" where he purrs, "Ohh, it gets me every time..."


At any rate, I've been feeling under the weather physically and otherwise.  A lot of it is just me coming down from the adrenaline high of the convention.  Other stuff, I dunno.  Either way, Casey made me this for a pick-me-up...

We decided that it took a couple of times for V to come up with the name, "The Shadow Gallery"; we figured he had another few names in mind before he came up with that one.  ;^)

And speaking of awesomeness, my beloved Dirk helped his German National Team to an incredible win over Angola in THREE OVERTIMES!!!

And I quote: "HIROSHIMA (FIBA World Championship) - Dirk Nowitzki scored 47 points and grabbed 16 rebounds to lead Germany to a historic 108-103 triple overtime victory over Angola - the first time a FIBA World Championship match went to three extra sessions. Nowitzki buried a three-pointer to force the second overtime and then made two free throws to tie the game at 95-95 after two overtimes. The 7-footer then took over the third extra session, scoring 11 of Germany's 13 points."

I'm going to repeat that, because it bears repeating: THREE OVERTIMES!!  Sorry guys, but that's a Capslock moment right there.  47 points. 16 rebounds. I wonder how many FT he hit because that could be a triple double for him right there!! God, he's amazing.  I can't wait to go see him in DC!  (or at least try at any rate!)
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So...lots of small updates: 

At the risk of jinxing the whole deal, it looks like I might have someone to take the apartment very soon thanks to a little piece of genius called Craigslist.  Thank you Craig from; you are my official hero.  I should have posted to that last month considering my leasing people were trying to screw me over by telling their representatives NOT to lease my apartment even though I had sent two faxes and told them in person at least three times to show my apartment to any potential leasees.   Jerks.  At any rate, I want this out of my hands and fast.  Thanks to all who have been keeping me in their thoughts on this one. 

In other news, my buddy Casey's comic book project is being looked at by Platinum Publishing.  WOOT and CHEERS and HIGH FIVES and all sorts of major congrats! Its a hell of a great project and it deserves to be put on the racks.  My fingers are crossed for you, my dear. 

Casey, you also rule to the highest of heights.  Thanks again, bud. 

Also, I checked my internet news today and saw this wonderful headline and article: 

Yao Ming's back! Too bad Dirk Nowitzki had to spoil the party. 

Check it out!! My honey Dirk is kicking some major ass in the offseason!! WOOHOO!! Sieg, mein liebchen!!! 

I might also head out for a nice glass of wine tonight.  I'm undecided. The area around my hotel is terribly sketchy if I turn left.  If I stay to the right, its alright.  Right now, its looking like I'm going drinking with some coworkers.  Sweetness.  

Grey Goose here I come! 
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So, today I travel to Philly.   Pretty cool considering I like the train.  I'm planning on cutting out early today to head to Union and perhaps get some shoe shopping in before my 4pm.  Considering I'm doing nothing more constructive at work than teaching myself German and playing waay too many rousing games of Spider Solitaire, I think leaving early would be a good thing. 

I'm strangely nervous about taking a cab.  I have no idea why except that its been years since I've been forced to catch one.  I guess its the stress of having to stick out your hand, leg, whatever and pray that some poor cabbie is going to pull over.  Strangely tense way to travel, I feel.  I also have to remember to get itemized receipts of EVERYTHING so I can get refunded for the 9 days I'm spending up here.  Crazy. 

I've also heard conflicting reports of how this convention is going to be; there are those who are trying to poison my mind with the amount of work, inter-office/officer drama, and the like while others talk to me of nights out on the town with cool coworkers, karaoke, and much much booze.  I know it makes me sound like a total alcoholic, but they better be right with the booze. 

Other random thoughts before I ride off into the Philadelphia sunset:

  • Nicholas Cage has become the new Ben Stiller of movies.  I seriously see this man EVERYwhere now! First in World Trade Center and now in a remake of The Wicker Man.  This, of course, doesn't cover Ghostrider, which is coming out within the year, I think.  Hey, you can't fault the man for getting a lot of work.  He also seems to be getting better looking...
  • Floyd Landis has screwed himself (and the US) over royally.  I really can't believe he failed both of those tests.  It was bad enough that the French were attempting to demonize Lance Armstrong; at least they failed with him, but stupid Landis proved them right.  And here I was loving the fact that the past 8 TdFrances had been won by Americans.  Nice job, dorkus. 
  • Basketball season needs to start.  Right now.  All due respect to my dear [profile] phantom_hpuff but baseball just doesn't do it for me like it used to.  Hell, even football doesn't do it for me anymore.  Perhaps its all the scandal surrounding excessive juicing in the Major Leagues.  Or perhaps its A-Rod's ridiculous salary.  For whatever reason, its just not there for me no matter the combined hotness of the younger players on the Mets.  I'd give anything to be able to see Dirk's games in Germany against Canada or against China coming up this next week.  Good luck baby!! Whooo!!
  • House needs to start. Right Now.  I'm starting to go through House withdrawal.  All these stupid rumors about House and Cameron and his leg being healed etc. just needs to be replaced with the real thing.  I really wonder if they would ever get House and Wilson together or whether or not that would just be too much for Fox at an 8pm time slot on Tuesday nights...
  • Denny Crane.  Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs.  Denny Crane. Name's on the door.  Nuff said.  This man has got to win again this year; he's just to damn brilliant not to.  I still can't believe that Spader didn't get nominated, but then again, neither did Hugh Laurie.  Bunch of crackheads on the Emmy committee, I tell you. 
  • In less than a month, I'm going to meet Denny Crane/Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.  In Chicago.  On the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek.  Holy friggen crap.  Less than a MONTH, people!!! *faints*

Ok, I think that's a pretty good update.  I may have intarweb access when I get to Philly and if so, I'll let you all know the craziness that is a convention with over 3000 postal workers attending from all over the US.  

**Random Update** HO man, Fencest breakups are really bad sometimes; it sucks worse when you're friends with them both. [profile] theevilearl, I'm sorry things are going so nuts.  Is there anything I can do?


Jul. 28th, 2006 12:26 pm
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Its been a heck of a week.  Work has been crazy, I've been gearing up for the last big move on Sat and I've been physically exhausted all week.  The first three days of the week I came home from work, went upstairs and slept from 7:30-11pm, which totally screwed up my sleep schedule.  Tuesday I had planned to head out with some friends to see "A Scanner Darkly" in Bethesda, which got totally screwed up because of the damn Metro delays which put me getting OFF the Metro at 6:30pm, which was when I was going to be picked up from my house.  Thrilling.  Luckily, it seemed that I didn't miss anything more than the company of my good friends, as the movie apparently was nothing to die over.  I still need to see Clerks 2, which I hear is excellent.  I really love the actor who plays Randal, so I'll be happy to see him in a movie again. 

I also need to hear back from my apt. complex about a dude who wants to take over my place.  I'll probably give them a call later today because I need to know whether or not I need to add this back to my list of things to freak out about, which includes (as I said) moving, money, rent, etc. *shrug* What else is new?

PSA Alert: My day at work has also been filled with the most odious smells.  When I was commuting into work today, someone farted BADLY in my metro car and it stank for the rest of the ride, which for me was another good 30 minutes.  Then when I was coming up to the break room here at work, I got into an elevator which was REEKING of bad BO.  I nearly puked.  Seriously, guys.  I know its hot out there; I know that we all suffer from gas every once in a while, but please...PLEASE use a good deoderant and save your clicking and dragging for when you EXIT the Metro cars.  Thank you.   

I've also started working on a Criminal Minds fic.  I have a feeling this is going to be really tough to complete or at the very least, it will take some serious outlining.  Its such a wonderfully complex show that the characterizations are going to take some time.  I really need to get my internet up and moving so I can feel like I'm more in the fic loop.  

In other news, Dirk and the German spielers are playing Canada today in Germany, if I read correctly; good luck, boys.  I'm assuming if Canada is playing, that Nash is there too, shaved head and all.  I'm rooting for Germany, but since Nash is the man, I'll throw in some luck for Canada as well.  Is it any coincidence that those two nations are playing each other...? ;^)

I also have a dear friend of mine who has some major but good changes coming up in his life.  He asked me not to give specifics here in my LJ, so I'll simply say that I'm backing him 100% in his choices and wish him nothing but the best. 
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Well, yesterday was nice and peaceful.  Well, except for the intense match between France and Brazil yesterday! I could not BELIEVE that they won...they didn't even look like contenders coming out of Group play! Either way, Tuesday and Wednesday will hopefully find me alternating between watching soccer and interviewing in DC.  

I'm heading home again for the Fourth of July and for my friend Barrett's wedding.  The night before I'll hopefully go to see POTC2 with a few of my girlfriends who are also going to the wedding.  Once again, it looks to be an eventful couple of days.  I'll keep y'all posted. 

I don't really have anything else worth posting about's a picture that made me giggle. 

Alright, more later. Right now, I've gotta pack my stuff and my cat and get the heck out of dodge! Happy fourth of July weekend everyone!
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Jun. 21st, 2006 11:41 am
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I...I can't believe it.  

He's...he's a fencer. 

I can't believe it.  He's a fencer.  He fences f*cking epee.   

I just found out from an entry [profile] nowitzki_daily that not only does he play tennis, golf, and saxophone, he also fences.  With thanks to [profile] robtengel, I got to see him in all of his knicker-y glory. I should have known what weapon; epeeists are known for being ridiculously tall and slimmer than other fencers (speaking as the stocky, barbaric sabrist that I am! ;^).  

I didn't think he could get any cooler.  I didn't think I could like/worship/admire him any more than I already do.  And then he shows up in fencing whites. 

I think...I think I'm going to die now. 
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Right now, I know things aren't looking really great here towards the end of the third quarter.   I don't know why gravity has been against us, why we've been missing these shots...why we've been blocked.  Why we've been give and take with these huge leads.  Why Alonzo Mourning is suddenly the God of Shot Blocking.

A loss would be painful here in Dallas, but I want you to know that I'm with you all the way.  I'm proud of you.  You've played a hell of a game and you've still got a good quarter left.  Thank you for a great series, for getting us to this place.  For converting this basketball fan from San Antonio to Dallas.  I think its where I'm supposed to be...and not just because Ginobili cut his hair.  Not because loyalties can so easily flip flop from one thing to the next. It feels great to support this team.  To see you all at this place, no matter how sick to my stomach these past 5 games have left me.  No matter the stress, no matter the pain I felt after the close loss in Game 3 and the disaster of Game 4.  No matter how Muhammed Ali I went on my sofa cushions when you lost in Game 5.  

No matter what, it feels great to root for you all.  I wish I was in Dallas right now.  I feel like I'm in Dallas right now cause I feel right with you all.   No matter what happens in this game, I know that you're the better team.  People can keep talking about Wade like he's Heir to the Air (no one is) and Shaq can keep talking BS like he's Superman (despite the fact that Superman wouldn't have such a sucky percentage at the free throw line); let them talk. 

We know the truth.  You're a superstar in every sense of the word.  Make no mistake; you have greatness within and without and I believe your destiny does lie in the Hall of Fame.   You're a hero not only in one country but in two.  Considering I drive a German car, root for German soccer and wanted to learn to speak German before I was forced to learn French instead, it makes sense that my basketball star would hail from Deutschland as well.  

Right now, its tied up with under six minutes left to play.  Wow.  Its been a hell of a series.  I could have done with less excitement, but it just shows how great both teams keep coming back from 10 and 12 point deficits.  Your team has fought like hell right beside you.  Keep on fighting; its what you do.

Für besser oder für schlechter, Dirk Nowitzki, du bist mein held. 

Winning or losing will not change that.

And because the motivator website is so perfect for disappointing nights like tonight, I've made a few more motivational posters in honor of my champion. 

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Man, what a great match!  I just got finished watching Germany pwn Ecuador 3-0!  One of the coolest moments had to be when the entire 72,000 person-filled stadium started chanting/singing for my boy, Jurgen Klinsmann, which they used to do back when he was playing as a striker himself for the German Team.  *swells with pride*  Apparently, he has been under some criticism of late because he lives in California and spends so much time over here in the States rather than spending all of his time over in Germany coaching the German National Team.  It seems that three straight wins in their Group (which hasn't been done since 1970) has swayed the fans opinion a little...*doubly swells with pride*  Did you know that he's the second highest scorer for Germany in World Cup History (a record 11 goals)! 

OK, I'll stop now.

Game 6 is on tonight.  Part of me needs to watch it; part of me worries that I'm going to make myself sick if I do watch it.  Right now, its up in the air.  Even so, I believe in Dirk Nowitzki (Ich glaube an Dirk Nowitzki).  I''m thrilled we're back in Dallas.  Lets go boys; lets make it happen!! 

No matter what happens, I'm so damn proud of my German boys!

So, to get pumped for tonight, here are some sexay videos!! 

Kobe Bryant gets PWNED by Nowitzki!!  (Gee, Kobe...did that floor taste good, huh? Hope it did 'cause you got SERVED!!)

Dirk pwns Manu!  (Short and sweet. Sorry, Manu...Dirk stole me away from you...)

Dirk pwns...a bug?!?!  Trust me; this one is seriously giggleworthy.

Dirk wins the All Star Three Point Shoot out!! (Seriously, this is is a sexy video (the accompanying music track is easily modified for the occasion: "Shake that ass for me.  Come on, Dirk, shake that ass for me..." (hey, girl sounds like Dirk! Sorta...).  Man, this boy can SHOOT!)


Jun. 19th, 2006 08:13 am
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Its 8:13am and I'm wide awake.  I'm not even going to talk about the game last night; its too tough.  Sweet oblivion finally claimed me last night after my frustration got the better of me.  My stomach is still churning over it as I flip on the channels and instead of World Cup Soccer, I see people replaying the game. 

What's worse, is that today is Dirk Nowitzki's birthday.  

I can't imagine how he feels today, how this has put a stain on what should be a joyful occasion.  Even so, I believe in him and all these people who are putting him down can answer to me.  No matter how much lower his game is right now, he did help this team get to this place and I know that he can do it again.  We're back in Dallas on Tuesday and sometimes that makes all the difference.  I still believe and celebrate. 

Happy 28th, Dirk; we're pulling for you. 

In other news, my buddy Josh (aka [profile] psidx) also celebrates his birthday today! Happy b-day, Josh! See you on Thursday!
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OK, so check out my new header.

Yeah, I made that. 

I know that its not as smooth or as aesthetic as some would have it, and it could probably use more work, tutorials and whatnot, but it took me a seriously long time to make, arrange, etc. and I'm really ridiculously proud of it.  I think it turned out pretty well considering all the cutting out/layering I had to do! Wheee!

So yeah, this is me being an arrogant bitch and saying that I rule!  Clearly, Nowitzki and Nash rule more than my pitiful graphics skizzills, but I'm celebrating both nonetheless! 

And its nearly 4am.  Sweet. 

Oh, and since I'm already being a braggart, I just thought Id mention that my grandfather was Lewis' Black's high school principal...and I have the photo evidence to prove it.  Not with me, mind you, but I hope to scan that in soon.  Cause he looks the same in 65 as he does now!   Yeah, its a wow. 

Anyway, love and sweet dreams to all. 

*does a happy dance at her new gorgeous Germadian (German/Canadian, for the uninitiated!) header*  WOOT!!!
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Took a meme and the HTML got all screwed up, so I just kept the important stuff. 

You scored as having Fire Powers, you are always ready to fight and have a pretty high temper, and want everything your way or the highway. And you absolutely hate losing at anything. But having these traits (and power) doesn't mean that you are bad person (unless you let yourself be). And you are always there for that special someone...=] 

Hells yeah.  

Certainly last night I was having some issues with my temper.  As my last few entries have stated, I've gotten pretty emotionally involved in the NBA finals.  I've become a huge fan of the Mavs and watching them lose last night was both frustrating and infuriating.  I mean, whoa, 24 friggen points!  Yes, I'll acquiesce to the fact that Dwayne Wade is a class-act guy and a hell of a player, but DAMN we couldn't hit a damn shot!  We had all these shots and they just didn't friggen go in!  Stupid gravity, I'm telling you.  

So, it looks like I've got to resort to drastic measures (i.e., visiting Wade's house with chloroform and duct tape right before Game 5).  *sigh* [profile] celinra, I know you're with me on the sports fanaticism; how do you get through the hard nights when nothing goes right for your team and you know you gotta suffer through another game of them on the road?  I must have been really fired up last night because my bf turned over to me and said, "Whoa, you're burning up! Are you all right?"   Apparently the arm I draped over him was hot to the touch.  See there, Dirk? See the pains I gotta go through when you lose?! It's alright, baby.  You'll get it together.  Either that or face the wrath of Avery Johnson and Mark Cuban.  *shudders*

Randomness: I'm watching the Ivory Coast vs the Netherlands in World Cup today and one of the announcers is Irish, by the name of Tommy Smyth.  I'm just dying here; I could seriously listen to that accent all day.  He's funny to boot, too!

Referring to the refs delay in yellow-carding one of the players: "It took him a long time for him to send that one, he coulda mailed it to 'em!" 

After Van Niisterooy scores: "Do I get a "told ya so" this game? I told ya!" 

"I mean, this ref needs to wake up.  I mean, you roll outta bed, yer supposed ta be awake!  Its takin' him an eternity to give out these yellow cards; I mean a full 35 seconds!  This is a disaster for the Ivory Coast!!"

Ha, Brilliant!

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So, I recently went to a website run by [profile] who has a knack for hilarious and appropriate fiction ratings, including: 

RVFS = Really Very Fucking Strange
HFS = Holy Fucking Sad
MBJC= Makes Baby Jesus Cry

and my favorite, 

HSFB = Holy Smut-Fic, Batman!

*gigglesnortsnarf* It makes me want to write fic just so I can use those annotations/disclaimers!

The Mavs game is also tonight.  I'm quivering in anticipation.  Eeek! 

**Update** I'm dying here.  I can't believe that Dallas is 13 below Miami.  I can't even conjugate verbs properly, I'm so upset. Now its at 15 points...they can't make a single GDDAMNED SHOT tonight!!!! OGM I'm so damned angry I'm even screwing up my netspeak and I don't care...GDMNIT I HATE getting this angry over a game...*sigh*...Its superstitiously stupid, but I should just stop watching; they'll probably start doing better when I'm not looking. 

**Update to the Update** 24 point rout. I'm...beside...myself.  I'll never get to sleep.  *gnashes teeth*
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Well, I'm coming off of a disappointment last night when the Mavs lost their 13 point lead in the last six minutes of Finals Game 3 last night.  My beloved Dirk went 10-12 at the free throw line, which is awesome; unfortunately, one of those that he missed would have tied the team up at the last second and sent them into overtime.  He's understandably crushed but I'm sure Avery Johnson is going to kick their butts from here to Dallas to get them back into shape.  While I would have loved for a sweep, this makes for a more interesting series.  

Of course, those of you non-basketball enthusiasts are going, "Dirk who?"  "Nowitski-wha?" 

Well, my dear friend, I'm glad you asked!! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictorial evidence of Nowitzki's awesomeness.  The wait is on for Game Four...


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